How to Skid on a Fixie Gear Bike?

Fixed Gear Tricks; How To Wheelie And Skid on a Fixie Bike?

So you want to know how to skid on a fixie, but don’t know how? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Skidding on a fixed gear bike can be difficult, a bit scary and even dangerous when done wrong.
Luckily for you, were here to teach you, step by step. By the end of this short guide you should have all the knowledge you need to pull off skids and impress all of your friends.
So why is skidding on a fixed gear different than skidding on a regular bike?
On a regular bike, your skid is usually initiated and controlled by your rear brakes. A fixie skid on the other hand, is fully initiated and controlled by your legs. That’s why proper technique and preparation are extremely important.
So first of all, how to prepare your fixed gear, and yourself, for skidding?

Let’s Get Know to How to Skid on a Fixie

01. Safety – your bike and yourself

The first step of skidding starts with your bike and equipment. Safety is the number one priority, always be sure to wear a helmet. Elbow and knee pads might also be a good idea.
Depending on local bike laws and for your own safety, you may choose to still have brakes present on the bike as a backup. You will also want to have either straps or cages on your pedals.
They’ll help to keep your feet secured and in full control of the bike at all times. Without them, your attempt at skidding might end badly.

02. Check your bike

Since your feet fully control the back wheel, it’s important to make sure your bike chain tension is good. You want to have some up and down play in the chain – if too tense, the chain can snap. You definitely don’t want that.
On the other hand, if the chain is loose and has too much play in it, your control of the bike might be very limited. The second thing to check is your tire pressure. If too low, your tires will grip the ground too much, making a skid much harder.
Check with your tire manufacturer and pump the pressure high.

03. Initiate a skid

Congratulations, you’re now ready to skid. Find a large open space, like a wide flat street or a parking lot and start pedaling. You want to reach a good speed, somewhere between mid and fast.
You don’t want to go too slow. You won’t have enough momentum to carry a skid, but you don’t want to go faster than you’re comfortable with.

Think about Your Feet

Now think about which one of your feet is the dominant one. It’s the one you feel more control in, just like being left or right-handed. When pedaling at speed, to initiate a skid, you’ll want to completely stop your back wheel.
To do that pick a moment when your feet are just before horizontal, with your dominant foot forward. Then… stop the wheel. Lift up on your front foot and shift your weight slightly forward on the bike.
At the same time push down on the back pedal. Resist the wheel turning.

Don’t Forget to Maintain Your Body

Remember to maintain your body position to the front of the bike, This will give you more leverage against the wheel movement, as well as keep your weight off the back, allowing for a skid.

04. Maintain control

Congratulations, you’re skidding on your fixie! Now comes the time to control the bike. Push your inner thighs into the frame of the bike, while maintaining your posture.
This will allow you to control the back of the bike. This allows you to whip, fishtail and balance your bike as you want.

Word of Advice 

The whole process needs to be practiced to be mastered. Don’t give up if you cant do it straight away. Experiment with different speeds, you might find that going slower or faster does the trick.
Finally, never forget your body position. Even bike pros can’s skid without the right bike posture!

Pros of skidding your Fixie

  • Looks cool!
  • Skidding is a starting point for many other tricks on your fixed gear bike. Learning it will make progress possible!
  • Skidding is relatively easy and is a good introduction to bike control and tricks.

Cons of skidding your Fixie

  • Skidding is a trick and can be dangerous if done incorrectly.
  • Skidding wears down tires fast – check yours often!

Skidding your fixie is a fun way to begin your adventure with stunts and tricks. It looks cool and can be very impressive. Hopefully, this guide will help you to learn how to skid well.
Remember to stay safe, always use common sense, protect yourself while riding and most of all to always have fun!

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