Top 7 Best Fixie Rims (Reviews And Buying Guide)

Top 7 Best Fixie Rims In 2022 (Reviews And Buying Guide)

Lightweight or Durability? Which one should you opt for when buying wheels for your bike? We all face this dichotomy, but there’s a solution. Carbon fiber as a base material has changed how cyclists think. It can deliver high durability without adding a lot of weight. And they are the best fixie rims as of today.

While that’s true, they also come with a hefty price tag on them. The price can go beyond $500 and out of reach for amateurs and budget buyers.

There are cheaper carbon fiber wheels, but the sacrifice on durability is something we don’t want. This is why there is always an option to choose the good ole’ heavy steel alloy wheels.

Top 7 Best Fixie Rims (Reviews And Buying Guide)

In this article, we’ll review some rims which could become your favorite. Regarding our selection criteria, We selected 7 of the best rims for fixie bikes in different categories; from expensive to cheap, from highly durable wheels to wheels with “okay” durability.

For carbon fiber wheels, we chose the 700c size as it provides the smoothest performance. And 26-inch rim size for the usual alloy wheels. Read the reviews below to know which set of wheels is going to be the best fit for you and your bike. 

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Solomone 700c Rim

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Top 7 Best Fixie Rims Review

 Here, we’ll go through the selected fixie rims from a practical point of view. We’ll know if they are how they are advertised. Check the reviews!

01. Superteam Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels 700C Clincher Wheelset 50mm Matte 23 Width

We start this list with the new addition to the carbon clincher rims, the Superteam wheels. Thanks to the low price-point, it quickly found its way to the top of popularity.

But the quality of performance on the road did raise some eyebrows.

Is This Value Per Dollar Good for You?

It’s a carbon fiber wheel. So, there’s a good bit of sturdiness and durability without a lot of weight. There’s some level of improvement on the braking performance because of the 12-layer carbon track and 6-layer on rim body.

But there has been finger-pointing at their manufacturing process.

There are a Couple of Reasons Why. 

First of all, Superteam pushed hard to achieve a carbon fiber tire at this price. In terms of weight, they are on the heavier side compared to other carbon wheels.

You’ll also see a tad more flex on it. If you’re looking for a great bit of resistance that differs from the ordinary wheels, this won’t cut it.

Always Better Options 

But this 50mm rim will suffice for beginners and average users. There are always better options if you go up a bit in terms of price.

  • 700c wheel size
  • Carbon fiber makes it lightweight
  • Affordable
  • 50mm depth
  • Durable
  • You will see some flex on the wheel
  • Heavier than other carbon wheelsets

02. Queen Bike Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels 50mm Clincher Wheelset 700c Racing Bike Wheel

If you ever wanted a carbon fiber wheel for your bike that performs while it doesn’t make you broke, these Queen Bike wheels can be a good choice. It doesn’t suffer from the negatives that the Superteam wheels faced.

Here are the Best Bits about It. 

For starters, this bike is a 700c sized wheel, and from the knowledge of wheels, it’s known that it’ll deliver less rolling resistance resulting in greater momentum than the 650b or smaller wheels.

And it does so in practice as well, thanks to the Basalt braking surface.

Made of 100% Carbon Fiber

The wheels are made out of 100% carbon fiber. And that gives it a significant heft reduction, which is why it’s the best fixie rim under $500. Even during rain, the performance doesn’t decrease.

Still, you have to take care of how you drive.

The Features and Quality Price

We like to think so. Furthermore, you can custom order the rims with your size and color for the same price as well.

Originally it has a nice black weave finish with red in the design.

  • Basalt braking surface
  • Lightweight
  • Durable carbon fiber
  • 700C wheel size delivers less resistance on the road
  • Passed SGS and EN tests
  • A bit costlier
  • You may experience tic sounds after 3000 miles

03. Wheel Master 26″ Alloy Mountain Disc Double Wall

Even though carbon fiber wheels are becoming more and more the general choice, the old alloy wheels still have a greater popularity among the customers. And that’s mostly due to the low price and durability.

