Top 7 Best EGR Valve Cleaners

Top 7 Best EGR Valve Cleaner Of 2022 (BUYERS GUIDE)

A few years back, I was driving my car at full speed. And, suddenly, the check engine light came on. What was the case? It was for my EGR valve.

The valve got blocked, and it was making my engine idle poorly. Luckily, I had an EGR valve cleaner with me, and I survived well that day.

Do you know how important your EGR valve is? Many of us do not take EGR valves seriously, but they are too crucial. EGR valves stop the harmful Nitrogen oxide pollution. It is also called an Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve cleaner.

As you know, how harmful Nitrogen Oxides are for the human body. They can create breathing problems to eye irritations, headache etc. So, EGR valve has to work right all the time. Today, I will show how you can choose the best EGR valve cleaner for your car.

In addition, EGR valves save our environment from a huge amount of pollutants. In particular, along with Nitrogen Oxides, they reduce greenhouse gases and other toxins.

There are a number of EGR valve cleaners in the market, but all are not effective. The main task of an EGR valve is to allow gases to pass through. When it gets clogged and dirt, we need an EGR valve cleaner.

Not to worry about picking the right EGR valve cleaner because I am here!

Let’s see some top EGR valve cleaner.

Instance 1



SeaFoam EGR Cleaner








Chrysler EGR Cleaner


Is It Mandatory To Use An EGR Valve?

How to Use EGR Valve Cleaner Spray?

People only use a small fraction of the exiled gases which mix together with fresh air. However, that small fraction of the hot exhaust gases will significantly increase the entire mixture’s overall temperature.

I used a scan tool a few years ago to check something on my car, and I have seen that the air intake temperature was around 48 degrees Celsius.

We’re outside, and it was like 20 degrees Celsius. If we blocked or removed the EGR system, we would have more power and more diesel engine emissions.

If I remove the EGR system, I would see a lot more black smoke at the exit pipes. Manufacturers are forced to reduce emissions by all kinds of organizations around the globe. So introducing the EGR was one of them now.

What To Consider When Purchase A Perfect EGR Valve Cleaner?

What to Consider When Purchasing the Best EGR Valve Cleaner?

As there are a number of valve cleaners on the market, how could you choose the best option for you? You might go deep to our Highlighted Features and Specifications.

Moreover, for your better understanding, I have prepared a quick buyer’s guide.

1. Engine compatibility

If you drive a gasoline-powered car, you do not need to worry much about it. In cases of a hybrid and diesel-powered engine, some cleaners are not compatible with them. So before you make your purchase, be sure about its compatibility.

2. Brand

There is a proverb, ‘you get what you pay for.’

As you will see, several cleaning solutions on the market but not all are the same. A considerable number of products are from unknown manufacturers.

They charge a bit cheaper than other branded products. But eventually, people get caught because of their low-quality product. So, whenever you buy an EGR valve cleaner, go for a branded product.

3. A full package

A car engine is not all about an EGR valve. It could have some issues more than this. So when you choose a cleaner, see what it can do for your engine.

There are some best valve cleaners available that can increase fuel efficiency, remove rough idle or hard starts and more.

Look into its total offering always.

Our Top 7 Best EGR Valve Cleaners Review

As you know what an EGR valve does for your car and the environment, you surely feel the importance of choosing the right EGR valve cleaner.

Your car engines are designed to be burned hot, but what is the limit? It is 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. When the limit is crossed, it starts producing some harmful gases like Nitrogen Oxides.

A car engine cannot burn fuel alone, but it needs air. It takes air from outside. Nitrogen Oxide is a by-product of fuel, oxygen and nitrogen. When combustion reaction mixes up all these elements at a high temperature, then Nitrogen oxide comes alive.

The most straightforward theory of keeping your engine and whole environment well is to keep your EGR valve clean. It will take care of the rest.

01. Sea Foam SS14 Cleaner and Lube

What do you want from an EGR valve c
leaner? Why do you use a valve cleaner?

