Galaxie Fixie Bike Review

Galaxie Fixie Bike Review To Make The Process Easier

Yeah, bikes with gear shifters are fun and all, but we all know how sleek and simple fixed gear bikes are! We bet you’re looking for the best fixie you can get so you can ride it on regular roads on a day-to-day basis.While there are loads of brands that will catch your eye, Galaxie stands out in our opinion.
But what makes it stand out exactly?
In this Galaxie fixie bike review, we are going to show you that. From the colorways to the type of tires, the material of construction of the frame and fork, etc., we will review it all. 
So, if you are interested in finding out whether this bike would be a good purchase or not, stick with us till the end.

Let’s Get Down to Galaxie Fixie Bike Review

01. Outlook

One of the specialties of fixie bikes is that they are usually very simple and minimalistic looking. This one is not far from that stereotype and looks pretty good.

Sporting 2 different colorways: 

white and orange, plus matte black and green, this bike can give most fixies a run for their money with its design.
The frame comes in white or black, while the wheels have a colorful touch. It has a trendy and sporty design that would appeal to anyone who is into bikes.

02. Built-Quality

Most commonly for fixie bikes, the material of construction for the frame and fork is usually aluminum alloy.
However, offering you utmost durability, this one by Galaxie features a Chromoly steel frame.

The best part about this kind of steel is that, while providing enough durability, it is also lightweight, so it does not slow the bike down while riding. 

While the quality of this material is not anything premium, it is the best you can get on a budget.

03. Special Features

The Galaxie fixie runs on two 700c tires with 43 mm rims. The spokes come in a few different sizes, such as 14 G, F/295, and R/295/292. 
There are neither any kickstands on this bike nor are there any front brakes. You only get a rear brake on this bad boy.
It is a fixed gear bike, so it is kind of obvious it won’t have gear shifters or a gear ratio.
However, unlike some bikes, there is no flip-flop hub for switching between fixed gear to freewheel. 
That’s a bummer!

04. Comfort

We would say this bike is pretty comfortable to ride. The seat is comfy, the chain offers smooth pedaling, and the brakes offer enough safety and security.

Although the Chromoly steel is comparatively lightweight (it’s lighter than regular steel), the bike weighs 29 pounds which is pretty heavy compared to most bikes.

While that shouldn’t be much of an issue for day-to-day commuting, if you want to go racing with these bikes, we wouldn’t recommend it.
But overall, it’s a pretty decent fixie, and it’d feel great to ride it!


  • Made of high-quality, durable material
  • Sports a sporty look with bi-chromatic colorways
  • Features pretty standard tires and rims
  • Rear brake works just fine
  • Great for riding on day-to-day commutes
  • Chain offers smooth pedaling, ensuring comfortable rides
  • Considerably affordable


  • Although it claims to be lightweight, 29 pounds feels a bit heavy
  • This bike does not come with a kickstand or a front brake


  • This fixie bike is available in 2 different color schemes to choose from
  • Frame is made of Chromoly steel
  • Features 700c tires and 43 mm rims
  • There are no kickstands
  • Brakes available only in the rear and not in the front
  • Bike weighs 29 pounds

FAQs about Galaxie Fixie Bike

Q. How durable is a Chromoly steel frame?

Answer: Chromoly steel is pretty durable and can give aluminum alloy a run for its money. While it is a bit on the heavier side and might require you to compromise on the speed a bit,
a frame made of this material will last longer and be more durable than anything else.

Q. Are 29 pounds too heavy for a bike?

Answer: If your bike weighs 29 pounds, it may hinder your ability to achieve high speeds. But if your priority is to ride it to daily commutes,
this shouldn’t be an issue.

Q. Should I buy Galaxie fixie bikes?

Answer: If you like fixed gear bikes with a sleek design that is reliable and simple, you should definitely consider buying Galaxie fixie bikes.

Final Verdict

So, what are your thoughts after reading this Galaxie fixie bike review? While it does have some cons, we don’t think those should be a reason not to buy this bad boy.
Maybe just buy a kickstand separately because you will need it. 
Other than that, we totally recommend this bike!

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