It appeals to amateurs and budget buyers as a value product.

No Doubt about the Tough

These mountain bike wheels are tough, there’s no doubt about it. As a basic wheel, the steel alloy used in the design provides the highest durability, which also makes it heavier than its carbon fiber counterparts.

The size is 26”, so that’s another reason why it’s heavy. But it’s sturdy and large.

Design and Durable Spokes 

They are built for your off-road needs with an aggressive design and durable spokes. And they work just as fine on road pavements. Designed specifically for disc brakes, you could say that these are the best cheap fixie rims under $100. 

Can’t Use Rim Brakes on Bike

Now, if you have rim brakes, sad to say, you can’t use these on your bike due to incompatibility. Moreover, you can’t put them with through axles; instead, they work with skewer axles.

So, you know what you’re getting for a cheap price.

  • Durable and robust
  • Cheap
  • Built for function
  • Aggressive design
  • Heavy
  • Incompatible with rim brakes

04. Solomone Cavalli SC Fixed Gear 700c Rim Front Single Speed Fixie Bicycle Wheel

Now, at this point, we have an interesting wheelset to talk about. If you don’t want to lose an arm and leg for a carbon fiber wheelset but want that sleek look, then we present to you the Solomone Cavalli SC wheels. 

Have a Cool Look

These cost the same as normal fixie rims but have a cool look. These wheels use magnesium alloy as their building material. They’re durable enough to cruise around the town with style.

The magnesium alloy does put a bit of weight on them. So, it isn’t exactly a fit for performance bikes.

They are the best street fixie rims, built for style rather than function.

No Comparison with Carbon Fiber

They’ll last you a good bit of time, but there’s no comparison with carbon fiber wheels or steel alloy wheels in terms of durability.

To cut the cost of production and to reduce weight, they used aluminum infused magnesium alloy, which reduced the durability.

So, Buy or Pass? What’s the Verdict? 

If you’re looking to get performance grade experience out of them, then you’re looking at the wrong set of wheels.

There are great alternatives on this list you can look at instead.

  • Sleek look
  • Lightweight
  • Cheap
  • Durable enough as street fixie rims
  • Not as durable as carbon fiber or steel

05. ICAN 700C Light Weight Road Bike Carbon Wheelset Clincher 38mm Basalt Brake Surface Rim Brake Only 1420g (Classic Wheels)

Among the most popular lightweight wheels, the ICAN 700c classic wheels hold a top place. If you’re looking for a durable and strong wheelset for performance tracks, then this is something you want to consider before you buy. But it is a bit pricey, not going to lie.

The First Thing to Notice

Now, like a carbon fiber wheel, the first thing to notice is that this is very lightweight. You’ll find heavier carbon wheels, but this isn’t one of them.

Even though it’s good, we must say that the 38mm depth isn’t too flattering. Keep that in mind.

Next, It’s about Performance.

As a wheel designed for performance, this has one of the least resistance on the road, so it feels smooth as butter on pavements. It gives top speed with less effort.

Don’t expect it to perform the same when off-road. The basalt braking helps, though, in all conditions.

So, Who’s It For? 

For those who want a lightweight, durable and affordable carbon clincher, this is going to be an investment for them to rip the rewards later down the road.

It’s one of the best rims for a fixie.

  • Good for performance track
  • Less resistance on the road
  • Lightweight carbon fiber
  • 700C wheel size
  • Basalt braking surface
  • 38mm depth
  • A bit costly

06. Superteam 38mm Carbon Road Wheelset 23mm Width Clincher Wheel with Basalt Braking Surface

At number 6, we have another Superteam carbon wheelset if you still want to go down the budget road. The features and other aspects haven’t changed from the first product on this list except a little. Let’s delve into it.

Build Quality and Design

In terms of build quality and design, it has pure carbon fiber, which gives it a lightweight designation. Truth to be told, it’s still heavier than the higher-priced Queen Bike or ICAN wheelsets.

