7 Best Fixie Handlebars (Reviews and Buying Guide)

7 Best Fixie Handlebars In 2022 (Reviews and Buying Guide)

According to research published on the NCBI, a bad handlebar level can damage the pelvic zone, especially in a female. So, strolling around on a bike can result in pain if you don’t find the right handlebar setting for your bike.

Maintaining the right posture throughout your ride is paramount. And that’s where the best fixie handlebars stand out.

7 Best Fixie Handlebars (Reviews and Buying Guide)

What makes a good handlebar?

The overall design, including the material used in a handlebar, is a good way to find that out. It needs to properly absorb the stress it receives during the ride.

The frame should have enough accommodation for the rider to have the correct posture. And, of course, the handling of the bike will increase if those things are ensured.

Nonetheless, the handling of your bike depends on the shape of the handlebar.

In the marketplace, you’ll see different types of handlebars such as,

  • Drop bars
  • bullhorn bars
  • Flat bars

Each of these will deliver different advantages for different groups of people. Drop bars are for professional racing cyclists, whereas the bullhorn bars are for climbing uphill. And the flat bars are more suitable for your normal everyday bikes.

Which one do you prefer? You’ll find the necessary info here to make your decision.

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Top 7 Best Fixie Handlebars Review

Here in this article, we’ve selected 7 fixie handlebars of different types that have the potential to become your handlebar. Check out the reviews below.

01. Wald 803BL City Bicycle Mid-Rise Handlebar


For those who are looking for a handlebar designed around comfort and longevity, this might be an option to consider. Wald, as a brand, tries to deliver products catered towards the customer’s need, and that does increase the price a bit.

Build Quality

You need a handlebar for your bike that screams quality. And this handlebar does so, thanks to the steel construction. Steel is the most trusted material when it comes to strength and durability.

Wald claims that it’s a handmade product, and we haven’t found anything to prove the opposite.


It’s a mid-rise handlebar with a 5.25” rise, and that makes it a great choice if you want to have a more upright style. Other than professional cyclists, having an upright style is better, especially for the body.

The total wingspan on it is 27”, but the length from where the bar is bent is 7.5”. It should accommodate adults of all ages. A bonus point is that you can add a steel bike basket with it.

The clamp area is 1”, so you should check if your bike suits it.


It’s mainly for people looking for daily needs. So, if you’re a professional cyclist, look at the best fixie bike handlebars below.

  • Black steel
  • Mid-rise design
  • Upright position
  • Accommodation for basket

  • Compatible for all age groups
  • Not a good fit for professional people
  • Steel is heavy

02. UPANBIKE Mountain Bike Road Bike Handlebar

Then, we have a handlebar from UPANBIKE. If you have either a mountain bike or a road bike, this handlebar will be a nice fit. You can opt to get it as a flat bar or riser bar.

Make sure to measure your shoulder width to know how much length you need.

Build Quality

This handlebar has aluminum alloy as its base material. In terms of density, it’s only 2.81 grams per cubic centimeters, which is a lot less than steel’s 8 grams per cubic centimeters.

And that makes it a lot lighter, but it also means it can’t take as much stress as steel. So you’re losing strength. But for road bikes and normal mountain bikes, it will suffice.


The bar is 23.6” long, so if the length between your shoulder joints is around this size, it should be fine. One thing to note is that it won’t automatically give you an upright sitting position due to being a flat bar.

So, you’ll have to adjust the height to achieve that.


Although it’s quite fine as a daily driver, professional cyclists won’t find it to be a fit for their racing needs. It doesn’t have any drop or bullhorn handle to give you that stable handling you need for high speed.

  • The durability of Aluminum alloy
  • Lightweight like the other best fixie handlebars
  • Fits most bikes
  • Comfort
  • Wider posture
  • Not for downhill bikes
  • Doesn’t have any drop or bullhorn bar

03. Wake MTB Handlebar Bicycle Riser Bars


If you’re feeling fancier, you may look at Wake’s handlebars. These are held as the top products of the industry. Are these the best handlebars for fixie?

That is up for you to answer. But they are certainly from the expensive category.

Build Quality

The first thing that determines a handlebar’s worth is its build material. And this handlebar from Wake has the preferred material, aluminum alloy.

It’s light, durable, and strong enough to resist crack formation under heavy stress. That being said, it also makes it a bit more expensive.


It has an ergonomic design along its length. With a riser in the middle, it balances between a mid-rise bar and a flat-bar. Customers loved the aggressive and premium look of it but look isn’t its main attraction.