Yes, we all are on the same horizon. We want to get our engine run smoother and to get them last longer.

Sea Foam spray does exactly the same for your engine. They started their journey way back in 1942. Since then, sincerely, they are trustworthy and praiseworthy. Sea Foam is focused on two major things, primarily; your engine’s effectiveness and safety.

It is An Amazing Spray

Sea Foam SS14 is an amazing spray. Sincerely, it is one of the most effective and widely used EGR valve cleaners today. Sea Foam has a tremendous job by introducing this spray in the market.

Even if you don’t care about the air pollution or harmful gases, you will be drawn in by this cleaner of how it keeps your engine gutsy and healed.

It Increases the Lifetime of Your Engine.

When you clean your EGR valve with this cleaner, it not only protects the environment from toxic pollutants, but it increases the lifetime of your engine.

As there are some areas where fuel cleaners cannot reach, Sea Foam Spray can clean and lubricate those critical areas.

This cleaner can clean both EGR and intake valves. Moreover, it is suitable for both 2 and 4-stroke gasoline engines.

Besides cleaning the EGR valve, 

Sea Foam spray provides several facilities. It lubricates throttle plates to the upper cylinder, which protects these parts from being dry out and corrosion.

This product actually works better than advertised. To stay top of your engine for long, this could be one of the best options available. Sea Foam spray is too quick to remove deposits and improve overall performance.

Most importantly, 

Sea Foam spray has a long nozzle tube with a curve adapter that makes it easy to spray into the motor.

This is particularly suitable for Gasoline Directed Injected Engines (GDI), Carbureted Engines, and Standard Fuel Injected engines.

You can use it with Fog and Store engines as well. But this spray is not recommendable for Diesel engines.

In terms of vehicle, 

you can use it in your car, truck, small equipment motors, SUV or other yard equipment. So what to worry about? Go and pick this awesome spray up!

  • Long nozzle tube with curve adapter
  • Easy to use and instant result
  • Not for Diesel air induction system
  • Suitable for both 2 and 4-stroke engines
  • For internal engine use
  • Safe and effective operation but flammable
  • removes deposits of the intake valve and combustion chamber


AUTOPROFI OXICAT is among the top sprays in the automotive parts industry. It is a brand you definitely hear about. The product itself proves the brand quality.

The first thing you will notice about the product is its premium feeling. You can relate the difference in a very quick time. This is not just a spray but the environment and your money saver.

OXICAT will provide you the desired satisfaction and quality above everything else, but you need to ensure some other facts. This product works best with a healthy catalytic converter.

To make it more effective, 

you have to ensure that your engine reaches and works in the catalytic converter’s working temperature. Be careful about your catalytic converter condition. If it is cracked, damaged or completely clogged, OXICAT might not work properly.

In several cases, people failed their emission tests even they use OXICAT cleaner! There is nothing to do with your cleaner but catalytic converter.

Unfortunately, many of us have a wrong conception of OXICAT. We used to think it will repair our exhaust system. But in reality, it is a proactive care plan which makes your engine strong and long-lasting.

This German-made spray is suitable for all gasoline and diesel vehicles.

A question may arise when I should use it? 

It varies vehicle to vehicle and country to country. On average, after riding 30,000 to 40,000 miles, you should inject it.

If you have any issues regarding fuel efficiency, you should go for this product. Its ability to optimize engine efficiency and fuel consumption are simply outstanding.

  • High-performance cleaner
  • Take care of the entire exhaust system
  • Protection against renewed contamination
  • Ensures proper functioning of catalyst and lambda sensor
  • Increases fuel efficiency
  • Suitable for all petrol and diesel engines

03. Genuine Chrysler EGR System Cleaner

This is a brand whose name is undoubtedly at the top of your mind if you go through a list of best EGR valve cleaners.

Chrysler is one of the companies among the ‘Big Threes’ in the United States. Genuine Chrysler cleaner has perfected and specialized this product to make your engine more smooth and durable.

