Fyxation Fixie Pedals Straps Review

Fyxation Fixie Pedals Straps Review

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Learning to cycle can be a fun and unforgettable experience that can be an important memory of your life.
However, learning this quite necessary skill does come with its risks and hazards, which can lead to a variety of minor injuries; therefore, it’s best to purchase attachments for your child that can keep them safe and yet master this art.

A quick scheme through our Fyxation Fixie Pedals Straps review will easily convince you how easily this unit elevates the safety of riding a bicycle.

Get deep into the details to know more about the components of this product and its benefits!

Things for the Fyxation Fixie Pedals Straps

01. Combination

Ideally, pedals and straps are two different parts of a bicycle, each having different purposes and requiring a separate purchase.
Although the cycle can function just as easily without attaching a pedal, having them will greatly increase the safety of riding it and eliminate the chances of missing the pedal.
Fyxation has introduced a marvelous combination of both safety and convenience through their Fixie Pedals and Straps.
By merging pedals and straps into one singular product, this unit has become an affordable option while effortlessly performing the functions of both components.

02. Ultra Rugged

Bicycle enthusiasts are always speculative about the skins of the pedal and straps, as there are a wide variety of covers at varying price ranges, which contributes significantly to the comfort of cycling.
From plastic to rubber, there are many options to choose from, each with its unique trait. The Fixie Pedals and Straps sports an ultra-rugged feel proudly with a leather and rubber combination. 
Making this unit have this skin grants users the advantage of having an additional grip on the pedals when cycling while also allowing them to put in more strength to gain speed faster and ensure safety with the development of the velocity.

03. Rugged Gates

Knowing the right kind of straps to buy is important when learning to ride a bicycle, as its quality plays a massive role in the convenience users will get to experience.
There’s no point in buying a strap for your pedal that won’t be easy to wear or one that will slip off your feet the moment you take your cycle to the road.

Fyxation really hit the mark when making this product as it sports a unique rugged composition. 

Having a Velcro strap, users can quickly put it on and take it off with just the right amount of grip, thanks to the use of this unique rugged gate texture.

04. Pedal Straps

Nowadays, pedal straps are a dime a dozen in the market, with each of them coming in various designs and manufacturing materials. Depending on your price range, you can easily acquire something as cheap as plastic straps or the more premium ones that use leather.
Buying a premium bicycle strap is sure to burn a hole in your wallet, but using the Fixie Pedals and Straps by Fyxation will give you the same comfort and convenience while also being a high-value product.
Using nylon as its primary component guarantees you can luxuriously ride your bicycle while ensuring that your feet remain firmly on the pedal.

05. How Easy to Install?

Installing the Fixie Pedals and Straps might seem like a complicated procedure as something as installing an amalgamation of two different processes.
However, once you follow these simple steps, the entire method will seem like a piece of cake!

01. Identify the pedal strap sides

Start by identifying the pedal strap sides. You will find a sticker on one of them marked “left” on the back of one of the straps to indicate its side.
Furthermore, the left side has a two-inch more extended webbing, which makes identifying the side an easy job.

02. It’s time to connect

Then go ahead and connect the lower straps of the product and insert the one-inch-long webbing inside the pedal’s body.
Ensure that you have the webbing wrapping all the way across the pedals and on the correct side.

03. Make sure the alienation 

Once this procedure is complete, make sure the 2-inches webbing is aligned to the pedal’s interior edges to ensure that the correct angle is achieved for the installation.

04. Connect the both webbings

Now connect the two webbings together, get the upper strap onto the webbing, and your installation is complete!
For more details click here

06. Wide & Adjustable

One of the most common questions among bicycle enthusiasts when buying a strap and pedal contraption is whether it will be flexible enough for use. Using a product that cannot accommodate your feet will affect the performance and inconvenience your feet.
Thankfully, flexibility is one of the critical factors Fyxation has emphasized when manufacturing the Fixie Pedals and Straps.
Each of the pedals has a reasonably large platform so that it can easily accommodate a large variety of feet sizes, while the Velcro strap can quickly wrap around them and hold them in place.

07. Super Ready for Riding

Straps can be a very irritating component to deal with when riding a bicycle because of how complicated attaching some of them can be. When looking to buy one of these products, it’s always best to get an easily manageable unit which is convenient in maintenance so that you can use it whenever you feel like it.
Fyxation has entirely covered both of these fronts with the Fixie Pedals and Straps so that you can quickly put them on and go out on a ride any time.
It also features ball bearings that you can rebuild again easily while you can quickly put your feet in without the strap losing its shape thanks to the lower portion.


There are a wide variety of pedals and straps currently available in the market, which can seem enticing and attractive.
However, now that you have gone through our Fyxation Fixie Pedals Straps review, we hope that you realize that purchasing this unit will save you a lot of expense and time simultaneously, making this nothing short of a wonder product.
Once you manage to install this unit into your bicycle successfully, you will never have to worry about losing control over your pedals while riding down the streets at high speeds.
Get ready to experience a level of performance, efficiency, and safety while taking your bicycle out on a spin like never before!
We’ll update it when we get any update from the brand. 

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