It’s the 31” long bar that makes it so suitable for any fixie bike as well as geared bikes.


The bar is long enough that you can comfortably hold the bar and add more attachments to the handle. And you know what that means!

It’s suited to most bikes, including downhill and off-road ones.

  • Aluminum alloy
  • Solid design and build quality
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic and long handle
  • Good for off-road riding
  • Wide posture
  • A bit pricey
  • Not ideal for high speed and uphill riding

04. UPANBIKE MTB Bicycle Extra Long Handlebar

Here, in our recommendation list, we have another UPANBIKE handlebar, and this one is one for the mountain bike owners. It does improve on the previous handlebar on this list, but it also costs a bit more. There are some things we loved about this handlebar.


For starters, the handlebar is longer than average. It may not look extra helpful. But this extra space on the handle helps out when you’re on rough terrain, or you need to take a narrow turn.

With a wider posture, you’ll have more control over your bike’s movements.

How long are we talking about? 

It’s about 28.35” long, which is 5” longer than most bars. The diameter at the middle where you’ll attach the bike is 31.8mm thick. So, make sure to measure it out.

Build Quality

Along with an ergonomic design, UPANBIKE used aluminum alloy to build this beautiful bar. Thanks to the combination of being lightweight and strong, it won’t bend or slip. And by beautiful, we mean the golden color on it. It’s sure to catch your eye at first glance.

You can add other accessories to enhance the look and handling of this bar.

  • Aluminum alloy
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Beautiful design
  • Ergonomic
  • Extra-long handle
  • Not for uphill or high-speed racing tracks like the other best bike handlebars 

05. UPANBIKE Fixed Gear Bike Bent Handlebar


All those handlebars were for your daily drivers. What if you need something specialized for your Cruiser, BMX, etc., types of bikes? UPANBIKE has an option for that also.

You can look at this drop handlebar to get more control over your bicycle.

Build Quality

In terms of build quality, it passes all the bars with flying colors. And why wouldn’t it? It’s made with aluminum alloy that’s known for its low weight properties with high durability.

While it’s true that steel provides more resistance against stress, aluminum helps to reduce weight. And the latter is more important if you want to achieve more speed.


The handlebar length is important for your body posture as well as in controlling the bike. This handlebar is 16.54” long, and that means it’ll require you to have a narrow body posture. 

A narrow posture isn’t good for the body if you spend too much time on it.


If you’re a professional racer, then you know how a drop bar helps to increase the speed with momentum.

So, that’s a big plus, but it also means you can’t use it on uphill tracks.

  • Aluminum alloy for durability
  • Lightweight
  • Drop bar
  • Suitable for fixie BMX, Cruiser bikes
  • For high-speed rides
  • Can’t be used in uphill riding
  • Not for daily rides

06. SUNLITE Steel Retro Cruiser Handlebar


The last but not the least product on our recommendation list is a unique one. We talked about the drop, bullhorn, and flat bars. This one is known as a Cruiser Retro Handlebar.

In terms of design, it’s very different from what you’ve seen up until now. It doesn’t have a flat design, nor does it have a drop bar or bullhorn bar.


You can say that this is the opposite of a bullhorn bar with the horn part curved backward instead of forward like a bullhorn. It’s meant for more of a luxury ride for relaxation.

Your body will be more in an upright position with a narrower angle between your body and arms. 


And with a 27” width, it’s more suitable for cruiser bikes. With less handling ability, it means you can’t use it with mountain or BMX bikes. So, the user range is limited.

Build Quality

As for the construction, it’s made of heavy-duty steel to ensure longevity. It won’t collapse easily. Steel is the heaviest material used in handlebars, but that won’t pose any problem as you won’t be using it on an off-road or professional bike.

If this fits your need, this is a great, long-lasting product for you to have.

  • Heavy-duty steel
  • Retro design for more relaxation
  • Good for cruiser bikes
  • 27” long handlebar
  • Not for mountain or BMX bikes
  • Less handling

07. UPANBIKE Handlebar for Fixed Gear Bike

31AjnJw NaL

Now, it’s time for some bullhorn handlebars, and we’re sticking with UPANBIKE’s offering this time as well. On uphill tracks, this handlebar is the best handlebar for fixie bikes.

It won’t cost you big money while delivering enough features for a comfortable and smooth ride.

Build Quality

The aluminum alloy in this bar will deliver enough sturdiness to withstand any road pressure. And being lightweight, it’ll have a hugely positive effect on the speed as well.


