HTG Fixie Bike Review

HTG Fixie Bike Review (Pros, Cons, FAQs, and More)

The fixed gear bike, or shall I say ‘Fixie’ from HTG, is the new hype in town. And you’re probably here because you know this bike is the hot topic now. Now, is it really your type, though? Why cycle enthusiasts are craving for it?
Well, imagine something that comes with a solid steel frame, fixed speed, and that too without breaking your bank.
Besides, it comes with a slender aesthetic that will take the wow out of your mouth. Yep, in this HTG fixie review, I have described all the good along with the bad portions of this bike.
Take a good look and choose if you want an HTG fixie bike or not.

HTG Fixie Bike Review In Details

01. Why Use a Fixie Bike?  

Cycling is a pleasant experience every time a bike enthusiast rides one. They usually look for engagement and simplicity in a bike rather than fancy and unnecessary features.
A fixie bike is a way of being one with the vehicle as this type demands constant pedaling for the bike to be on the go.

There is no complicacies of gear, just one speed to think about. 

Fixie bike craze was once lost over the hype of other new models, but now they are trendy and back in fashion.

02. Frame of Steel

HTG fixie bike has a body made out of steel. I don’t know if you know this, but steel is one of the toughest metals in existence. So, it won’t bend or crack very easily.
Despite being very durable and sturdy, steel is also very much lightweight. And in a bike, a lightweight frame is a crucial feature. In this fixie, steel makes that happen.

Is it lightweight totally?

Frames that are made of steel may be a tad bit ahead on the durability portion, but they are totally not lightweight.

03. Cost-Effective

Fixie bikes are known for their cost-effective ways, and this one is no different. First of all, you save a ton of money while making the purchase.
These bikes are super affordable. Then, you save on the maintenance of this bike because there is no such thing as maintaining a fixie;

they are very low maintenance.

As it’s a fixed gear bike, you won’t need to spend time and money on gear. Fixies are very urban street-friendly, so it saves you a ton of money on gas.
Also, it’s a green way of transportation which is a plus in my book.

04. No Single Speed

This HTG fixie offers only a fixed speed and no gears. Meaning, there will be no freewheel actions, and you have to constantly pedal your way through.

At a glance, this might not seem more like a con than a pro, but trust me, it’s a huge win. 

Having to pedal constantly keeps one engaged at all times. They remain aware of the streets and are in full control of the bike each passing minute.
In a busy street, HTG fixies are the best bet you can possibly have. It’s the best mode of transportation in urban cities.


There are many good things about this bike. Such as,

  • Low maintenance so requires less attention
  • Looks stylish and eye-pleasing
  • Body frame is steel made, which is sturdy
  • This bike is quick and compact, doesn’t involve many complicacies
  • Various color options to choose from
  • Very inexpensive and repairs are cheap too


As much as this bike is amazing, there are some faults that you should also know before you get the bike.

  • Frequent greasing required
  • Plastic made pedals
  • Not easy to assemble


  1. 20-inch alloy rim
  2. No single speed actions
  3. Steel frame body
  4. Double brakes
  5. No suspension

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some questions you still might have –

Question: Are fixies easy to maintain? 

Answer: Yes, they are super easy to maintain as they require no gear-related issues. So, they are perfect for anyone.

Question: Size of the bike in CM? 

Answer: There are no exact specifications on this topic. But most adults will fit comfortably on this bike.

Question: Can I change my fixie bike to a single-speed one? 

Answer: It depends on the model you have, but as much as I know, it can be doable. Contact your local expert to know more.

Final Verdict

I hope this HTG fixie review has been of your use. If you love cycling and saving money, which I’m guessing most people do, then you will love a fixie bike without a doubt.

Make sure you discover your comfort zones with a bike before you purchase one. 

If you’re a first-timer for fixed gear bikes, you might face a hard time sometimes, but it sure will blend in with your taste once you get the hang of it.

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