Top 7 Best Fixie Wheels (Reviews and Buying Guide)

Top 7 Best Fixie Wheels In 2022 (Reviews and Buying Guide)

There is a lot to consider when getting fixie wheels. You can build the wheel piece by piece, which can be exciting, and also get one that has all the components. However, building it by yourself might take some time, and not to mention money.

But even put together, these wheels can rack up some price. However, if you were on the hunt for the best fixie wheels, then you certainly came to the right place. 

Top 7 Best Fixie Wheels (Reviews and Buying Guide)

In this article, you can learn more about the fixie bike itself, which should help you better understand the wheels.

But know this, wheels are very important for any vehicle, and you do not want any misconception when it comes to that.

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Our Top 7 Best Fixie Wheels Review

Now it is time for the list that you have been waiting for. Just have patience while going through it, and you will certainly find a favorite.

01. Superteam Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels

You will find fixie bikes having tubeless tires, tubes, and even clincher tires. But if you are particularly fond of clincher tires and wanted a sturdy set of wheels for that, then Superteam might have something for you.


Like regular wheels, fixie ones also need to be sturdy, sometimes even more since braking depends on the wheels. Knowing that, the brand used high-quality carbon fiber for the body of the product.

It is a 700c model, which should easily fit most standard fixie tires. Besides that, this clincher rim type also has 20 holes on the front and 24 holes at the back. Finally, a 3K matte finish completes the look of the product.


This bike has a Powerway hub with multiple sealed bearings on both the front and rear ends. With its cassettes like body and basalt braking surface, it can surely pack a punch. Plus, the 50mm deep clincher, which is v-shaped, also helps.


This model passes both SGC and EN tests, so it is quite safe for the road. Besides that, it can work with 125 PSI, which is a comfortable figure for many users.

It can carry a wide range of weight, up to 120 kg with ease.


In case you need tools for maintenance and installation, it also comes with brake pads, rim pads, extenders, etc. So, you do not have to look for compatible tools too.

  • Standard size for easy fitting
  • Passes SGC and EN tests
  • Clincher rim with 30mm depth
  • Basalt surface assists with braking
  • Can carry up to 120kg like other best fixie wheels
  • It can be on the pricier side

02. Solomone Cavalli SC Fixed Gear Bicycle Wheel

The process of choosing a wheel that performs well on any road can be finicky. Often people have to go one way or the other. However, if you do not want to deal with all those issues, then this Solomone Cavalli wheel should serve you right.


A factor you need to ride well on different roads is a good quality wheel. So, it cannot be shabby, weak, or unstable. Hence, this model is none of those and has a high-quality magnesium alloy body.

It ensures that the wheel stays durable for a long time. From the name of the product, you might be wondering how it is a fixed gear and a single-speed wheel.

Well, it has a flip/flop hub that enables you to switch modes whenever necessary. Besides, it is also a 700c wheel, with a V-brake and the ability to work with pneumatic tires. 

So, it is quite a compatible part and easily becomes one of the great fixie wheels for a cheap price.


As we mentioned before, this model is suitable for every road, and it will behave well, thanks to its long mileage capability.

However, you should know that this serves well for the streets, not for the track. So, if you want to race, this might not be an ideal choice.


This wheel is certainly different than any other model we have seen before. It has a striking bold look with an all-white exterior.

  • Strong magnesium alloy body
  • Features a flip/flop hub
  • Comes in a standard size like other best fixie wheels
  • Compatible with pneumatic bike
  • Striking outlook
  • Might be a bit heavy

03. Queen Bike Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels

As you already know, fixie bikes are an amazing option for racing and exercise activities. However, to ride a racing fixie, you need the appropriate set of wheels.


Luckily, we have the perfect model for you. In order to fully commit to the racing track, any wheelset needs to be extremely robust.

Racing requires a lot of speed, force, and sudden halts. People even fall off their seats while making corners. Hence, this wheel pair has a full carbon fiber Toray substance.

Besides that, it is a clincher model that will work well with foldable tires. The rims make up the majority of a wheel, and you get a 50 mm deep rim set in this product. 

