Top 10 Best Fixie Chains (Reviewed and Guided)

Top 10 Best Fixie Chains In 2022 (Reviewed and Guided)

This is an absurd question to ask, but do you know what a bicycle is? If you are already rolling your eyes at such ludicrousness, then we can cross out the further interrogation.

All kidding aside, have you ever wondered how every part of this simplistic design and handling of the ride is totally exposed to the surroundings? It also includes the gear and the chain.

Top 10 Best Fixie Chains (Reviewed and Guided)

Today we are going to discuss and suggest some of the best fixie chains for fixed-gear bikes. If you already own one, you must already know how frustrating it is when the chain falls off track and leaves you stranded in between miles.

Here we will get to know which one could be your next best option for future emergencies.

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Shimano Bicycle Chain




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KMC Bicycle Chain 




Schwinn Bicycle Chain


What to Look before Purchasing the Right Chain for Fixed-gear bike?

These are the things you must adhere to before choosing possibly the wrong chain and paying for it. Otherwise you can’t get the best fixie chain for your loved single speed bike.

So focus on the next_

What to Look before Purchasing the Right Chain for Fixed-gear bike?

1. Material

Alloy steel is suitable for all kinds of bikes and easy to get due to durability and cost-efficiency. Nickel-plated ones are slightly high on the price and mostly chosen for many color varieties availabilities.

They are also resistant to rust. Titanium is exclusively sturdy and lasts longer than any other material. It is also the most expensive one. Titanium is even tougher than stainless steel in the long run.

2. Type

A Single speed/one-speed level has a chain of about 7.9mm in width, the widest amongst the rest. From 6-speed to 15-speed or even 27-speed, the measure of width gradually thins out in the same order.

For instance, 7.8mm is the best fitting for the 6-speed, whereas the 11-speed has the widths at 5.5mm.

3. Purpose: Road, Mountain, BMX

Road tracks are the most popular biking purpose for which we believe alloy steel would work best. It will keep your ride as lightweight as possible.

BMX and mountain bikes, on the contrary, should have chains that are lightweight but also sufficiently powerful to withstand rusts, debris, rock grits, etc.

Thus, look for the ones that come with specialized coating and imperishable materials.

4. Size

The thickness or thinness of a chain should be according to the bike type. As for the length, the chain must be measured before purchasing as it could be short on an adult bike but stretched on a kid’s bike.

Just make sure that the chain fits accurately with the sprocket teeth.

Our Top 10 Best Fixie Chains Review

Let us jump right into the selected reviews. The more information you collect, the better you can choose for your fixie!

01. KMC Z410 Bicycle Chain

The 112-linked chain, as to our knowledge, works completely hassle-free because of the pre-lubrication right from the factory. All you have to do is install it in a straight away.

This chain has a width of ½ x 1/8-inch that usually suits the cruiser bikes. Even the BMX or track bike owners can consider it as a replacement that will last for an extended period.


The KMC Z410 is not to be taken lightly, for each link offers a high-grade structure made to form the entire chain. It is constructed from heavy-duty nickel-plated material. Even still, it is quite within range to purchase. 

The whole thing weighs about 11 ounces due to the lengthy measures it provides. Although Z410 has a master link for convenient joining, the user might yet require a shortening of the model with a chain tool.

Besides, the user should maintain it properly by cleaning and oiling the thing once in a while to increase the life expectancy.


KMC Z410 is exclusively the best chain for single-speed bikes at a very reasonable cost. The user can select from an assortment of colors that matches the main gear.

  • Multiple color varieties
  • Perfect for single-speed
  • Affordable
  • Easy installation
  • Includes a master link
  • Not for multi-geared bikes

02. KMC X9.93 9-Speed Bike Chain


The second KMC model we bring to you has 116 links that are stretch-proof; therefore, it will prolong the chain life to the max. Many consumers have chosen this product to run for miles in mud, sand, or grits.


It is a low maintenance unit; that does not mean you should leave it alone and not clean up the months’ worth of grime, though. The more you keep it in check, the better it will shift and run smoothly.

Thanks to its hard-wearing, robust craftsmanship, this model from the X-series will not leave you stuck in the middle of a track. 

It is slightly heavier than the previous model, but the pins and plates engineered from premium alloy material make up the heftiness.

Furthermore, the articulated X-bridge angles on the outer plate make sure the rider gets a noise-free experience to deliver smooth gear shifts. 


This model gives the benefit of crisp shifting better than any other we have seen so far. It is highly compatible with 9-speed rides and works like the best fixie chains.

It is the kind of a product that many have come to call an all-rounder. From the mountain, sport to recreation, whichever reason the cyclist describes, KMC X9.93 goes a long way without a complaint. It is a worthy one to have in your collection!

