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Top 9 Best Fixie Saddles In 2022 (Reviews And Buying Guide)

Your health greatly depends on the saddle you use on your fixie bike. The relationship between a saddle and a rider can end badly if the saddle isn’t the right fit. And getting the best fixie saddle you can afford is your best chance at keeping your spine and pelvic zone free from injuries.

You need the saddle to get the best out of your bike while keeping your body harm free. I’m no alarmist, and it may be news to some, but having the wrong saddle can mess up your pelvic and groin area to the extent of having surgeries. This is important, especially for men.

Top 9 Best Fixie Saddles (Reviews And Buying Guide)

In general, both men and women will suffer from saddle discomfort. For caution: If you feel numbness or serious discomfort, go for a clinical bike fit. It’ll alleviate your condition.

For people suffering from pain or swelling, it’s best to check in with your physician. Comfort isn’t something that comes in one size and fits all.

You’ll have to see what works for you. And that can vary mainly due to anatomical differences and riding style.

Considering all of that, it seems feasible to put forward some suggestions to riders such as you. This article is all about that and more.

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Our Top 9 Best Fixie Saddles Review

Let’s look at some of the options available on the market. Our motto is “functionality over style.” These options go from pricey to affordable.

01. Selle Royal Men’s Respiro Moderate Saddle


Let’s start with a high and mighty one from Selle Royale. The name says it all. It’s a premium bike saddle with the highest quality. But is it for you? The manufacturers used a tridimensional gel filling in the seat and added a shock absorption composition.


These are the main reasons behind the comfy feeling of a Selle Royale. And it’s cooler than your traditional black saddles, so you don’t feel hot after riding for hours.


It has the latest technologies in its design. With shock absorption and moderate settings for the best fixie saddle, the rider will feel like they’re riding on thin air. 

Also, it allows the rider to sit forward at a 60-degree angle. That means it’s built for speedy rides. Regardless of the weather, it’ll keep you up on the seat, thanks to the waterproof design.


This saddle is 100% sealed, which makes it waterproof. It looks like they used an aluminum frame in it. With a strong and light frame and steel rails, it isn’t something that will break down even on the roughest road surfaces.


The saddle will fit all modern bikes, including mountain bikes, road bikes, cruiser bikes. And it’s an ideal saddle for long trips and short commutes.

Although it’s catered around men, women can also utilize the big width.

Best for

For people who love adventures on rough terrains and off-road, this will be a good fit.

  • Royal Gel makes it soft  
  • Ergonomic design
  • Waterproof
  • Relieves perineum pressure
  • 25c cooler cover
  • Durable
  • Expensive
  • Can feel too cold in colder areas
  • May seem too soft for some riders

02. Brooks England Cambium Bicycle Saddle


Brooks England doesn’t need any introduction to seasoned riders. With a strong reputation behind them, it’d be unwise to not trust the brand regarding quality. 


It’s a best premium saddle with premium features. It may not look like it, but the saddle is comfy enough for long rides. The saddle has a top made with vulcanized natural fiber and cotton.

Although it’s no gel, it provides good comfort.

You can opt for either a cutout for pressure release or one without a cutout. If you’re looking for pure racer performance out of it, then you’d be disappointed.

The ergonomics and build aren’t fit for it. Other than that, for any long rides and short commutes, it’s quite fine.


Does this offer you the durability worthy of its price mark? It does, thanks to the aluminum structure and steel rails. The combination makes it strong and robust.

That being said, the top cover will slowly lose color and wear down. But it won’t tear easily.


It’s versatile in the sense that you can do both long and short rides with it. You just can’t get a good racing experience out of it.

And it’s okay as only a small percentage of riders use it for that purpose.

Best for

This saddle is best suited to cruising around town as well as going on long rides. If you can afford it, you can bet on it for comfort.

  • Aluminum frame, steel rails
  • Long rides
  • Comfortable
  • Cutout for relaxed spine
  • Fits naturally
  • Not for pure racers
  • A bit pricey

03. ZHIQIU Bike Saddle for Fixed-gear bike

This is the first of two Zhiqiu on our review list. Yes, that’s how much Zhiqiu has impressed me. You might be surprised how much this cheap saddle has in offer for you.


