10 Essential Fixie Accessories for Best Performance

10 Essential Fixie Accessories for Best Performance

Fixie bikes are incredible; however, incorporating accessories to your fixie bike can significantly improve its performance. There are vast fixie accessories to choose from; all you need is to do is find the upgrade you need most.

For instance, you may want to enhance your bike layout or functioning, and you must consider the fixie parts you can afford.

Here are some fixie accessories you can implement on your fixed-gear bicycle:

Let’s Get Started Essential Fixie Accessoires

Let's Get Started Essential Fixie Accessoires

01. Brakes

Brakes are essential for fixies since the traditional ones lack brakes and unless you are an expert rider, consider getting brakes. When getting brakes for your fixies, go for the brand ones since the cheaper ones may not last long, or they may be risky for your safety.

Shimano brakes are the most preferred ones and will be better to keep you safe. Having brakes also means you have met the required road rules.

However, some fixies come in brakes, which is excellent since you do not have to install one.

02. Fenders

Fenders are essential, especially when you are on long rides and it is raining, and you don’t want your pants to be soaked in water. They come in different sizes and shapes, but the most common are the clip-on rear fenders that are easy to install and can be kept on or off.

Fixie Bike Fenders

Therefore, you can only use them when needed. Thus, if you do not like it on your bike, you can only employ then at your convenience.

However, if you want your fenders to stay on all time, you can get the ones that are a bit permanent but can be hard to take off.

03. Frame

Upgrading your frame on your fixies can improve its performance though this is recommendable for expert riders. A reasonable frame can help enhance your fixie light and your bike’s responsiveness. Suppose you are planning to change your frame to high-quality ones.

Fixie Bike Frame

Frames are suitable fixie accessories as they support your weight when riding when turning, help with the g force, help to stress when braking, and more. When looking for incredible fixie parts, ensure you get the right frame and buy it as one piece together.

Buying different frame parts reduces their longevity.

04. Gears/Cogs

Gears are essential fixie accessories since they help you shift as you ride. Having a cog can be a good thing but also a disadvantage. Getting a gear with the wrong ratio can bring problems when you are pedaling uphill, on inclined surfaces, or even downhill.

Fixie Bike Cogs

Many fixie bikes come with gears of 44 to 16 or 46 to 16. The gear with 44:16 is meant for ease in speeding but has lesser top speeds, while the 46:16 is more focused on speed than an ease when riding.

Thus, it would help if you found a fixie bike with the gear ratio that suits you best.

05. Headset

Headset or handlebars are fixie parts that you can change to improve your fixie bike’s performance. The standard headsets are cruiser bars, riser bars, traditional flat bars, aero bars, bullhorn bars, and butterfly bars.

Fixie Bike Headset

Since fixie bikes are simply many people, opt for headsets to make the display attractive and provide ease when riding. Thus, you have the luxury of choosing which headset suits you from the available choices.

Handlebars are among the best fixie parts you can get for your bike.

06. Light

Lights are suitable fixie accessories even though they do not better their performance. Lights are great for making you have a more excellent bike, and you can opt to upgrade them. You can make changes in your fixie bile light, for instance:

Fixie Bike Light

i. The front light 

This is the most common upgrade for your light which help you as you ride at night and also make drivers aware of your presence on the road.

ii. The backlight

These lights are not more about seeing better at night, and many fixie riders opt to have them in red or white flashing colors to enhance visibility during the night

iii. The wheel light

These lights make your fixie look fantastic but increase its weight and come in different styles and colors.

07. Pedals

Pedals act as good fixie accessories; however, people do not see that it is essential to upgrade their pedals. Swapping your pedals is easy and very effective for your rides. Fixies come with the ordinary flat pedal, which is simple and not attractive for some people.

Fixed Gear Bike Pedals

Riders sometimes opt to change pedals to have a better grip when pedaling. Expert bikers go for an SPD pedal upgrade, this SPD pedals are small and need a cycling cleat that you can attach to your bike with ease.

Thus, an upgrade assists in better clipping your foot to the pedal and making the pedal make riding easier.

08. Saddle

Saddles are an excellent upgrade for your fixie bike, and some people like the wide pedals while others prefer narrow ones, especially riders. The popular saddles may tempt you to get one.

Fixed Gear Bicycle Saddle

Still, before doing that, you should research which ones you prefer since comfortability is critical. Saddles are fixie parts that can enhance performance since they make riding pleasant.

09. Tires

Many people may be reluctant to get tires as fixie accessories since they already come with a tube, wheel, and tire. An upgrade to your tire can assist in making the rides smooth; they lessen the probability of your bike having flat tires and can change your fixie’s outlook.

The standard tire is a 23c which is excellent for racing, the 28c is meant for touring, and the 25c is a good can be used for both racing and touring. However, the choice lies with the rider, depending on what they are more comfortable having.

10. Wheels

Wheels are fixie accessories that can be pretty pricey but are an excellent investment if you are focused on enhancing performance. Big brand wheels can go for approximately 1000 dollars.

Having brand wheels is not that important; getting good wheels works for you, especially if you are a casual rider. Wheels can also play a significant role in reducing the weight of your fixie.


The fixie accessories parts described can be an excellent investment for your fixie, and they go a long way in making your fixie cooler. From the fixie parts, I hope you can identify the upgrade you want to improve your fixie outlook that’s what you are going for or improve your performance.

You can also incorporate gloves, bike speakers, mirrors, and accessories. Fixie parts provide comfortability and make you enjoy your ride better.

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