Retrospec Fixie Bike Review

Retrospec Fixie Bike Review and Buyers Guide

Retrospec is hands down one of the most reputed brands there is when it comes to manufacturing single-speed fixed gear bikes. They haven’t failed to put their charms on the new Harper single-speed bike.
Yep, you probably know that this fixie is on the priority list of almost all bike enthusiasts. Wonder why?
Well, made of top-notch material, this bike comes with amazing details and aesthetics. 
BMX style pedal, flip-flop hub, Hi-Ten steel frame, you name it, this bike has got everything to be in your garage.
Want to know why this bike is a charmer?
Read the Retrospec Fixie Bike Review.

Retrospec Fixie Bike Review in Details.

01. Top-notch Materials

Retrospec used all the high-grade materials that make any bike stand out in the crowd. They have used high tensile steel to build up the frame of the bike. This makes it withstand any harsh conditions and lift up heavyweight. The best part is the frame is hand-built, which makes it unique.
The Promax alloy-made stem makes sure the bike lasts long. A BMX-style platform pedal is featured in this fixie bike that allows a biker to pedal with ease.

02. Components

Fixie bikes are a unique kind that requires all the right components to provide a spectacular ride. Some brands may overlook the tire and saddle, as they don’t seem that important, but in retrospect, that is quite important.
This bike has a standard saddle which exactly is what you need to pedal without a problem. As a fixie bike requires the rider to pedal constantly, this is an important detail.
The tires of this baby are Kenda Kwest grade. This type has a good balance of resistance which allows you to ride without putting in a lot of effort. Plus, it helps you to brake effectively when needed.

03. Attention to Details

Retrospec puts a lot of attention to details. They integrated a reliable and strong chain in the design for a smoother ride around the city. A seat post and a Velcro strap are included in the package so that you don’t have to pay extra.
With an informative website and user-friendly guide, Retrospec tries to help its customer as best as they can.
Don’t worry about the bike not looking cool enough because this company makes eye-catchy bikes that are bound to steal others’ thunder. There are quite a few designs for you to choose from. Customization is not a problem.

04. Bang for the Buck

Yes, this bike uses all the high-quality components. That is the reason why they might not be as cheap as the other fixie bikes, yet it is affordable in comparison to what they provide in a package. Other brands don’t make their fixie bikes such sturdy as this type is thought to be cheap in general.
But Retrospec turned that generalization around and crafted a bike so unique and worthy of its fame – making it one of the best fixies, hands down.
And do not underestimate the powers of this bike because, in an urban setting, fixie bikes will not fail to amaze you.
Especially when the bike is so well built.

  • Steel made frames make the bike lightweight and sturdy
  • Weighs a maximum of 220 lbs
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • There is a coaster-brake option for the user to enjoy
  • Dual bottle cages, rear racks, and additional eyelets provided
  • Flip-flop rear hub
  • Can be easily assembled, as quick as 15 minutes
  • A bit on the pricy spectrum
  • Not a good fit for shorter riders
  • Pedals may fall out of the crank thread
  • The sudden snap of cranks
  1. Single-speed bike
  2. Flip-flop hub included
  3. Hi-Ten steel frame
  4. 30mm deep-v rims
  5. 700 x 28C tires
  6. Kenda Kwest grade tires

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can I add a basket?

Yes, there is space for a basket with these bikes. However, you need to buy that separately because the package doesn’t include one.

Q. Size of the bike in cm?

There are quite a few size variants of the bike. For an ideal size, you can go for a 53cm one or a 43cm one You can get the most suitable one according to your height.

Q. What is the distance from handlebar to tire?

There is no exact number that I can give you, but approximately there is a distance of 8 inches from the handlebar to the tires. This distance depends on the size of the bike as well.

Final Verdict

Now that you’ve read the Retrospec review, it’s you who should decide if you want to get your hands on the bike or not. What I can tell is, whether you’re a beginner or an expert, this fixie can be your best buddy if you at least know how to ride a bike.
I just love the Kenda Kwest grade tires, and the rims are just superb. And while the solid steel frame is in the rig, I don’t know why it shouldn’t stand out.

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