With artificial fatty gel replacing the natural polymer, it is more comfortable than before. Your bottom and prostrate will thank you for such service.

Furthermore, the cutout makes it even more convenient to ride long hours as your spine stays relaxed. While it’s not solely a performance bike saddle, it performs well during racing as well as long rides.

The ergonomic design won’t let you feel fatigued or stressed as long as your legs don’t give up.


What is more durable than steel? This saddle has long steel rails that will last a decade, if not more. The cover on top is a different case altogether.

It’s a cheap synthetic material with a leather pattern. It’ll wear out soon.


When you have a mountain bike or a road cruiser bike, this saddle will fit them all. And for the adventurous minded, you can use it during off-road rides as well.

Best for

While it’s true that it will perform well on all surfaces, it’s best saddle to keep its use limited to road bikes for daily use.

Occasionally, it will work fine on mountainous roads.

  • Works with all bikes
  • Durable and shockproof
  • Cheap
  • Safe for the body
  • Long steel rails
  • Poor cover
  • Heavy

04. Retrospec Bicycles Saddle fo Fixed-gear bike

If you live in an urban area with nicely paved roads, this slightly padded saddle from Retrospec should be a good fit.


It’s not cheap, but it falls in the affordable range. When you sit on the saddle, it should provide you enough comfort to keep away the pain.

This one, however, does fine on pavements due to the padding, but it’s not enough for rocky or uneven roads. 


It doesn’t have any groove or cutout to relieve pressure. It will perform well when it’s used on suitable road surfaces. With a classic road style, it only performs well with road bikes on urban city roads.

Countryside roads and mountain bikes aren’t well suited to it.


With a steel frame and steel rails, there’s no frowning upon its durability. If you love a harder seat, this is for you.

But the cover on top is a cheap synthetic material. You can expect it to tear easily.


It isn’t versatile in terms of road surfaces, but you can use it on any type of bike you want, such as fixies, MTBs, cruiser bikes, etc.

Best for Whom!

For people who want a stiffer seat and a road bike saddle, this one is best suited to them.

  • Affordable
  • Road bike saddle
  • Durable
  • Slightly padded
  • The cover is not durable
  • Stiff seat

05. Origin8 Pro Uno-S Saddle for Fixed-gear bike


This saddle is a bit unknown to most people as the brand never really took off as the big brands. Don’t let this get you down, as this will surprise you as it surprised me.

The saddle itself is built with ergonomics in mind.


Its shape is long and narrow, with just enough width catering to the male group of riders. The padding is soft but firm, thanks to the gel foam.

It’s better for your private parts than those polymer materials.

There’s a groove instead of a cutout, but it works just as well. Performance is an issue for many cheap saddles, but this one doesn’t suffer from it.

Younger people who ride miles after miles will love how it stays comfy and stable. It does have shock absorption in its bag of abilities.


The Chromoly rails and a steel frame make it heavy, but it also makes it tough and robust for any road conditions you may face.

However, I wouldn’t test it out just for safety.


It’s a best road bike saddle. I’d refrain from installing it on a mountain bike. Take it for a cruise or long-distance rides on pavements, but it’s not a saddle for off-road riding.

Best for

With a lack of versatility, and considering the low price point, I’d suggest this for road and cruiser bikes only.

BMX bikes might be an option too.

  • Durable enough for road
  • Shock absorption
  • Comfortable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Light
  • Not versatile
  • Chromoly rails aren’t as durable as steel

06. West Biking Bike Saddle, Breathable Design

This saddle from West Biking is an all-rounder when it comes to performance delivery and comfort. It doesn’t lack in the build quality department either.


When riders talk about comfort, it’s not about the couch feeling. It’s the comfort of not having to worry about your body while you’re paddling down hard.

The cutout in the middle on this saddle does exactly that. With shock absorption, the cushioned seat is no doubt comfortable.


