How to Make Shackles In Simple 7 Steps

How to Make Shackles In Simple 7 Steps? (Easy DIY Method)

And today, I’m going to show you how to make shackles. Because on my truck, I was doing a 52-inch leaf spring swap, and it requires a longer shackle.

Otherwise, the eye of the spring hits the frame on the top. So it needs a longer shackle so that way it’ll work. So I’m going to show you how to make your own.

Therefore, you should be able to do this on pretty much any vehicle- it’s really simple. If you don’t know how to build your own front shackles, that’s why you’re here, I guess.

So sit tight and keep reading attentively.

Let’s Get Down on How to Make Shackles?

Let's Get Down on How to Make Shackles?

01 Step: Thickness

The first step in building your own front shackle is you’re going to need some flat stock. You can use regular flat sheathing too and cut it out. It’s just a little more work.

And it’s a lot more simple if you just use some flat stock because it’s already to the same width you’ll need.I usually go with a little bit thicker one. And, I use five-six inch stock. Yeah, stock shackles are pretty thin.

So if you go with a bit thicker metal it’d be stronger. For instance, D-ring shackles are stronger because they are thicker.

02 Step: Length

Okay, I use the five-six inch thick- that is a two and a half foot long piece. The stock shackles are five and a half inch inches long, and you’re going to do seven and a half inches long just in case to give it a little extra length.

03 Step: Cut by a Saw

Now, I’ve each piece marked at seven and a half inches. You could do it too. So now, to cut it, you need to have a saw here. You can also use the saws off you want whatever you have, or you can use a hand hacks off you’re feeling really ambitious.

So whatever you have, use it to cut it. You can adjust the length, obviously depending on where you need it. So yeah, now it’s time to cut it.

04 Step: Clean the edges up

Well, I hope you have all four pieces cut to the same length. Now you need to just go to take the grinder and clean the edges up on each end. It is kind of round the corners off a little bit and then start drilling holes.

05 Step: Round the Corners

So now, you got all my pieces ground down on the edges. Generally, I round the corners so that way it looks better. You can make them completely round it if you’d like it’s all your preference.

06 Step: Drill a hole

But what you have to do now is to figure out where you want your holes drilled. And you need to go and measure the stock to figure out what you actually need.The best way to measure is something on the lines of that, so you’re going to want. And you could probably do about half an inch about on each side.

So you’re coming about half an inch to three quarters drill a hole. So now drill your holes. And yes! You have your holes all drilled, so the shackles are done!

07 Step: Paint them using a little coat

All you got to do is give them a little coat of paint. That’s it.

Final words

To make your own shackle won’t be that harder if you follow the steps. And, I hope this article will help you out.

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