Top 10 Best Fixie Tires (Reviews and Buying Guide)

Top 10 Best Fixie Tires In 2022 (Reviews and Buying Guide)

Fixed gear bicycles have gained momentum among many urban cycling enthusiasts and fitness junkies and for all the right reasons. They are a great form of transportation that requires minimum maintenance and offers excellent core engagement.

However, these specialized bikes need special tires. Not any random tire, only the best fixie tires will give you the desired thrill while riding these bikes.

Top 10 Best Fixie Tires (Reviews and Buying Guide)

We know you are maybe having several questions about the tires and the bike itself. But do not worry, as we will be answering all of them in the following segments.

So, gear up, get your helmet because, after this article, you might want to take a stroll with your new tires!

 Our Top 10 Best Fixie Tires Review

It will be easy to find fixie tires, but there are so many brands that it will be difficult to choose one. But we have done the research for you and come up with a comprehensive list.

01. Schwinn Replacement Bike Tire


While riding a fixie bike is amazing, it can pose some issues during various seasons, especially in winter. As the ground becomes harsh, and there can be sharp specs everywhere, you really need one of the best fixie tires that has a good tread system.


Luckily this replacement model from Schwinn is amazing at that. If you see the tire’s exterior, you will notice a pattern running across the entire body. Just by seeing, you will not get a proper feel of how deep these patterns actually are. 

If you move your fingers around, only then will you realize that these patterns are quite deep, which will help the tire to stay away from sharp objects and have superior protection. Without these ridges, the tire might puncture easily.


While it is necessary that the bike has sufficient grip and traction, it should also be able to move without extreme friction. As friction works counter-effective to motion, it will make you exert more force to move the paddle.

However, with a flat-resistant layer, this model manages to keep the roll-off level at an efficient level while still ensuring that the rider does not fall off the bike because it could not handle the road’s slipper state.


These tires will be perfect for daily use as they are quite durable. It has a steel beading design that will be compatible with the best fixie rims and will not sustain harsh damage easily.


Ideally, this tire will work great at 24-26 psi since it has a 700c diameter. The tire width is also an optimal 38 mm, which manages to keep the aerodynamics functional instead of obstructing it.

  • Superior tread system
  • Suitable for daily use and road trailing
  • Convenient pressure range
  • Great during the winter season
  • Durable bead construction
  • Tire might be small

02. Continental Gatorskin Bike Tire

There is always a bargain between whether you want extreme durability or amazing roll-off freedom. It often happens that users have to choose just one and compromise with the other feature as most products cannot provide both.

PolyX Breaker

However, with the help of new technology, namely PolyX breaker, the brand manages to keep both features at optimal levels. This technology utilizes a tightly woven fabric as the very external covering.

This dense fabric leaves little to no space between the tread, which helps foreign particles from staying at bay. So, even at high speed, the denseness of the fabric will prevent premature punctures and tears.


Besides that, the model also has superior protection from another brand trademark feature. The DuraSkin is essentially a polyamide fabric that is extremely durable that surrounds the core casing.

So, these two layers, along with the PolyX Breaker, provide three-layer protection. Thus, the model gets extreme durability, but the layers are of a fabric, which is why all these alterations do not affect the roll-off mechanism that much.

Hence, you can easily enjoy riding on the fixed gear bike.


This model is quite versatile in the sense that you can get it in various forms. You can purchase this model in a foldable version or a wire-beaded version.

So, you can easily participate in a high-tension race or go for daily strolls with these products.


Given the durability of these products, we can safely say that it also is a high-performance product. Additionally, it has a special carbon black mixture material that easily gives you 2000 to 3000 miles without any flats.

  • Amazing durability
  • Implements unique technologies to provide three-layer protection
  • Comes in various versions
  • Has durable carbon mixture
  • Offers excellent mileage of 2000-3000 miles
  • You might have a hard time with fitting

03. Continental Ultra Sport II Bike Tire

319TOgS0 2L

There are many factors on which a user may or may not like fixie bicycle tires. One of them is when you cannot find the best fixie tires for the rough terrains.