It doesn’t only have a sporty look to it, it’s made for sports as well as day to day rides. With an ergonomic design and build quality, it’ll keep you on the seat as long as your legs aren’t tired.


The rails and the overall frame come from hardened black steel. At this price, you won’t find a more durable saddle. It won’t give up on you even after hundreds of miles behind it.

The cover isn’t leather and not very durable, but it’s water-resistant, and that also makes it non-slip!


You can use this saddle on different types of bikes such as BMX, MTB, Road, Cruiser, and others. Not only that, but you can also use it for daily rides as well as some racing competitions.

Best for

Frankly, it’s suited to all types of bikes and surfaces. Of course, it’ll last longer on road surfaces, just like any other best fixie saddle.

  • Versatile
  • Shock absorption
  • Wear-resistant
  • Keeps the body relaxed
  • Looks beautiful
  • Gel padding
  • Not waterproof
  • Might not be a good fit for women with wider sit bones

07. ZHIQIU Colour Breathable Bike Saddle


Go even cheaper with the Zhiqiu bike saddle. It’s cheap, but that doesn’t mean it’s poor in performance delivery and durability; rather, it’s quite the opposite.


It has an ergonomic design to make it as comfy as possible while keeping the price down. Under the top, it has an artificial fatty gel, which makes it 40% more comfortable for your prostrate and private parts than natural polymer.

Those body parts will be grateful like the other best saddles of the fixie bike. 


Ride and travel long distances with your potential unfolded; that’s not an exaggeration; you can travel miles after miles and return with no sore, no pain, or stressed body.

The cutout right down the middle is literally a lifesaver.


The overall frame of the saddle has steel rails and steel construction. Is there anything more durable than this?

The cover might be a weak point as it will tear easily, which is okay at this price.


Don’t go run off to race with this saddle, and you’ll be fine with other tasks you want to fulfill. Go to mountain roads or nice sunny countryside or the park if you want.

It won’t disappoint.

Best for

This is your cheap but better alternative to OEM saddles. Your daily rides to the market or office need this as well as your body.

  • Cheap
  • Ergonomic design
  • Durable construction
  • Artificial fatty gel
  • Waterproof
  • Might be too stiff for some riders
  • Bland design

08. AIKATE Comfortable Bike Saddle for Fixed-gear bike

If you’re after a mid-high range saddle that promises longevity as well as comfort, AIKATE’s breathable and elastic comfort saddle is a good one.

But I have to warn you; don’t expect premium quality from it. 


In terms of providing comfort during your long rides through the mountain road, this saddle will deliver. It has a hollow design with a cutout in the middle, and you know how much it helps to relieve pressure – no pressure on your spine and the perineum.

The memory foam is soft, might be too soft for some people. Although it has a good design and capable enough construction to serve you during competitions, we wouldn’t recommend it.

Other than that, it can endure whatever you through at it; be it long rides or short commutes in the city.


It is ergonomically designed for mountain bikes. Not surprisingly, it should be durable, and it has proved to be so.

The body frame consists of steel rails and an aluminum frame. And that makes it both lightweight and strong.


People have used this saddle on their road bikes, mountain bikes, and all type of fixies. It delivered the same performance.

This is a highly versatile saddle with a hard to beat price.

Best for

It’s best suited to long rides, cruising around the park, and such types of rides. You can race with it, but it will wear out sooner.

For budget buyers, this is the best bike seat for a fixie.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Hard to beat the price
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Probably not a good fit for pure racers
  • Not waterproof

09. DR BIKE Bike Saddle with Center Cutout

The last product on this list is one of the cheaper ones but don’t push it off as something not worth considering. DR Bike’s saddle with its breathable design impressed me.


This saddle has a groove right down the middle and a cutout at the back to release the pressure from your spine. Long rides are made easier if your spine stays relaxed.

If you’re a dude, your sensitive areas will appreciate the narrow nose design. 


There’s shock absorption present as well. In terms of performance, it performs well considering its low price. It delivers a solid experience during long rides and short cruises around town.