Moreover, it also has a convenient width and size and is covered all around with a 3K matte finish.


It boasts hubs with seal bearings for extra emphasis. But even with those, the bike does not get too weighty, around 1565 kgs.


We have already established that this wheel will be great for racing. That is because it is not only lightweight but meets all the EN standard tests. It is also capable of carrying 120 kgs with ease and comes with multiple accessories.

Finally, you can customize the best fixie wheel entirely up to your preference.

  • Carbon fiber body for a durable structure
  • Perfectly fit for racing tracks
  • Sports multiple steel bearings on the hub
  • Comes with several convenient accessories
  • You can customize the rims, hubs, and chains
  • Prone to losing spokes

04. Firmstrong Beach Cruiser Bicycle Wheelset

Different people look for different weights of fixies. If you are on the market to keep the fixie as lightweight as possible, then you need this Firmstrong model.


It is a simple set and worth every penny. Right of the bat, the structure of the wheel will testify how lightweight this wheel can be.

It does not have any fancy attachments that will weigh the product down and only features an amazing aluminum frame for durable usage.

This wheelset comes painted in various shades to make up for the lack of a fancy structure! You have heard us right; both the front and rear wheels can have different colors ranging from black, white, to even violet.

So, you can easily customize this set with any of your beach cruiser bikes. Besides, it has convenient sizes to fit on different fixie bikes as well.


It is a single-speed wheel, so the hub and cog will have a direct relationship. But since it is not strictly a fixed gear, you can have some downtime with this. However, it is still perfectly suitable for any fixie bike.


This model also has alloy rims and has 24 x 1.75 inches to it. Both the front and rear ends have the same dimensions and make up for a 24-inch wheel.

So, it is a decent size if you want to use them for a regular commuting fixie. It also comes with spokes like other best fixie wheels.

  • Needs a bit of assembly

05. Retrospec Mantra Fixed-Gear/Single-Speed Wheelset

Finding the best of both worlds is a hard cookie. You might find a tire that works for racing and commuting, but the bike might not comply. That same thing can happen for the wheel.


Luckily the Mantra wheelset from Retrospec can go both ways. You can use it for daily commuting or take it out for some action on the track.

The front and rear wheels are slightly different on this set to accommodate the nature of their performance. You could not use this product for commute if it was heavy. 


Hence, it has a 43 mm alloy frame, which keeps it lightweight. It also has suitable dimensions of 21 mm on the outer side and 14 mm on the inside.

You will also get superior quality Kenda Kwest Tires that are rounded and have deep grooves. So, they can distribute water easily and gives a strong grip.


Another reason why this bike is excellent is for the flip-flop gear. You can change the back-wheel gear at will and ride free or fixed on any road.

Hence, you can race, commute, free-wheel with the same product. Moreover, it has a convenient braking surface for easy control.


The brand included their special flanged seals on this product to ensure a smooth ride. It not only helps in that, but the wheel lasts a lot longer and does not need much maintenance.

  • Offers gear switching features
  • 43 mm alloy surface
  • Comes with high-quality tread tire
  • Braking surface for control
  • Requires less maintenance
  • The lock rings and nuts are prone to loosening

06. Wheel Master Hybrid/Comfort Rear Wheel

You cannot always find the best fixie wheels, but what you can do is find replacements. These models are not originals but can be a replica of the wheel that you love and adore. 

That way, you get what you want at a fraction of the original price. So, if you are interested in a replacement model, you can look for Wheel Master products.

They carry quality wheels in their line-up, and one of them is a 700c model. Usually, 700c wheels are compatible with bikes of different brands.

Hence, you can use this on a Sixthreezero, Diamondback Kalamar, and many other fixie bikes. Moreover, it has quite a lightweight stature, which makes it a versatile wheel for different terrains.


If you were looking for a relatively larger hub size, then this model might do the trick. It is 135 mm in size and comes in an alloy free-wheel mold. So, it is not strictly a fixed gear, rather a hybrid/comfort wheel. 