This is not an additive fuel or oil. Nevertheless, you can clean both your EGR valve and EGR cooler by this cleaner. Unlike the other cleaners, you have to remove both items from the car.

Genuine Chrysler Cleaner is a bit different than other cleaners.

In the manual, they suggest to mix it with warm water to work best.

If your vehicle failed the emission test and is still doing poorly, you can let your EGR valve soak for a few hours to get a better result. Moreover, a small scrub or copper wire brush can make it more effective.

It Dissolves the Nasty Junks

You would be delighted to know that this cleaner also dissolves the nasty junks that surround the piston. After you soak it for a while, exercise the piston back and forth. It will make the movement of the piston smoother and easier.

This product is compatible with several types of vehicles including, Street-touring-motorcycles, Snowmobiles, Street-sport-motorcycles, All-terrain-vehicles, Marine-personal-craft and more.

A Bit Pricy

Genuine Chrysler Cleaner is a bit pricy, but it is highly concentrated. So, one bottle goes a long way. Therefore, it ultimately saves your money.

Since it dissolves the carbon and junks, it could be really harmful to your eyes and skin. Take proper safety measures before you work with it.

Don’t swallow and keep out of reach of children.

  • Highly concentrated
  • works best in diluted warm water
  • Clears the junks of the piston
  • Made in the USA
  • Cleans both the EGR valve and EGR cooler

04. Fastcar Wynn’s Diesel Turbo Cleaner

Our fourth pick comes from the renowned company Fastcar. They have been carrying their car culture since 1986. So you can expect quality at an affordable price.

This product is especially good for diesel engines. If you have any issue regarding the
engine power or fuel consumption, then this product can help you.

Fastcar Wynn’s Diesel Turbo Cleaner is certainly a great fit if you want to improve the combustion and to reduce soot emissions.

It Removes the Deposits Properly

Additionally, this product works great to remove the deposits (oil and unburned fuel particles) from the Diesel Oxidation Catalyst. It also has a great impact on the EGR valve.

Many of you ask a common question, why this cleaner works best on Diesel engines. The answer is pretty simple.

This product is a chemical treatment for engines which clears all turbocharges. When you have no blocked turbocharge in your engine, then the engine itself will be smoother and last longer.

How Easy to Install?

Installation is as easy as it could be. You simply have to mix a 325 ml bottle with 40-liter diesel fuel. Just put the cleaner into the fuel tank. To get a better result, you can use every 3rd tank of fuel.

Another exciting feature of this cleaner is this cleaner bottle is also suitable for capless fuel filler.

Our Last Thing

One last thing about this product is it is not suitable for Gasoline directed engines. I have seen having some issues with GDI engines. So my recommendation is not to buy this product for GDI engines.

This product is certainly good for Diesel engines. Don’t delay to order and get this super EGR valve cleaner.

  • It is suitable for Diesel engines
  • Easy to use
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Reduce soot emissions
  • Empower the engine

05. Hi-Gear HG3270s EGR System Cleaner

If you are suffering from passing the emission test, this product can certainly help you. This Hi-Gear product brings something new to this particular segment. Hi-Gear loves to bring changes and new technologies. This cleaner is one of them.

Hi-Gear HG3270s EZ Emissions Pass and Catalytic Converter Cleaner is a complete package for your emission pass and catalytic converter system.

This product works for various issues.

One of the amazing features this product carries is it eliminates the hard start. Not only a hard start, but you have any issue regarding engine start also.

If you want to have a safer environment and long-lasting engine, then this could be the product. Since 2013 this product stands high among the top cleaners of the world.

It Works Great to Restore the Lost Acceleration

Hi-Gear Cleaner works best to restore the lost acceleration and rough idling. It also helps to restore the horsepower and engine efficiency.

Moreover, if you are facing an issue of fuel efficiency, this cleaner could be the solution. There are not many other cleaners that are as good as this in maximizing fuel efficiency.

