Is Fixie Bike Dangerous

Is Fixie Bike Dangerous? Know the Truth!

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Riding a fixie bike has grown exponentially due to its integral versatility and utmost convenience. But, is fixie bike dangerous? That seems to be a very common question, but it doesn’t have any simple answer.
To understand whether you should get a fixie bike, first you need to understand its mechanism. Fixie bikes have fixed gears, and they don’t have a freewheel mechanism.
This means these bicycles operate based on the turning of wheels. Besides, there are two types of fixies.
If you understand these, you will know when it is safe for you to use these types of bicycles. And in this article, we attempt to help you get a clearer picture regarding this matter.

What Is a Fixie Bike?

A fixed-gear bicycle, colloquially known as a fixie bike, is a type of bicycle that is not designed with a freewheel mechanism. With these bikes, you can’t come to a complete stop.
You either move forward, brake, or go backward. And the motion of the bike depends on the turning of the pedals. When the pedals are turning, the rear wheel keeps rotating, which causes the bike to move.

Depending on your direction of pedals, you can move forward and backward. 

Traditional Bikes vs Fixie Bikes

Unlike traditional bikes like single speed bikes, fixie bikes don’t always have brakes. While you can find fixed-gear bicycles with a front brake, there are ones that don’t have brakes in the front. 
But in both cases, the rear wheel acts as a brake due to the absence of a freewheel mechanism.

Why Is a Fixie Bike Popular?

Fixie bikes have received increasing attention due to their underlying simplicity. Being the kind of bicycle that has such few components, these are super lightweight.

Maintain a Correct Rhythm

It helps the bikers to maintain a correct rhythm, which is the synchronized and repetitive motion of pedaling. This improves efficiency for not only the biker but also the bike itself.

Bikers Experience

Bikers with previous experience with other types of bikes, especially ones with freewheel, will try to freewheel or coast at first, especially when encountering twists and turns.
But if your fixie bike has a front brake, you will be able to navigate through all kinds of roads and intersections with just a little bit of practice.

Is Fixie Bike Dangerous?

Now, let’s get to the more serious part of the article. Are fixie bikes dangerous? Well, in most cases, they aren’t. However, they can prove to be unsafe for some. Here’s why.
As we have mentioned earlier, fixie bikes may or may not have front brakes. And this little distinction of having a brake makes a huge difference.

Does the Fixie Have a Brake on the Front?

If your fixed-gear bicycle has a brake on the front, you will be able to commute as easily as you would on a geared bike. With the help of the front brake and the rear wheel, which acts as a brake, you will be able to encounter all sorts of turns and intersections safely.
However, if your fixie doesn’t have a front brake, it is a whole different case. While it is true that with a lot of practice and an adequate level of driving experience you can ride a fixie without a front brake, it is still highly discouraged.

Fixed Gear Bikes Don’t Have a Brake? 

With fixed-gear bikes that don’t have any brakes, you will not be able to stop when you face sudden corners and turns. Even though it is legal in most places, it is not safe.
Now, fixed-gear cycles are a perfect winter cycle. And they’re fantastic city bikes too, as long as you don’t have to navigate through long, inclined trails.

Don’t Travel Uphill or Downhill

Especially if you have the second kind of fixie bike, you must make sure that you don’t have to travel uphill or downhill. You must also ensure that your path doesn’t include frequent turns. Because those are what make the rides dangerous.
Basically, if your fixie bike has a front brake, it is not any more dangerous than other bikes. While they do have potential risks, if you adopt safety measures while riding, it will prove to be harmless.


Now, if you ask, “Is fixie bike dangerous?”, there is no straightforward answer. Because a certain type of fixie bike is completely safe, whereas another one may prove to be quite dangerous.
But from this article, you must know that fixies with front brakes are always safer.

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