So, if you liked the previous brand but wanted a bit more tread, then we might have something for you.

Rough Terrain

The problem with rough terrains is there is no guarantee that the next bump will be smooth. You might land on a smooth surface or find yourself on a sticky spot.

That is why the tires need to have extra protection. Luckily, this model will provide you that. It has the brand specialty of multi-coated tires that prevent the surface from getting scratched or punctured easily. 

So, you can rest assured knowing that a small shard cannot do much harm to your tire.


Besides that, another crucial factor that makes this product worthwhile is the tread system. This model boasts a deep tread pattern, which will aid a lot when riding on uneven surfaces. The deep slits accommodate for unstable debris to brush off of the surface.

Therefore, instead of poking holes, the pattern will allow the debris a space to fit, and later it will easily fall off while riding. So, these two systems really uplift the mode and truly make it an outdoor tire.


As you can tell, the addition of such impressive features is bound to improve the product’s overall performance. Hence, it is perfect for a daily commute and even entry-level racing. 


Another cool feature of this model is its customizability. You have the freedom to choose from a wide range of colors for your tire. They are available as folding tires, so you have to keep that in mind.

  • 180 TPI casing that is supple
  • Improves performance and racing
  • Has deep-running silicon tread pattern
  • Extremely durable
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Installation might not be beginner-friendly

04. Continental Contact Plus Bike Tire


Often you get a tire that has amazing features, and it makes all the right promises. But when it is time for riding, the tire is flat.

You have not even started, and the tire is already running out of air. But if you get this product, you will not face such issues. 


Why, you ask? Well, usually, when a tire does not have a proper sidewall, there is nothing substantial that keeps the air airtight.

However, the sidewall keeps things snug and maintains the optimum air-level. Hence, this model’s reflective sidewall also improves air-pressure

and increases the chances of keeping the air in for a long time. Moreover, it also helps in maintaining the overall shape of the tire.

Puncture Protection

This tire also boasts another unique safety feature, which is an additional puncture belt. So, besides the hardy rubber body and visible tread pattern, it also has a reinforced layer that protects the best fixie tires and the sidewall.

With this layer, you are easily getting a level 5 or 6 safety. So, you can completely rely on the safety features, knowing that they will not burst or tear any time soon.


A close look at the tire will reveal small spikes at the very outer layer of the bike. These small spikes are, of course, of rubber, so it does not push back, causing a rupture on the bike surface.

However, it does improve grip immensely, which is why you can use this tire for almost anything.


You can get this all-rounder model in multiple sizes as well. So, whether you like a 24-inch or a 28-inch, you can get that size. It also makes the tire more usable.

  • Added puncture belt
  • High-performing sidewall
  • Improves mileage and air-pressure
  • Provides level 5/6 safety
  • An all-rounder tire
  • Might be very tight

05. Continental Gator Hardshell Folding Bike Tire

41 Ve3niGeL

As you can tell, we clearly love this brand, which is why it keeps making a comeback on our list. But we have our reasons, and if you are someone who absolutely needs the most durable tire, this will also be one of your favorites too.

The sidewall may be a stability feature of the tire, which keeps the product in shape and improves overall performance. But even that unit needs protection, and a special DuraSkin layer provides that protection in this model.

It is a polyamide encasing that ensures that the sidewall can effectively take hits without getting bent or bruised. This fine fabric is very dense, which is how it blocks offense.


Another trademark Continental feature is hardshell, which is a combination of multiple protective layers. So, besides the DuraSkin, you will also get protection from the PolyXbreaker.

It has minimal spacing, which effectively protects the core of the tire. So, with three layers, the hardshell provides impeccable safety to the tire and ensures that it can run smoothly on the toughest terrains.


