13 Benefits of A Fixed Gear Bike

13 Benefits Of A Fixed Gear Bike (UPDATED 2022)

If you are looking for reasons to get a fixed-gear bike, then you are at the right place. Fixed-gear bikes, also known as fixies, are cycles with only one gear. Their outlook is simple, but this is not an issue as you can easily customize them; plus, many companies offer fixie parts and accessories for fixies.

They work in such a way that you must continuously pedal them even when cycling down a hill since you cannot coast them like on regular bikes. Despite this, fixed-gear bikes have much to offer riders. They provide significant benefits when riding like speed, especially for racers, making them great race bikes.

They also come in handy for people who enjoy casual riders who want long rides. We have summarized the benefits of a fixed gear bike below:

Let’s Discuss Benefits of A Fixed Gear Bike

01. Better cadence

The idea behind cadence is simple: it’s the number of times your pedals turn in one minute when you’re riding. But it doesn’t take long on a bike to notice that people often pedal at different speeds. When you watch a bunch of pros race, especially on a flat course, it looks like they are pedaling very quickly.

Let's Discuss Benefits of A Fixed Gear Bike

You may prefer a lower cadence if you’re muscular, but push a lower gear at greater revs if you’re slender. Just turning the legs takes energy, according to Disley. Cadence is an important gauge of cycling power.

To compute power, multiply pedal-torque by pedal speed. A lower cadence puts more strain on your muscles, while a higher cadence puts more pressure on your heart and lungs.

02. Better strength

A strength exercise is any growth that requires your muscles to work harder than they normally would. As a result, your muscles gain size, strength, power, and stamina. Your body weight or resistance must be used in the activities.

Every week, you should do at least two sessions of muscle-building exercises. With one gear, you must rely on your legs, which is wonderful for fitness. To move faster, work harder. Regularly riding like this will strengthen the legs.

Fixies are a great technique to build body-wide strength, but few people realize it. Fixed-gear hill-climbing builds arm, core, and leg strength.

To ascend a steep slope, use your body and grab the hoods; it helps build upper-body strength.

03. Better control and maneuverability

For a good reason, fixed-gear bikes are the favored means of transportation for city bike messengers. They give the impression of being more in control when driving. It is especially beneficial if you live in a densely populated part of town.

The bikes are very easy to control since it has fewer operational functions. Handling the bike is easier; even at high speed, you will find it easy to slow and even negotiate sharp corners.

04. Drivetrain efficiency

The bicycle chain that moves in the most straightforward path is the one that achieves the highest percentage of efficiency; in fact, a single-speed drivetrain can earn an even higher rate of efficiency.

The force you apply to the pedals to move the bike forward is converted into power for the rear wheel. When derailleur gears are added to a bicycle, the chain must be bent in some ways to pass through the cassette cogs—resulting in increased frictional losses and reduced total drivetrain efficiency.

05. Easier to store

Compared to other types of bicycles, fixed-gear bicycles are easier to store in small spaces. It’s because the front and rear wheels, as well as the handlebars, can all be removed with relative ease. It provides you with a wide variety of possibilities for long-term bike storage.

It’s possible to store your bicycle in a closet or under your bed, depending on the available space. A bike with gears makes it much more difficult to accomplish. You can hang a fixed bag on the wall with these lightweight devices if you like. 

Possess a tinier-than-average dwelling? Look at our piece for five creative ways to store your fixie in your current digs.

06. Freestyle tricks

A bike with a fixed gear makes it possible to undertake freestyle maneuvers like riding backward. Additionally, it is a great deal of pleasure. Even without a front brake, it is possible to perform tricks like bar spins.

You and your friends can have fun trying out several tricks requiring a fixed gear. If you began riding bikes with fixed gears a few years ago, perhaps starting with a track bike and later making your way into the freestyle scene, you might be familiar with the term “fixed gear.”

Keo and spin have evolved into pegs and 360s, and I have mostly been receptive to this development! I don’t care how many BMX tricks they do. Seeing people improve is one of my favorite things to do.

07. Ideal for racing

Fixed-gear bicycles were developed for use in track racing. It has thus been declared race-ready by its producers. Their superiority will be exposed as the race progresses. Other motorcyclists can avoid hitting the bike because of how well it can turn.

Because of this, fixies are excellent for competitive riding on a track or in the streets with a group of people you know. They are used in the vast majority of racing events

08. Ideal for the city

They are ideal for navigating the city, and because they lack a gear shifter, they are less likely to be stolen. It makes them suitable for usage in urban settings. The ability to bypass traffic jams and congestion facilitates travel throughout the city.

09. Less Expensive

The quality of cheaper fixed-gear bikes has drastically improved. An inexpensive single-speed/fixie will do. Most single-speed bikes under low prices have decent frames. Low-cost single-speed bike components won’t be top-notch and will be heavy.

Most cheap bikes have steel frames. This cheaper steel makes bikes richer. You can ride fast on a more serious bike. It makes you healthier and saves money.

10. Lightweight

Fixed-gear bikes are usually lighter than geared bikes. The decreased weight is due to the lack of gear levers, chainring, and dĂ©railleurs. Even though it’s only a few pounds, it significantly impacts if you’re fatigued or on your bike all day, like bike messengers and couriers.

Fixies are one-handle. You won’t damage yourself riding. If you don’t have an elevator, get a fixed-gear bike.

11. Low maintenance

It is easier to maintain and repair fixed-gear bicycles than other types of bicycles because of the lower amount of pieces that make up the bike’s structure.

Only lubricating the chain drive and ensuring all other fasteners are correctly locked and tightened are your only responsibilities. 

Normal wear and strain have taken their toll on the brake pads, so they’ll need to be replaced.

12. Simple to ride

Fixed-gear bikes are lighter and easier to repair than other types. Make sure you can stop, wear a helmet, and practice in a well-lit area before riding a fixed gear. Your riding skills will improve. It would help if you enhanced your balance when riding a horse.

Reflexes, intuition, and response time are innate abilities. To ride, you must sync everything with your pedaling, which demands focus.

13. Super fast cycling

Fixed-wheel chains are more efficient than gear chains. No derailleurs slow the chain. On a fixed-gear bike, you can ride Fixed-gear cycles used in road time trials. Because of their design, fixed-gear bikes are faster than mountain bikes.

The bike’s aerodynamic form makes it easier to travel through the air than a mountain bike’s bulkier frame.

Advantages of a Fixie Bike

  • Less expensive than other bikes
  • Allows one to do a lot of freestyle and new tricks
  • Has a greater pedal efficiency

When descending a big hill, the rider must turn the cranks fast or use the brakes to slow down. Some say the forced quick spin when descending improves flexibility, which boosts pedaling performance on any bike. The performance boost is minor compared to free.

  • They are very cheap when it comes to their maintenance
  • Helps a lot in bodybuilding, more so in a cardio workout
  • Fixed gear bikes are lightweight

If you know how to use them, the slightly more reliable drivetrain will brake significantly less frequently than fixie advocates claim it will.


In conclusion, the fixed-gear bicycle is delineated back to the beginning of the bicycle’s development to uncover its roots. In addition to this, the future of the fixie is secure. According to what I’ve said in this section, the setting is vibrant and full of energy.

Since the fixie craze of the middle the to late 2000s has subsided, the posers have disappeared, and fixed gear bikes aren’t as global as they once were; fixed gear bikes are essential in day-to-day activities since most people benefit from them.

It has a more significant impact on both old and young more so for their exercise.

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