Solomone Cavalli Wheels Review

Solomone Cavalli Wheels Review for Your Fixie Bike

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Nowadays, cycle enthusiasts are familiar with how expensive cycle wheels can be. Although it’s crucial to get tires that will be able to withstand the rough and versatile terrain you plan on riding your BMX in, the last thing you want is to end up having to spend on one single bicycle wheel.

Today we will introduce you to a wheel that will work as an absolute lifesaver for you. 

Read through our solomone cavalli fixie wheels review, and you will understand that this is the perfect item for people who love cycling but don’t have the budget to afford a premium product.

10 Things for the Solomone Cavalli Fixie Wheels

Down below are the key partaking features of the wheels. These should give you a true impression for a better buying decision.

01. Axle

Axles play a significant role in your wheels in terms of power control and efficiency of your bicycle’s overall efficiency. Therefore, it is pivotal that you purchase a bicycle wheel with a robust axle, have premium build materials to ensure its durability, and avoid your wheels failing you while on a ride.

You will never have to worry about the axle’s strength, efficiency, or durability if you use the Solomone Cavalli Fixie Wheels.

This unit sports a fixed gear structure and ensures fortification by connecting it to the wheels with seventeen wheels; furthermore, magnesium alloys go into making the axle, ensuring it has excellent longevity and granting it top-tier durability.

02. Wheel Quality

Bicycle enthusiasts take a lot of factors into consideration when looking to buy a new tire for their BMX, which often ends with them overlooking one of the most basic yet pivotal components of the wheel, it’s quality.

One of the first things you must look for when buying bicycle wheels is its quality, as this factor plays a huge role in understanding the quality of the product.

The Fixie Wheels by Solomone Cavalli is arguably a wonder product as it provides top-notch wheel quality while being substantially more inexpensive than its competitors.To ensure that you have no complaints with this unit, the manufacturer put it through a plethora of quality tests to ensure that the wheels are of high quality from all aspects.

03. Structure

Many bicycle lovers out there these days believe that the only role the structure of their BMX wheels plays is adding a particular aesthetic value to their ride.They couldn’t be more wrong as this component also plays a pivotal role in ensuring the unit doesn’t break down easily and can withstand the pressure the cycle will put on the wheel.

Solomone Cavalli ensures that you will never have to worry about the fixie wheels disappointing you, thanks to its unique star-like wheel structure that ensures it can keep up with the bicycle as you take it out to rocky terrains.

They also appeal to users with an eye for aesthetics by pairing their structure with carbon black powder paint.

04. Assembly

Bicycle enthusiasts tend to be very speculative and critical when it comes to choosing the right wheel for their bikes, which boils down to the smallest parts.
However, even the most veteran cyclist forgets to look into the tire’s assembly, although it plays a significant role in the safety of using that product.

The pieces that assemble your cycle tire needs to be of top quality so that the wheel doesn’t get bent out of shape or fall apart when riding the bicycle.

Seventeen different metallic teeth hold the Fixie Wheels to maintain an iron-clad structure and a reliable assembly to ensure maximum safety.

05. Weight

Finding a bicycle tire with the right amount of weight can be an arduous chore, mainly since it depends on your purpose and finding the wheel with a mass to support those functions.
This product’s weight also plays a massive part in the sturdiness of the product and the variety of the terrains it can perform efficiently.Solomone Cavalli hit it right on the spot with the Fixie Wheels in terms of weight as it has a balanced mass of 4.9lbs, making it suitable for pulling off a wide variety of tricks and stunts.
At the same time, it adds a particular layer of durability and is compatible for use on rocky terrains and mountains alike.

06. Material

When you’re looking to buy bicycle wheels, always be sure to put special emphasis on the built materials that go into making it.Aside from significantly contributing to its durability, it also plays a massive role in its performance and adaptability equally, which, in return, will ensure that you ride comfortably and don’t change tires frequently.

Although the Fixie Wheels are relatively affordable compared to most of its premium competitors, Solomone Cavalli ensures that the purest build materials go into manufacturing them so that they can keep up with the big leagues.

With each part of the wheel made of magnesium alloy and metal, your cycle will perform just as well as any of the top brand models.

07. Speed

Speed plays a pivotal role for a tire as it is an indicator of the performance the product can provide and whether it can keep up or not with the bicycle’s overall power levels.

It’s always best to go for wheels with high-speed levels as they tend to be more efficient and more effective with greater strength.

The Fixie Wheels by Solomone Cavalli boasts five spokes and 700cc power levels. This feature allows this wheel to thrive at fast speeds and can keep up with your bicycle conveniently as you speed along swiftly down the highway with ease.

08. Brake

A lot of bicycle enthusiasts tend to focus more on the speed levels than the brakes, which is the last thing you want to because having wheels without reliable brakes significantly increases your risks of accidents.

Therefore, always go for wheels with a competitive and capable brake system. 

Solomone Cavalli has pulled all the stops when it comes to designing the brake system of the Fixie Wheels.
Having a unique and functional design to complement the fixed gear, it also has a flip-flop hub to accompany it so that the product can respond swiftly when braking is required.

09. Tire

Knowing tire size compatibility is essential when choosing a wheel as it will give you a good understanding of which bicycles can work with the product. Depending on the type of cycle you’re using, the tire sizes matter, and so does its performance.Fixie Wheels can accommodate tires of fairly moderate sizes, making it a wonderful choice for sports bicycles and BMX.
So, this unit can easily fit into just about any bicycles out there, with a few rare exceptions.

10. Performance

Last but not least, be sure to measure the performance levels of bicycle tires before buying them. There is no point in buying a product that just has aesthetic value but requires you to change or repair it often.

Boasting an extremely lightweight and high durability, the Fixie Wheels provide a level of performance that is superior to any similar products within its price point.

It can also easily adapt to just about any road and can perform wonderfully over long distances and maintain a pretty decent speed.


Looking for a bicycle tire that can go hand in hand with your vehicle can seem like a difficult task because of the high price range.
However, now that you have gone through our solomone cavalli fixie wheels review, hopefully, you are now convinced about how great of an alternative it is to the more premium brands.All that’s left now is to take your cycle out for a spin and hit the rough terrains. Let the wind blow by your face as you will never have to worry about wheel expenses ever again!

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