This product does exactly what is written on its can. It cleans the fuel system, EGR valve, pistons, combustion chamber thoroughly.

One More Important Thing, 

this product has nothing to do with diesel engines. It is suitable and compatible with gasoline engines. So, it won’t be wise to expect something that it is unable to do.

This product is pretty simple and straight forward. No multipack option is available. You simply buy one can and put it into the tank and let it do its job.

This is extremely effective but technically not an OEM product.

  • Highly effective for Gasoline Engine
  • Simple and straight forward
  • Technically not an OEM product
  • Collaboration with a number of manufacturers
  • Effectively tackles hard starts and rough idling
  • Maximize fuel efficiency and improve engine power

06. Liqui Moly 2033 Pro-Line Intake System Purge

If you are a car lover, you certainly know about the brand Liqui Moly. They are very popular in this industry. They have started their journey before my birth, back in 1957. This German company is undoubtedly the market leader for additives and elected best for oil brands several times.

I think you already got some ideas if you hadn’t previously.

First of All, 

this is a spray cleaner with an extended nozzle spray tube. It is more likely our first product, Sea Foam SS14. When you use a spray cleaner, it certainly reduces the risk.

This product is manufactured in accordance with modern technology and the latest standard. It is highly capable of cleaning the total intake system components.

If you have a direct injection engine, this is the brand you are probably looking for.

In the Case of Manual Clean, 

it takes almost $600 plus to remove the intake manifold. So this product certainly makes it easier and cheaper. Therefore, some users face an issue with this Liqui Moly 2033 Pro-Line Intake System Purge; the hose it provides is not up to the mark.

And it becomes a bit tough to use. But at this amazing price, I don’t expect to be perfect in everything. There is no question about its chemical treatment and effectiveness.

All you need to do is to spray it through the vacuum port. It serves the main purpose very well, so no reason there to dislike it!

  • Comes with a long nozzle spray tube
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use
  • Great quality chemical treatment
  • Works instantly

07. MotorVac EGR System Cleaner

The last product of our review list is from MotorVac. This is a comparatively new product on the market. It was first available in May 2018.

As far as I know, this product is doing well. It has an excellent power to remove rough idle and hard starts.

Are you facing any difficulty regarding the loss of engine power? 

If the answer is yes, then this product could be suitable for you. No product contains all the solutions alone. So, if you expect to get all in one, this wouldn’t be ideal, I think.

This EGR System Cleaner is a great purchase for removing the emissions. It also has a great cleaning effect on carbon-based residues and an exhaust gas system.

Variable-nozzle turbines (VNTs), 

which are sometimes known as variable geometry turbocharger (VGTs), are truly important in maintaining the aspect ratio. If the aspect ratio is too small or too large, it will fail to boost high and low speed.

This system cleaner helps the turbo to maintain its expected ration by cleaning the VGTs and vanes.

Another feature 

It makes me obliged to enlist this product is it eliminates the need for teardown and part replacement.

So, I recommend this product for its decent quality and effectiveness.

  • Excellent surface coverage
  • No solvents
  • Optimal working time
  • Amazing cleaning effect on carbon-based residues
  • Non-flammable

How To Use EGR Valve Cl
eaner Spray?

Is it mandatory to use an EGR valve?

First of all, you need to find out where your EGR valve is. Generally, it is located at the top of the engine or top right to it. The easiest way to find it is to look into your vehicle model and track down the EGR valve.

There could be a vacuum hose connector in older vehicles. And it is most likely look like a round metal disc, which is three inches across.

There is a sensor on top of the EGR valve in a newer model car, and it is comparatively small sized.

Some electrical harness or a cylinder or something else could be attached to it.

Since every car engine is designed differently, it is wise to follow the exact car manual to find the EGR valve shortly.

However, most of the time, you will find it around the cylinder head.

Arrange some handy tools and safety measures

Arrange some handy tools and safety measures

Now, before you start cleaning the Valve, you need some handy tools and safety measures.