This is expected as they tried to keep the price as low as they could. It did pass the EN quality standard test.

So, you should be pretty happy and comfortable if you use the wheels only for amateur level riding. 

A Bit More Resistance on the Road

Don’t expect it to roll very smoothly as it still has a bit more resistance on the road than we’d have liked. The braking system includes the renowned Basalt braking surface and a good braking pad.

It’s compatible with V-brake road bike wheels.

For Whom? 

For beginners, this could be a good bike, but it’d be wise to spend a bit more and get a better carbon clincher wheelset.

  • Lightweight
  • Carbon fiber like other best fixie rims
  • Basalt braking surface
  • Less expensive
  • Good for beginners
  • Heavier than other carbon clinchers
  • Less durability than other carbon wheels
  • Only 38mm depth

07. ICAN 50mm Carbon Road Bike Wheels 700C Clincher Sapim CX-Ray Spokes Rim Brake Only 1460g (Upgraded Version Wheelset)

As our last recommendation, we have another ICAN wheelset, and we favor this one over the previous ICAN wheels we mentioned. These are a bit pricier as well due to a slight difference in design and shape.

The First Thing is the Performance

The first thing to appreciate about these performance wheels is their carbon fiber build and how lightweight they are. Of course, it doesn’t end there as it also boasts high durability and resistance against heft.

This has ICAN’s standard 6-pawls hub and their aero-sapim CX-ray spokes. 

How Good It Is!

Here’s the best part about these rims, it showed a nice balance between low weight, climbing ability, and a good bit of aerodynamic advantage.

You can feel how good it is when you are in a crosswind position; it’s as stable as they come.

A Good Amount of Goodies

You’ll be receiving a good amount of goodies along with the rims such as Shimano brake pads, rim tape, etc. Now, even with all these positives in mind, the price is too high for budget owners.

Use them in performance bikes rather than road bikes.

  • 700C wheel size
  • Carbon fiber makes it lightweight
  • Durable
  • Shimano braking system
  • 50mm depth
  • Expensive

What are The Best Fixie Rims?

Each category has its favorite. Here are our favorites, If you want a set of carbon fiber performance wheels, then the ICAN 50mm Carbon 700C Clincher wheelset is the best.

For budget buyers, the best budget carbon rims are the Superteam 700C 50mm wheels. Or, if you want cheap but durable wheels, then you can consider the Wheel Master 26″ Alloy wheels.

How to Choose the Right Fixie Rims?

This question needs to be answered in detail. The first thing to consider is what will be the purpose of these bikes? Are they going to be installed on a normal street fixie or performance bikes or for just cruising around the town?

1st, Choose Which Material You Want

Different purposes will require different types of wheels. And their pricing will also be different in each case. First, choose which material you’re going to go for. Carbon fiber is the most sought-after material due to its sleek look and, of course, durability.

Its lightweight attribute also pushes it forward in terms of popularity.

2nd, How is Their Performance?

You will certainly want to choose it if your purpose is performance. These are the costliest wheels of the bunch. For the budget buyers, you have two options.

Either you opt for function overlooks, or you choose style over durability.

3rd, Pick the Heavy Alloy Wheels

The steel alloy wheels are heavy, but they will last long with solid performance. You can also select a magnesium alloy wheelset at the expense of longevity and durability.

These are unavoidable limitations. There are some other features you should consider, such as

  1. the braking surface, 
  2. the wheel size, and
  3. the spokes.

Where to Buy The Best Fixie Rims?

To buy your cherished set of wheels, you have the option to go to physical retail stores, or you can simply order online through Amazon, online retails stores, etc.

The latter is the most favored option as most of the time, you can get the best deal through big online platforms.

Final Words

Hope you’ve read the reviews and weighed them with your needs. To end this discussion, know that buying a set of wheels isn’t an expense; rather, we like to think of it as an investment for the long term.

You want to reap the rewards for years to come. And for that, we were pretty clear about which wheels we preferred more over the others and what were the things we didn’t like.

The best fixie rims are the ones that suit your style. Good luck!

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