  • Resistant to wear
  • Extremely durable and reliable
  • Constructed from a highly compound material
  • Very smooth gear shift and quiet ride
  • Ideal for 9-speed
  • Very sticky at all times

03. KMC X8.99/X8 Bicycle Chain


This is yet another model from the X-series of KMC that would not disappoint you under any circumstance. There are 116 links in the chain that generally fits most riders, but some of them might require adjustments, depending on the bike type.


It delivers a similar construction to the previous product. Therefore, you can understand the high durability each link gives you. Plus, the X-bridge-shaped plates, along with mushroom rivets, ensures the whole thing is foolproof to any damage. 

Once you install the X8.99, you will instantly notice the change taken over the bike. It will increase speed while being super smooth.

The chain will never utter annoying noise during shifting, and it will unconditionally ensure stretch-proof operation.


This model is an ideal choice for 18/21/24-speed bikes. You can even set it up to an 8-speed as well and use like other best fixie chains.

Overall, this nickel-plated X8 chain is a dream come true for many mountain bikers. And to be able to acquire it at such an affordable price is like a cherry on top!

  • Insanely strong mushroom-hardened pins
  • Ideal for 8/18/21/24-speed bicycles
  • Stretch-proof and noiseless smooth shifting
  • Very durable with prolonged life
  • Includes reusable missing link
  • Difficult to repair/separate gnarled chain on the road

04. Shimano Unisex’s CNHG95116 Bike


Did you know that Shimano uses the components made in the KMC industry? Technically, you are pretty much utilizing the KMC manufactured products when you purchase a Shimano fixie chain.

This 114-link is developed to run almost silently, all the while allowing smoother shifting capability under high load. So, you will not have to pedal too hard to attain a certain speed and wear yourself out.

You can rest assured of the extreme durability, thanks to the chromizing treatment on pins, heat treatment on each component of the item. Additionally, mushroomed pins will surpass the retention of excellence.

The whole thing is constructed by using zinc alloy plating for increased sturdiness and corrosion resistance. There is a grey finish on both inner and outer plates for additional protection against mud.


Now, what makes this one worth your time? Well, it is splendid when it comes to performance. Let us inform you that the model is best suitable with 10-speed HG-X MTB drivetrains by Shimano.

It is also compatible with a handful of 10-speed bicycles from different brands.

  • Easy installation
  • Smooth and quiet shifting
  • Perfect for 10-speed
  • Amazing mud-shedding ability
  • Extremely durable
  • Slightly expensive

05. SHIMANO Ultegra CN-6701 Chain

It is a long chain of 116 links, longer than many users have expected. So, they had to go through the additional hassle of knocking off a few links.

If you did not know it before, you should learn by now that Shimano has a long history of making the best quality bike chains. It automatically changes the performance of the bike.

The zinc-alloy construction, just as the other Shimano product, enables the chain to be invincible in any harsh conditions. However, the only issue faced with this unit is the method of installation.

It comes with a snap-off pin that enables you to fit the chain wheels. This is where you should pay extra attention so that no mistake is made during setup.


This Shimano model is best known for its power transmission while bicycling. It is also an ideal solution to a 10-speed ride.

Shimano Ultegra strikes an impeccable balance between cost, weight, and performance. It is a good choice for those who like pedaling faster than usual.

  • Perfect for aggressive riding
  • Fast and quiet shifting performance
  • Asymmetric design for better sprocket contact
  • Lightweight and lengthy
  • Sturdy build with extended longevity
  • No installation guide included

06. KMC Z7 Bicycle Chain


If there is anywhere in this article, we wish to apply the term – perfection; this would be it. The KMC Z7 is a 116-linked chain with a width of ½ x 3/32-inch.

You can own it at an amazingly low price that it is hard to believe such quality exists at this rate. Well, you are looking right at it. It comes in the classic silver-gray finish of very robust materials.


There is nothing to stop you from getting the KMC Z7 model because it hardly lacks in any way to consider otherwise. As long you do not find the slight weighty model a nuisance, you are all set!

This best fixie chain is compatible with 6/12/18/21-speed bikes. So, if you are a trekking enthusiast or someone who has to commute in the city riding a bike, here is your solution.

It hardly causes any noise when the inner plates make contact with the sprockets. As a result, a lot of professional racers choose KMC Z7 to have access to long-term usage.

This is why it is quite the catch among the wide ranges of KMC chain units.

  • Cost-efficient
  • Hard-wearing and long-lasting
  • Straightforward installation
  • Made from shiny zinc material
  • Suitable for multiple speed bikes
  • Comes only in silver/gray color

07. Schwinn Bicycle Chain


If none of the above units have impressed you or do not go with your ride, here is one product made by the famous Schwinn bicycle company.