  • Ratchet set
  • Socket set
  • Cleaning solution
  • Pipe cleaning wire brush
  • EGR valve gasket
  • Safety gloves
  • Goggles
  • A scraper
  • You may need an adjustable wrench depending on your car

You Need to Follow Some Steps to Get the Job Done.

You Need to Follow Some Steps to Get the Job Done.

  1. Start the engine and let it to warm up.
  2. You need to disconnect the flexible vacuum hose from the Valve. While you are removing the hose, take a deep look into it and be sure there is no damage. This is a required etiquette when you look into something under the hood.
  3. Let the engine run idle for some time.
  4. Check the gaskets. If the gaskets are still fine, you can use it. Otherwise, it will need to be changed.
  5. Make sure you wear goggles and hand gloves because you will be using some serious cleaner at this stage.
  6. Shake your sprayer thoroughly before you spray. And at this point, be very careful. Do not spray directly into the intercooler. In case if you spray on any electrical components or hoses that are not made of metal, wipe those out as soon as you can. EGR valve cleaners can cause some serious damage to them.
  7. Spray into the intake air manifold for 2 seconds. Wait after every spray until the engine runs stable.
  8. After you finish spraying, reapply the gaskets and reassemble the EGR valve.
  9. Now you can have a test ride and notice the difference in running. Your engine will run smoother.

FAQs About The EGR Valves and Cleaners

FAQs About The EGR Valves and Cleaners

Question: When should I clean my EGR valve?

Answer: Cleaning your EGR valve is a routine work for your car engine. There is no specific time limit to clean, but the recommended distance is 30,000 to 40,000 miles.

You do not need to go to a shop necessarily to clean your EGR valve, but you can do it home.

Here are some common symptoms which will help you to identify:

  • Rough idling
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Failed emission test
  • Smell of fuel while engine is running
  • Unusual noise
  • Engine stalling, and
  • The check engine light comes on

Question: What is the purpose of the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system, and how it works?

Answer: The sole purpose of the exhaust gas recirculation system is to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions. It’s currently being used on both gasoline and diesel engines. In the case of diesel engines, we have more nitrogen oxide emissions.

The EGR is pretty efficient when the exhaust gas is actually the cylinders. A small fraction of them will return in the intake, and they will be burned again. By doing this, I reduce the nitrogen oxide emissions by up to 30%, which is pretty significant.

The inconvenient part of the EGR is that it reduces the maximum power output of the engine. An engine has its best performance when it sucks air and when the air is called, it’s denser.

So basically, we have more oxygen to burn when the air is hot. Everything happens all the way around. So the performance will decrease.

Question: How does the EGR actually work well?

How does the EGR actually work well?

Answer: You have a valve which closes and opens depending on how much throttle you apply. The EGR system is almost completely closed at full throttle, whereas it’s pretty much open at lower rpm.

And it recirculates the eggroll gift if you would have a bigger engine v6 a v8 310 etc.

You would have an EGR valve on each side of the engine also in high-performance engines where temperatures go high. The EGR system also has a cooler you could see under the hood.

I’ve seen lots of cars coming in my car shop with EGR problems.

Most of them come with the loss of power and huge smoke emissions. When you have a huge loss of power, the EGR usually blocks, and it sends regular gases to the intake all the time.

So we have two options to remove this problem one is to block the EGR system, and the second is to remove the entire EGR system for the EGR valve. Also, if you don’t want to remove the EGR sy
stem, you can easily remap it.

You can basically tell it when to send the exhaust gasses. I wouldn’t recommend you to remove the EGR system. Because it is a pretty important part of your car. We also need to protect the environment.

Final words

EGR valve is a crucial part of a car, but many drivers don’t give enough importance to it. As this is one of the easiest parts to maintain in your car.

A healthy EGR valve helps to keep the environment better and makes the engine long-lasting. After every 30,000 to 35,000 miles driving, give a check to your EGR valve cleaner. And, don’t hesitate to pick the best EGR valve cleaner for your car!

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