Aside from all the layers of protection, the tire itself is also very sturdy. It obviously has a rubber compound to achieve a non-conductive state, but it also boasts rugged tarmac.

This substance adds immense strength to the tire’s body without changing a good tire’s core objectives, which is to add stability and grip to the bike.


Since this model is so durable and sturdy, you can easily take it for extreme activities such as hiking or trailing. This can also be a companion for daily use since the PolyXbreaker does not reduce roll-off. It is easily one of the best tires for fixie bike.

  • Sidewall gets extra protection
  • Has tarmac unfused material
  • Hardshell adds three layers of safety
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Achieves stability
  • Does not have much stretch for installation

06. WTB ThickSlick Comp tire

In an urban setting, what you need the most is traction and grip. All the adventure can take the back-seat when you have to catch a meeting on a bike. But that can be hard to find in the best fixie tires.


However, this model, in particular, will not prevent you from reaching the meeting on time. It offers excellent traction thanks to the easy roll-off mechanism. But of course, the tire also needs efficient treading to get past unwanted bumps and debris. 

That is why this model features a slick treading that offers safety, but at the same time, does not hinder speed or roll-off. The slick design also complements the thick rubber compound of the tire.


Unlike many tires, this model does not shy away from using thick rubber bodies. Hence the name ThickSlick utilizes a 60A durometer rubber with slick treading to achieve the ultimate strength and speed.

Moreover, the 2X rubber is also helpful in getting a proper grip. The bike’s weight now has double the rubber to fall back on; hence, it easily accommodates the weight and brings the motion to a halt when needed.


By now, you have already guessed that being extra thick means the outer shell is much more durable than regular fixie tires. Hence, sharp objects and glass shards will have a hard time puncturing through this bad boy.


Since the tire’s design is so urban-friendly, it is a no-brainer that you can use this daily and get good mileage out of it. However, it is also compatible with racing fixed gear bikes, and if you wanted, you could also race with this product.

And since this product provides impressive traction, it will be perfect for racing sort of activities.

  • Slick tread system
  • 2X rubber body
  • No-puncture or slashing
  • Suitable for racing and daily commute
  • Very durable
  • Does not have deep treads

07. Vittoria Zaffiro II Wire


As much as you want the best fixie tires to be strong and durable, you also need it to be flexible. Otherwise, you not only have to carry the weight of the bike and yourself but also carry the extra weight of the tires.

Lightweight Material

So, if a lightweight tire is what you want, you will certainly love the Vittoria Zaffiro II. It has top of the class material for its construction, ensuring that the product remains lightweight yet, has strong sidewalls for effective lateral balance.

The Aramid 3D compound helps immensely in giving a proper structure to the tire. It manages to achieve stiffness and longevity, all while being only 10.4 ounces. So, you barely feel any force or friction from the tire.


This model also excels in the protection zone with the help of an Intrepid PRB substance. It stays right under the tread and creates an effective barrier to prevent sharp objects from penetrating the layer. And it does so by ensuring low resistance.

So, you will not lose out on speed because of the protective features. Besides that, it also has a 26 TPI covering that boasts high-quality carbon. That adds another layer of protection and also improves grip.

Twin Tread

The product has a unique treading system where the pattern’s hardness is not the same all around.

In fact, a genius combination of a softer compound around the sidewalls adds phenomenal gripping, and a harder compound in the middle reduces wear down. As a result, it can be one of the best tires for fixie skidding. 


If you are bored with how your bike looks currently, you can simply spice it up with a trendy tire. And as for this model, it comes in a striking red color, that will surely make heads turn!

  • Unique tread system
  • Offers superior gripping
  • Multiple layers of protection
  • Keeps optimum rolling resistance
  • Aramid compound makes it lightweight
  • Sidewall might split

08. Panaracer Catalyst Sport Tire with Wire Bead


Available in colors like red, white, black, yellow, and more, here’s the best fixie winter tire to get matching gear for competition or casual rides. Of course, there’s more to this tire than just color variety. Here’s what you can expect from it.