It has the size of ½ x 1/8-inch with 112 links that might make you think it’s a bit small in length. Nonetheless, the user will receive it according to the custom dimension, which we believe fits almost all regular bicycles. 

The anti-drop design with a fully nickel-plated structure is often hard to procure at this price. So, we think you get a good deal of a fixie chain for the single speed bicycles without even wasting anything.

From the pins to inner and outer plates, everything in this unit speaks top quality. Remember to occasionally lubricate and clean the unit for achieving an increased lifespan.

Also, some bikes might require the best fixie chain to lose some links for accurate fitment.


This unit is for single-speed bikers who prefer to enhance their ride with high-end materials. Who would not like some extra mile advantage after all?

It will bring up the unseen speed you did not think your cycle had in the first place. Plus, the product should be within your budget.

  • Sturdy and durable for a prolonged time
  • Built from corrosion-free material
  • Ideal for single speed
  • Helps attain noise free smooth ride
  • Cost-effective
  • Master link not included

08. KMC K710 Kool Bicycle Chain


This KMC model is a ½ x 1/8-inch chain. It has a total of 112 links, which is perfect for fitting without removing some links. However, it will depend on your bike model anyhow.

The Kool is a tougher version of the original KMC 710, a chain model that could not make it to our respective list.


It is remarkably heavy-duty and offers an anti-drop design. As a result, the user will not have to accidentally maroon in the street.

Every bicycle owner must have experienced such inconvenience at least once in their life. The chain comes in a silver and black color combo that absolutely goes with any single speed bike.

If the user wishes a chain not too colorful but also adaptable to the ride, well, you are looking right at it! Whether it is the pins, the plates, or the bearings, everything incorporated into the chain to form it is extraordinarily strong.


KMC K710 is also a best single speed fixie chain for the users who like to take the aggressive approach using as minimum brakes as possible. From skidding to freestyle, anything is conceivable with this incredible chain.

  • Long-lasting and lightweight
  • Anti-drop structure
  • Suitable for single speed
  • Best for aggressive street rides
  • Mushroomed riveting
  • Needs frequent maintenance

09. ZHIQIU F410 1-Speed Bicycle Chain


This best fixie chain has 104 links and a dimension of ½ x 1/8-inch, an ideal product for all the 1-speed riders who goes a little extra adventurous with their bicycles.

Whenever the user is in need of a quick replacement, we suggest FSC F410 as their immediate answer. What we loved about this unit is the dark finish each link is polished with. 


It would be almost unnoticeable to the riders even when they pedal reliably. The only problem is that the brown coating eventually fades away over time, rather too soon, in our opinion.

If it is the quality you are interested in, then do not worry, for the FSC F410 model is powerful enough to last for more than a year. Of course, it would also depend on the consistency of upkeep.


This product is made specifically for all the non-derailleur bikers who do not wish to spend much. It performs amazingly once you install it in either on fixies or a BMX.

And the installation is pretty simple as long as you have had prior experience.

  • Best for all 1-speed bikes
  • Very strong and enduring
  • Includes a master link
  • Affordable
  • Brown hard finish for a unique form
  • Might need tools to adjust links

10. KMC 710SL Single Speed Chain

We have finally reached the last of our product reviews and thought to conclude it with one KMC fixie chain. This single speed chain has 100 links.


When it comes to durability, admittedly, it does seem to have a few issues. One particular stand out from the rest is installing the item could go downhill if not too careful.

The unit is surprisingly lightweight but intricate when it comes to setting the thing up. So, we advise you to apply a special tool for removing the master link so as not to ruin the pin.

On the other hand, this model by the KMC industry is yet another successful unit that can handle light abuse on the streets.


The number of links would give you an idea about what kind of 1-speed bikes you can install it for because the product does seem slightly shorter than the rest mentioned above.

KMC 710SL is one of the pricey models of the brand that comes in five colors. We have decided to stick with the red. If that is not your color, you can always switch to black, blue, white, and the traditional silver.

  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for single speed
  • Offers five different colors
  • Capable of enduring minor rough rides
  • Comes with a master link
  • Seems flimsy

Final Words

These are the singled out best fixie chains we have so far gathered based on their reliability and sturdiness. Nevertheless, buying a replacement is not the solution to all the problems.

Similarly, note that fixie chains will gain an increased lifespan if the user maintains/cleans them once in a while. As long as you learn or know how to change the chain based on its size, length, compatibility, you are in good hands.

Now we ask you again, with serious effort this time, are you sure you know what a bicycle is? Enjoy the ride!

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