The rim style is very simple on this product. It has 36 holes covering the circumference at an optimum distance so that the structure can hold its shape. There is also a 700×35 rear-bolt on this item.


The wheel does what it says. It is an excellent replacement that will serve good miles before you have to think of getting another. You should be able to commute daily on any urban street with this.

  • 700c compatible model
  • Fits many different brands
  • Comes with a larger hub
  • Rim offers proper support
  • It is a hybrid/comfort wheel
  • Does not come with a gear cassette

07. State Bicycle Co. Fixed Gear/Fixie Machined Track Wheels

Having as many protective features is a must for many users. Hence, getting a super-secure tire or a well-crafted bike will not do; you need the best quality wheels for your fixie bike as well. So, if you are wondering whether wheels can have protective features or not, the answer is yes.


If you are also a worrywart, you might love the State Bicycle Co. machinated wheels. They are extremely durable to prevent any sort of accident.

On top of that, it has a nylon strip surrounding the rim. That bit protects the tubes from external harm and reduces the chances of punctures.

The rim is a star feature on this product. It is an alloy item with an amazing 40 mm depth. So, you get quite some space for the tire. Besides that, the front and rear wheels differ in weight for maximum efficiency, and you can identify them easily.


You have the freedom to use this wheel on a fixie bike as a fixed gear wheel or on regular bikes as a freestyle model. Moreover, the hubs have sealed bearings accompanied by stainless steel spokes.

The spokes on both the front and rear wheels are 270 mm, and they have some weight to them. So, it will end up increasing the overall weight of the product.


It is eccentric with its bright red exterior. Plus, it also has a contrasting white stripe, which gives it a futuristic look.

  • Comes with a free-wheel
  • Equipped with stainless steel spokes
  • A protective strip minimizes punctures
  • Sports a bright red finish
  • Dual-gear mode
  • The wheel might be a bit weighty

What to Consider for A Perfect Fixie Wheel?

All of us know about the leverage concept. Through leverage, we can multiply the input by several folds and improve the quality of different tasks. That is what happens on a bike as well. So, a wheel is a form of leverage that the chain pulls to rotate the tire.

What Are Fixie Wheels?

Even though the chain moves a smaller circumference of the wheel, it, in turn, moves a much larger circumference of the tire, generating enough momentum to move the bike.

Two Wheels for Two Tires

Since a bike has two running tires, it needs two wheels, one for the front side, one on the rear. However, there is no direct connection between these two wheels.

While the front wheel can rotate however it wants and changes directions when you move the handlebar, the rear wheels stay put. That is also the main difference on a fixie bike.

So, for a wheel to work on a fixie, it needs to comply with fixed gear, meaning the hub and the cogs will have a direct linkage.

Don’t Say “Very Expensive”

Now, we will not say that these wheels are very expensive, but they can have some price tag. Thus, if you want to build a bike, it will keep adding costs. So, you can look for affordable ones.

There are always cheap fixie wheels sales going on that you can check out.

How Does A Fixie Wheel Work?

Let us first get rid of the notion that cheap wheels are not worth it. If you have a good eye and know what to buy, then you can get amazing deals at an affordable price. And as for the functionality, affordable wheels function like the expensive ones.


The first thing that you have to understand about fixie wheels and fixie bikes, in general, is that you have to keep paddling constantly. So, what does that mean for the wheel?

That means when you stop moving the pedal, the chain will halt abruptly, and the wheel has no momentum to rotate the tire. That is how the wheel-set and crankset work together on a fixie wheel.


Usually, fixie bikes do not have any brakes. So, you have to rely on the back wheel to slowly stop moving. However, new models of single-speed bikes let you ride like a fixed-gear and also allows coasting.

So, on those bikes, the wheel-set can accommodate brakes.

Final Words

As you can see, the best fixie wheels are not that cheap after all. They have value in the sense that they are affordable but still clock in impressive mileage and stability. What you have to be careful of is whether the wheel and the bikes are compatible or not.

Once they function in harmony, you will not have to worry about much other than maintaining them occasionally.

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