The wire bead construction is one of the strongest points of this tire. It provides benefits such as resistance to tough environments, improved traction, and better handling of the bike.

However, the bead may make the installation a bit harder, requiring stronger tire levers to get it set up without issues. At 320 grams of weight, this tire feels balanced and stable throughout roads, whether it’s over wet, dry, or snowy ground.

Furthermore, the thick design of the sidewalls prevents foreign objects from compromising the integrity of the best winter fixie tire.


This tire is truly a flexible product. It performs just as good over the snow as it does across main roads, delivering good traction while giving cyclists effective grip for total control. 

The tire is also good for taking corners, as it feels secure and holds its ground decently. When other tires aren’t enough, the Panaracer Catalyst Sport comes as the perfect alternative.

It’s durable for continuous use, resistant to put up with tough conditions, and comfortable for longer rides.

  • Improves handling and maneuverability in tough conditions
  • Lightweight build for smooth rides
  • Great thickness to resist foreign objects
  • Different colors available
  • Not easy to replace, requiring strong tire levers

09. Vittoria Zaffiro Pro IV Road Tire for Winter


Economical and modern, this tire is the perfect choice for those cyclists that don’t want to break the bank but still want a reliable tire that gives them some flexibility over many tasks.


The tire features an enhanced Graphene compound that makes it suitable for different terrains, including winter seasons.

Under this weather, the high puncture resistance allows cyclists to reach their destination safely, as the tire’s modern tread can resist those circumstances.

Here’s when the strong nylon casing comes into play as well, delivering long tread life to secure more time on the road.


If anything, this tire looks impeccable. The modern design not only makes it one of the most eye-catching out there but also ideal for a variety of activities.

Whether you use it for casual riding or even for professional training, the Vittoria Zaffiro Pro IV is the best fixie tire for winter that delivers excellence in many areas.


After running for hundreds of miles, this tire offered total control with no flats or grip loss. The traction was also alright, especially while taking corners.

Other advantages of this tire are balance and stability, which made it easy to maneuver the bike during winter conditions. Over dry terrains, the bike performed well, but it isn’t the most suitable for slippery terrains.

  • Durable and resistant build for safer rides
  • The tread pattern is modern, good-looking, and effective
  • Provides good grip and balance
  • Incredible traction for optimal riding
  • Not good for slippery surfaces

10. Ultra Sport II Road Clincher Bike Tire for Winter


Looking for variety? Then, Continental is the way to go. Available in sizes from 23mm to 28mm, there’s one of this tire for everyone. Even better, the price is highly affordable.

Here’s my review of this tire after multiple tests. Created with a supple 3/180 TPI-casing and silica-based tread compound, the build of this tire is top-notch.

Most of its durability comes from the center tread, which is capable of resisting consistent riding and withstanding bumps along the road.

The tire’s construction is one of the reasons why it’d be a suitable choice for different types of cyclists, whether they use it for competition, touring, or traveling long roads.


The 3/180 TPI design is one of the most valuable traits this tire has to offer, as it provides plenty of protection against puncture and potential damage.

Besides, it provides a solid grip as well as decent mileage to tackle most roads. As a minor setback, the tire isn’t as easy to mount as others. In some cases, you may need a few tire levers to get the job done.


Consistency and reliability would be two excellent words to describe this tire. The handling feels incredible, as does the grip once you get the hang of it.

Traction is also off the charts, giving you total control of the bike even over wet surfaces.

  • High durability and resistance
  • Excellent handling over rough surfaces
  • Many sizes available
  • Great traction and solid grip
  • Not as easy to mount

How Does A Fixie Tire Works?

To understand how a fixie tire works, you have to first know why they are different. And we are here to show you that. The main reason why a fixie tire works differently is that a fixed gear bike is not the same as regular bikes.

How Does A Fixie Tire Works?