So then, what can you use it for? It’s a fantastic option for competitive racing or driving on rough terrain. A bullhorn bar, as we all know, is meant for the biker to hold onto it during high-speed runs.

It helps to move the center of gravity forward, which helps especially during uphill riding.


The bullhorn part of the handlebar is 15cm or 6″ long, and that’s enough for people of all ages. As for the bar itself, its length is measured at 14.57”. It’s confirmed that this handlebar isn’t built for your nice daily rides.

You’ll have a narrow posture while driving, and that will hamper your body in the long run.

  • The biker will have a narrow posture while driving due to the short handlebar

How Do I Choose A Perfect Fixie Handlebar?

How Do I Choose A Perfect Fixie Handlebar?

i. Shoulder Length

One of the simple rules to follow when buying a handlebar for your bike or motorcycle is to follow your shoulder length. To do that, measure the distance between your shoulder joints or, in scientific terms, acromioclavicular joints.

This measurement is your baseline. If it says 40 cm, look for 40 cm handlebars and decide from there. You can go a bit up and down as you prefer.

ii. Shape and Design

Then, selecting the shape and drop design of your handlebar fully depends on your choice. See what feels good in your hands and if it helps you control the bike better.

Professional bikers use a round curve, aka drop, to help them gain momentum.

iii. SS Material 

Which material should your best fixie handlebars have? That’s a dilemma most people face. Any stainless steel handlebar will suffice for your daily use. 

But they also contribute to the overall weight of the vehicle. Carbon fiber handlebars, in this case, are the better but costlier option.

iV. Durability

They’re also the most durable, as it so happens. Aluminum handlebars can be a good alternative in this regard.

FAQs Regarding Bicycle Handlebars

Question: Should the Saddle be Higher than the Handlebars?

Answer: According to Sportsmedtoday, an inappropriate combination between saddle and handlebar height can cause an iliotibial band or knee pain.

The minimum requirement is to have your handlebar at the same level as your seat. You can install it higher as it will keep you upright. 

A lower handlebar than the seat will cause stress on your joints from head to toe. That being said, a lower handlebar means your center of gravity will be lower.

So, if you’re a professional biker, a lower handlebar will help to use the momentum to gain speed.

Question: What are Bullhorn Handlebars Used for?

Answer: Bullhorn handlebars are the best bars for climbing. These are straight bars with their two sides extending forward like bull’s horns.

They give your body enough room to crouch forward and grip the handle with your hands stabilized. You can move your body forwards to change the center of gravity.

It’s a good option for those who love to move out of the saddle and press on the paddles hard.

Question: Should I Raise My Handlebars?

Answer: Your level of comfort will tell you if you need to raise or lower the handlebar. Ideally, you want the handlebar and the saddle at the same height.

It keeps your body in a natural shape. But both low and high handlebars have their utilities.

A raised handlebar will help you to keep upright with less stress on your chest, back and limbs as well. You can go for longer rides.

On the other hand, low handlebars are great if you need to use your weight to gain momentum. It helps to change the center of gravity so that your vehicle can move faster.

Question: Why are Road Bike Handlebars So Low?

Answer: Road bikes are designed for speed as opposed to mountain bikes. So, if you can get more speed by customizing the bike’s parts, that’s a bonus.

A good way to gain more speed is by reducing the handlebar’s height. That way, the biker’s body will dip lower and tilt forward to move the center of gravity to the front of the bike.

This is why we see road bikes having low handlebars.

Question: Are Carbon Handlebars Better than Aluminum?

Answer: If the question is about strength and stiffness, then these two materials will suffice anyone’s needs. They both can provide strong support to the structure.

The difference arises when we talk about weight, price, and durability. Carbon fiber is a lightweight material, so it’ll produce a lighter handlebar.

But it’s also a very expensive option. You’ll find that aluminum is quite cheap if you compare the two.

According to Dexcraft, a standard carbon fiber part has 31% more rigidity, 60% more strength, and weighs 42% less than an aluminum part of the same thickness and density.

Final Words

You saw the reviews. Now, it’s time to choose. The before and after of any purchase you make is important. Before you click “buy now,” make sure you know what length and diameter you want in your handlebar.

And after you have received the package, try it on and see if it feels good. You always have the option to return. To conclude, it’s not about what looks and sounds good. 

The best fixie handlebar is the one that suits your hand and riding style and keeps your body free from harm.

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