Don’t expect it to accompany you in your racing adventures. It’s not suitable for that.


The saddle has a plastic frame, which did make me frown. But at the price you’re paying, you can’t expect much. It will be sufficient for occasional riders, but it isn’t robust in any way.

The cover on top is padded, and it’s synthetic leather. It will wear down with sweat and other moisture components.


You can use it for long and short rides, but they should be occasional rides. If you ride daily and you have a big body frame, it won’t last long.

So, I’d be careful about it.

Best for

It’s best fixie bike seat for the younger generation riders who don’t weigh much and don’t go for long rides every day.

Just cruising around the neighborhood and the park is what it’s good for.

  • Cheap
  • Comfortable
  • Groove for perineum pressure release
  • Long rides
  • Plastic frame
  • Not a good choice for a big body frame

What is the Most Comfortable Saddle?

The best fixie saddles on this recommendation list can all be considered as comfortable else they wouldn’t get a place. Even then, we have our favorites. Yes, not one but three.

What is the Most Comfortable Saddle?

  1. AIKATE Bike Saddle
  2. West Biking Bike Saddle
  3. OUTERDO Wide Bike Saddle

How Do I Choose a Comfortable Bike Saddle?

I’m glad that bikers are asking this question more and more nowadays. It’s important to put a saddle under you that fits. Even if our personal experiences differ, some factors stay consistent.

Here Are 3 Tips You Can Follow.

1st, Find the Right Shape

There are saddles of different shapes and sizes, with some being long and narrow, and some are short and wide. This difference in shape is wanted mostly due to anatomical differences between men and women.

Women tend to have wider sit-bones, and that means wider and short saddles would be perfect. And in the case of men, it’s the opposite.

2nd, Ensure Your Sit-bone Fits the Saddle Width

Sit bones are your pelvic bones that touch the sit. In medical terms, it’s the ischial tuberosity in the lower pelvis. It absorbs and distributes your weight when you sit down.

So, the width of the saddles must allow the sit bones to properly sit.

3rd, Consider If You Need Groove and Cut-out Saddles

Groove and cutouts in saddles is a clever concept to reduce pressure on the rider’s pelvic zone. It relieves pressure from the perineum. Most women’s bike saddles have a cutout in them. Men can also benefit from this design.

One key thing in choosing a comfortable saddle is by testing it out because, as mentioned before, different people prefer different types of the best fixie saddles.

FAQs Regarding Fixed-gear Bike Saddle

Q. Is a Wide Bike Seat More Comfortable?

Answer: Even though the comfort of your saddle depends on your anatomy, you may find wider bike saddles to be more comfortable as you have more space for your sit bones. You can relax and change your position as you’d like.

As a result, they create more friction and chafing. For competition riding, thinner and longer saddles are more preferable.

Q. Why are Bike Seats So Uncomfortable?

Answer: First of all, a bike seat on its own isn’t uncomfortable. If you’re feeling pain or soreness, it’s most likely caused by the misaligned saddle and too soft seat. Too much cushion messes up the body’s balance.

Pain may be caused by installing a narrow sit, whereas you need a wider seat for wider sit bones. Check with your physician for further check-up.

Q. Where Should I Sit on My Bike Saddle?

Answer: Short answer; sit where you feel the most comfortable. As mentioned above, wide saddles mean comfort for both men and women.

Sit as far as you can on the wide part, and you should be all okay.

Q. Why do women’s bike seats have holes?

Answer: You’ll find many cutouts or holes right through the middle of the bike seats. These holes were put to relieve the pressure from the groin area.

It allows a rotated pelvic position while reducing pressure on soft tissue. Most women’s bike saddles have holes for this reason.

Final Words

Well, that was long, and there was so much to cover. But I hope it was concise enough for you to focus on the main points. The best fixie saddle is the one that suits you the most, it’s not the priciest.

Buy one within your means but don’t sacrifice quality and, most importantly, comfort. Always keep in mind that functionality always trumps style. 

Happy riding!

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