7 Campgrounds And RV Parks Near Zion National Park

7 Campgrounds And RV Parks Near Zion National Park

Zion National Park is home to some of the best hiking trails in the United States. It is famous for Angel’s Landing and the hoodoo rock formations. The challenge is taking it all in, and that’s why many make it an RV trip. If you’re looking for an RV parks near Zion National Park, Here we discussed our seven recommendations.

Let’s Check RV Parks Near Zion National Park.

7 Campgrounds And RV Parks Near Zion National Park

01. Zion Canyon RV Park.

If you’re looking for an RV park near Zion national park, it is hard to get closer than this. It is a three minute drive or roughly half mile walk to the park.Only the Watchman campground is this close to the southern entry point to Zion National Park.

One point in its favor is size. There are more than 150 RV spots. The downside is the price tag. They have some pull-through sites. They have excellent cell phone service as well as wi-fi.

They offer showers, bathrooms and a pool. They have full-service camping spots. And hikers may appreciate the fact that you can make the Zion Canyon Narrows hike starting from this RV park.

02. Watchman Campground National Park

This is the most affordable campground on the south end of Zion National Park. It has more than 160 parking spots. It sits next to the Virgin River, too. It doesn’t have wi-fi, but it has excellent cell phone service.

You can hike to Angel’s Landing from here. It has a shuttle stop, while Zion Canyon RV park doesn’t. There’s a local camper’s market, and you can hit an outfitter shop for camping gear.

The only reason this place doesn’t rank higher is the lack of showers. You either have to ration your showers in the RV or pay Zion Outfitters for the privilege. They let you connect to the power grid, but they don’t offer water service to campers.

03. WillowWind RV Park

This RV park is located in Hurricane, Utah. It has almost 180 slots. Thirteen of these are pull-throughs for big rigs. You could also stay in one of their three teepee campsites.

Its cost is comparable with other RV parks in the region. Because it is a forty minute drive to Zion National Park, you’re trading cost for convenience. However, you can park in neighboring Springdale and take one of the free shuttles into the national park.

It has wifi and cell phone service with every major carrier. They have pull-through sites, power connections, bathrooms and showers. They have a laundry and fitness center.

Pets are allowed, and they have a dedicated dog run. You can play pool in the clubhouse or use one of their barbeque pits.

04. National Park Service Campgrounds

Like other National Park Service campgrounds, this is one of the cheapest options on our list. This is one of the smaller RV campgrounds in the area; it has less than 120 slots. As the name implies, it is just south of the south entrance of Zion National Park.

This facility has basic amenities. There is a restroom with toilets but no showers. It has a dump station, but you have to leave the campground to do laundry or get groceries. It doesn’t have hookups, so you’re going to do dry-camping or run your generator.

The low cost and the convenience are why these campgrounds are booked months in advance. One issue is that it is only open March through November. And you can only stay fourteen nights during the summer.

05. Zion River Resort RV Park

This RV park is located in Virgin, Utah at the southern end of Zion National Park. It has roughly 130 campsites. It charges more than average. However, it is one of the few in the area that is big rig friendly.

It has decent cell phone service. It allows pets. They have electricity service, restrooms and showers for campers. Wifi is available but slow. There’s no convenient shopping.

06. East Zion Riverside RV Park

This RV park is located off East Highway 9 in Mount Carmel, Utah. One point in favor of this RV park is the amenities. Forget hiking as soon as you get up in the morning and enjoy the ability to walk to several different restaurants.

This is a small RV park. They only have a dozen sites. On the other hand, many travelers are staying at the local hotels, so there’s rarely competition.

It offers full hookups. You get water, electricity and sewer. They have wifi. They have laundry facilities and a dump station. There is a hot tub and a pool. They allow pets.

This RV campground is a good choice for those approaching Zion National Park from the east, especially if passing through Bryce.

07. Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort

This is the last RV park near Zion National Park we’re going to recommend. It is located on Twin Knolls Road in Mount Carmel, Utah. It is somewhat more expensive than average. It has around sixty campsites. Some of these are back-in sites with enough room for extending your slide-outs.

They’re located near the eastern entrance to Zion, and it is one of the closest RV parks to that park entrance. You are able to enjoy full-hookups with complete water, electric and sewer service.

There is a shower house and laundry room, though you have to pay for laundry. Pets are allowed.

Note that this facility can only be reached through the Zion Tunnel. This means that over-sized vehicles that require two tunnel lanes may not be allowed to reach it through the Zion tunnel in the summer.

Take The North Fork Road

In these cases, you’ll have to drive through Hurricane, Kanab, Mount Carmel and then take the North Fork Road to this location. Smaller RVs and camper vans won’t have any trouble coming through the tunnel.

One point in favor of this location is the food. Not only is there a restaurant here, but you can order a catered dinner. You could rent a cabin or a tent if you want to get out of the RV.

Because you’re next to a major resort, horseback riding, climbing the climbing wall or taking guided jeep tours are all options when staying here.


Zion National Park’s amazing landscape creates breathtaking views and great hiking trails, though it limits the options for RVers.

Fortunately, there are a number of RV parks that can suit your budget, your vehicle and travel plans.

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