The Wheel and The Pedal

In these models, the wheel and the pedal share a direct relationship. So, the bike will only move as long as you pedal. As soon as you stop, the chain will stop causing the bike to halt.

So, the tire also has to put up with the uncertainty. There is no continuous carryover flow that will make the tires mobile. Hence, by being resilient and grippy, these tires help a fixie to stay stable and balanced.

3 Attachment Methods

These fixies tires also come in three different attachment methods. The tubeless and tube tires need some help in attachment, but the foldable ones are pretty easy to attach.

What to Consider before Purchasing the Right Fixed-gear Tires?

Tires can be complicated, and if you are not paying attention, you might get a pair that is absolutely not worthy. However, to ensure that you always pick the perfect pair, you can go through the list of things stated below.

1. Grip

A crucial factor to look out for is the grip on these things. If you get a tire for a fixed gear that does not manage well on the road, then accidents are not far behind. Whether you want to ride on the cosmopolitan roads or go hiking, a proper grip is something that you should not forego.

Hence, be on the lookout for smooth looking tires. They are usually the ones that offer no grip at all. Sometimes the surface will have small spikes or dots of rubber.

Those models are especially good at keeping balance and providing grip. Hence, getting a proper grip makes the product the best fixie tires for commuting.

2. Compound

The core of the tire will set the stage for the rest of the features. If the base compound of the product is weak, no amount of protection will alleviate the tire. In the case of bike tires, it is especially important because these items have to undertake a lot of weight and pressure.

Moreover, the compound also needs to ensure that it does not generate friction or spark that can be harmful to the bike. So, usually, industrial-grade rubber goes into making tires.

Some brands also use other substances, such as aramid or tarmac, to improve the quality of the core.

3. Protection

This place is where different brands can differentiate themselves based on the technology that they have to offer. Over the years, manufacturers have found ways to use dense and light fabric to coat the rubber.

They also add layers of different materials to protect the tire from premature tearing and puncture. So, if you are worried that sharp objects can rupture your tire or that there is too much debris on the road you travel, then certainly invest in protective features. 

However, do look out whether these safety measures are hindering roll-off or not.

4. Tread

A tread pattern is quite apparent on the tire surface. However, sometimes protective layers can cover a pattern. But if you want the tire to have proper aerodynamics and stability, then this feature is a must.

What is important is to figure out is what kind of pattern you want. For example, a deep tread will offer more protection and keep sharp objects from poking very hard.

But it can, in turn, reduce the roll-off. So, depending on your location, you have to choose a pattern. 

5. Type

Fixie tires mainly come in three forms. All of these models, such as a foldable one, a tube-tire, or a tubeless tire, will be excellent choices if you know their usage well. Foldable tires are usually affordable and will serve you well for daily shenanigans.

But if you want to participate in races and competitions with your fixed gear, you may want to invest in a tube-tire or a tubeless one. 

6. Size

Checking the dimensions of the tire is a no brainer. These are not one size fits all, so if you end up picking a smaller size, it will be hard to fit, and if the size is too large, it will be wobbly and diminish control, stability, and grip.

FAQs Regarding Fixed-gear Tires

Q. Can I use a non-fixie tire on a fixie?

Answer: It will be better if you get a separate fixie tire pair for your fixed gear bike.

Q. Should I get a foldable fixie tire?

Answer: If you have a constrained budget, you can always go for foldable ones. But you should consider getting a tube or tubeless tire if you want to race.

Q. Are fixie tires weak?

Answer: No, they are just as compatible as normal bike tires.

Q. What size of the tire should I get?

Answer: You can go for tires with 26-38 mm width, which is a size that can protect aerodynamic, roll-off, and grip at the same time.

Q. Are tires available in different colors?

Answer: Usually, you will find such products in one color, but some brands do offer colors and strips in the tires.

Final Words

Do not consider the best fixie tires as expensive or something that will rob your wallet. Rather think of them as an investment as these well-rounded tires will protect you on the road and ensure that you have a fun time.

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