Vuelta ZeroLite Fixie Wheels Review

Vuelta ZeroLite Wheels Review

Vuelta has always been one step ahead in the game when it comes to supreme quality fixie wheels. The ZeroLite fixie wheels from their collection are no exception to their premium standard. 
Their lightweight, long-lasting and dependable designs have always been fascinating for customers. They also come in stylish and attractive finishes to offer a deep-rooted impression. 

So, if you’re looking for a good deal on fixie wheels, then the Vuelta ZeroLite is right up your alley.

Our Vuelta ZeroLite fixie wheels review covers all the necessary information that might help you make your choice. If you’re wondering whether this will be an ideal choice or not, our discussion will guide you all the way.

7 Things for the Vuelta ZeroLite Fixie Wheels

A combination of some advanced features and unique style sets these wheels apart from traditional wheels. This one comes with pretty good specifications that will definitely not disappoint you.
Whether your concern is about the weight or its hubs and rims, we’ve covered all the aspects that you’d like to know. 
Here are some of the noteworthy features of the product-

01 . Design

They come in six different colors that give you the freedom to select according to your vehicle. You can customize your fixie following the color you prefer for your vehicle.
The style of the wheels is very modern and sleek, providing you with a sophisticated look for your vehicle.
You can remove the decals of the wheels to display the actual color scheme, and it looks attractive.
Removal of decals can be achieved merely with some acetone, and you’re good to go!

A stylish and attractive design like this is undoubtedly a head-turner.

02. Weight

When it comes to wheels, weight can play a significant role in influencing the performance. Wheel weight can help in determining the vehicle’s ride and comfort. 
The Vuelta ZeroLite comes with an upgraded weight of 1,007 g. at the front and 1,144 g. at the rear. The weight differences make it suitable for riders to enjoy a good ride.

Enough Lightweight and Compact

The wheels feel lightweight and compact enough to carry when necessary, making them user-friendly for any rider.

03. Rims

A rim refers to the outer edge of any wheel that clasps the tire. Rims of wheels need such a build that will be strong enough to withstand beatings.
This one is also designed, keeping strength and toughness in mind. The Vuelta ZeroLite comes with rims of 25mm depth that is an excellent measure for your vehicles.
It is not too deep and works perfectly well. Such rim depth allows you to adjust according to the tube stem length without any difficulty.

Depth is Somewhat Low 

Since their depth is somewhat low, you will not need any additional valves. You can enjoy a comfortable ride with this one.

If you’re looking for wheels with an average rim depth to go along with your stem, this will be the ideal option for you.

04. Spokes

You can get spokes of 2.0mm with this wheelset. 2 mm spokes are pretty standard for wheels, so this is a good deal for you. The spokes are made of C45 stainless steel with brass nipples for better durability and longevity. 
The spokes make an ideal bridge between the hub and the rim by transferring loads uniformly.
With spokes like this, you can’t be wrong about this wheelset.

05. Hubs

The wheel hub provides the wheel’s attachment to the vehicle offering free movement so you can steer safe and sound when you’re driving.
In the case of Vuelta ZeroLite, it is equipped with 32H F/32H R design and excellent quality ball bearings that offer the best services for your vehicle. 
Moreover, the ball bearings are sealed to provide a high amount of protection against any dirt accumulation.

There is a fixed front hub and a rear flip-flop free hub included in this wheelset.

You can rollover the wheel around and tighten it back when you need to change your hub setting.
So, this wheelset gives you complete freedom to go for the freehub or the fixed one.

06. Gear cog 

These wheels bear a 16T fixed gear cog, which is a fantastic feature for beginners. Of course, there are various teeth sizes available in the market, but for people buying wheels for the first time, 16 teeth are indeed the perfect fit. 
You can also use your cog and switch it in simple steps, and it will take a short time as well.
So, you can go for anything that suits your requirement.

07. Strips

Another cool feature of these wheels is the presence of rim strips that are made of nylon. With a solid nylon material and urethane coating, these rim strips are highly effective.
It is perfect enough to take care of all the recessed holes in your wheels. Most wheels do not come with rim strips, and you need to buy it separately.
But with rim strips included here, the deal gets more impressive.

All Impressive Features 

All these features are pretty impressive for a wheelset like this. For the price you’re paying, the quality is impeccable, and the wheels will last you a pretty long time.

A Fantastic Wheelset

Overall, the Vuelta ZeroLite is a fantastic wheelset to have in your collection, whether you’re a beginner or a professional.
It works great for all users.

Pros and Cons

When all the features have been covered, it can’t hurt to know what pros and cons come along with this wheel deal.

  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Simple installation process
  • Bears fixie cog
  • Strong and rigid
  • High-quality ball bearings
  • Comes with low-quality quick-release skewers

Bringing it to an end, it can be concluded that you can’t go wrong with a wheel deal like this. There is no doubt that the Vuelta ZeroLite will be a great choice in terms of price and quality.
The style and standard of this product are definitely worth the price you’re paying.
Our Vuelta ZeroLite fixie wheels review comprises details on all the essential features of the product that will aid you in your decision.

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