Caraci Fixie Bike Review

Caraci Fixie Bike Review and Buying Guide

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With all these fixed gear bikes boasting high-quality drivetrains, wheels, rims, and chains, it can get pretty overwhelming while choosing one. 
The market is filled with competitions trying to one-up each other in some way. However, with all that confusion, there is one thing for sure, Caraci is a brand that stands out from the rest of the bike brands.
And in this Caraci fixie bike review, we will be breaking down its features and show you why it is such an amazing road bike.
Starting from the colors it offers to the quality of different bike parts and how the riding experience would be on this bike, we will cover it all.
So, if that excites you, read ahead and get to know more about this amazing fixed gear bike!

Caraci Fixie Bike Review In Details

01. Colors and Design 

Whether you like colorful and vibrant-looking bikes or the minimalistic black or dark-colored ones, Caraci will not disappoint you with the way their bikes look.
The design of these fixies is very modern and sleek, making it a viable choice for your day-to-day life.
Caraci fixies are mainly available in the colors black, orange, sand, white, yellow, white and red, white and pink, and white and green, etc.
So, if you are a fan of vibrant colored bikes, you will definitely like these.

02. Bike Anatomy and Build Quality

This is a bike that is mostly made of aluminum alloy. One could argue that aluminum alloy is not that durable and might get broken easily, but we beg to differ there.
The Caraci fixie features a 54 cm frame and uses a pair of 700c tires. Its tires are pretty high quality and can surely pack a punch. 
On top of having a sleek frame, the bike also features an aerodynamic fork and rims that are pretty deep V-shaped.
It also comes with a flip-flop hub and includes pedals and tubes as well.
The overall build quality is remarkable, and anyone who has used this bike can confirm this.

03. The Gear System

This fixed gear bike features a single-speed system, allowing you to control its speed using transmission, braking, and other manual methods.
Due to the lack of gears and gear shifters, the drivetrain does not allow freewheel, which in our opinion, is a good thing.
Because a lot of cyclists tend to miss the freewheel for some reason. There are no switches to shift from fixed gear mode to single speed mode.
However, that isn’t something you miss much, to be honest.

04. Comfortable to Ride

This bike is appropriate for people between the height of 5 feet 4 inches and 6 feet. Anyone taller than that would actually have a little trouble riding it.
So, unless you’re that tall, you’re good to go!
The aerodynamic design allows you to speed up with ease. And on top of that, the lightweight aluminum alloy also offers more speed than other materials. 
Unfortunately, the seat is slightly hard to sit on.
While seats that are too comfortable do not let you reach high speeds, you wouldn’t want your bottom to hurt after riding the bike for an hour.
It doesn’t make it significantly uncomfortable, but it is worth mentioning.


  • This bike is made from lightweight aluminum alloy, which allows for gaining more speed
  • Frame is the perfect size for people of 5’4″ to 6′ in height
  • All available colorways look pretty good
  • Ensures your comfort zone as you ride


  • The seat is mildly uncomfortable to sit on
  • Pedals that come with the bike are not the best quality and might get broken after little use only
  1. Made using high-quality aluminum alloy for a lightweight design
  2. Features an aerodynamic fork
  3. Equipped with deep V rims
  4. Comes in a wide range of colors and designs
  5. Uses 700c tires
  6. The size of the frame of this bike is 54 cm
  7. It comes 85% assembled inside the box

FAQs about Caraci Fixie Bike

Q. Does this bike come with gear shifters?

Answer: No, as this bike is a fixed gear bike, there is no gear shifters available. You only get a single gear that is fixed at a certain speed.

Q. Does it feature a kickstand?

Answer: Unfortunately, this bike does not feature a kickstand. If you need a kickstand, you will have to purchase it separately.

Q. Is Caraci a reliable brand for road bikes and fixies?

Answer: Yes, Caraci is one of the high-quality brands that produce bicycles. In our opinion, their fixies are pretty reliable and impressive.

Final Verdict

The bottom line of this Caraci fixed gear review is that the bike would be a pretty good choice for a fixie.
However, we would recommend changing the seat once you purchase the bike.

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