Top 9 Best Fixie Cranksets (Review + Buying Guide)

Top 9 Best Fixie Cranksets In 2022 (Review + Buying Guide)

With a proper crankset, a.k.a drivetrain, your bike could achieve a significant boost in speed, braking as well as overall performance in the long run. The question is, how do you recognize a good single gear crankset? Veterans know it quite well. 

If you don’t know, then it might be confusing to figure out as they all look and feel pretty similar! We could be your wingman on your hunt for the best fixie crankset you could possibly buy!

Are we making it sound too hard? If so, then rest assured that it isn’t hard. But it pays well to take it seriously as an enthusiast. It’s an investment, not an expense.

Top 9 Best Fixie Cranksets (Review + Buying Guide)

Fixie bikes are simpler compared to multiple gear bikes. But that doesn’t mean looking for a crankset as a replacement or an upgrade can be tough due to the variety of options.

So, we did the hard work, as you can see below. That is our recommendation list of the top 9 cranksets based on the market and customers’ experience.

Now, sit back and relax, walk through the reviews and see what clicks!

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Vuelta Crankset

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SUNLITE Crankset

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SRAM Crankset

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Top 9 Best Fixie Cranksets Review

In this section, we’ve presented each crankset with a short and concise review along with its pros and cons. Keep on reading.

01. SRAM S300 Courier Crankset

The first one on our mind is the fan-favorite S300 from the brand SRAM. It’s a simple, elegant, and durable set with a premium price-tag.

Build Quality and Design

We think you’d see the price as justified because of the top-class build quality and design it has.

The material on this crankset is 6061 T6, which is a type of aluminum alloy mostly used in bike parts. It helps to keep the construction durable and light.

The paddle hole is 9/16″, and you need to keep the steel paddle away as it can destroy the threading on the aluminum alloy.

In terms of design, it’s a take on modern designs, having a black theme with a white patch around the logo. This clean presentation will complement most bikes regardless of color or design.


This crankset has a high tooth count of 48T, and it should be a fine upgrade to all road bikes plus mountain bikes with single gear configurations. 

As with all high tooth count, it will help in riding faster but be ready to have your legs worked hard.

Crank Arm Length

There’s only one option with this crankset regarding arm length, and it’s 170mm. A compatible crank arm is vital, so take it if it fits your measurement.

  • Aluminum alloy is hard, light, and durable
  • High tooth count, 48T
  • Clean and integrated design
  • Easy installation
  • Comes with TSM Power Glide chainrings
  • Costly
  • Not many crank arm length options

02. CDHPOWER Single Speed Crankset

And as you know, steel is one heavy material, but you can’t fault it regarding durability. The design aspect of this crankset is also affected by the effort to keep it as cheap as possible.

It has a square taper shape, which, honestly, doesn’t look good, but it’s easier to install.


Now, the tooth count on this crankset can be either 32T or 36T, which is not a lot compared to other best fixie cranksets on this review. It can be a nice addition to any fixie bike unless you want to race with it.

The lower tooth count won’t let you go fast.

Crank Arm Length

You’ll get 3 crank arm lengths to choose from; 118mm, 120mm, and 122mm. But they are a lot shorter than the more expensive cranksets on this list. This is important to note.

  • Forged alloy is tough
  • Two tooth count options – 32T, 36T
  • Clean design
  • Easy installation
  • Affordable
  • Heavy
  • Small crank arm
  • Can’t produce high speed

03. Origin8 Pro Pulsion Single Speed Crankset

This Propulsion crankset is a beautiful one with a good build quality and design from Origin8. Inspired by the vintage design, this single gear crankset scores an almost 5-star from us.

Build Quality and Design

Origin8 does away with the dichotomy between heavy and tough and uses aluminum alloy as the material. It’s light and durable as it should be.

So, it’s not only affordable, but it’s tough as a nail. 

One thing to note is that the holes are drilled for 9/16”, but you shouldn’t use steel pedals. Steel pedals may mess with your aluminum crankset’s threading. 

It gets even better thanks to the combination of a modern theme with a vintage outlook. You can expect an enhanced look on your fixie bike.


It also comes with a tooth count of 46T, and that’s in the higher range. The distance between each tooth is 1/8”. This configuration is perfect for different road conditions and riding styles.

Crank Arm Length

You’ll have the option to opt for different lengths; 165mm, 170mm, 175mm. Although there isn’t much difference, they will affect your riding style and your bike’s speed.

  • Vintage design
  • Affordable
  • Aluminum alloy is lightweight and durable
  • Easy installation
  • Different crank arm length available
  • 46T tooth count
  • Steel pedals can’t be used on it
  • The bottom bracket isn’t included

04. State Bicycle Co. Fixed Gear Bike Crankset

What if there’s a cheaper alternative to premium-priced cranksets with almost the same features! There is this best fixed gear crankset from State Bicycle that competes for the top spot.

Build Quality and Design

Every part of this crankset is made of aluminum but not just plain aluminum! It’s forged 6061 T6, and all experts vouch for its durability. And it is lightweight as aluminum should be.

But aluminum is also more malleable than steel, so steel paddles may mess up the threading, just a warning. Regarding the design, it has a nice balance between ruggedness and elegance.

We loved the white-colored teeth on the periphery.


The crankset is cheaper, and that means there will be some sacrifice. So, there is only one tooth count option available, and that’s 46T. It will deliver high speed, but it’s also harder to paddle like all cranksets with high tooth count.

Crank Arm Length

There is a sacrifice on this part as well because you’re getting crank arms with a length of 130mm. That’s significant for your bike’s speed as well as compatibility with your knee.

  • Complete forged aluminum set
  • Affordable
  • High tooth count
  • AccommoaBeautiful design and colordation for basket
  • Durable
  • Limited tooth count and crank arm length options
  • Steel paddles can’t be used
  • Smaller crank arm

05. Single Speed Crankset 48T 170mm Crankarms

This crankset from CYSKY isn’t for all, and it’s an acquired taste, to say the least. With a very affordable price point and a light build, this maybe is the best budget fixie crankset.

Build Quality and Design

It uses a type of aluminum alloy termed 7075-T6 by the industry. Admittedly, it isn’t the same quality as the 6061-T6, but it is an aluminum alloy with its standard characteristics of being lightweight and durable.

No doubt that it’s tough and burly. The overall design is very modern, with a punk look to it rather than elegance.

So, the younger and more out-going generation will love it more.


It has a high tooth count of 48T. This is in the higher range and a good fit for road bikes. Keep in mind that this crankset isn’t built for racing or hilly areas.

Pavements are its suitable place.

Crank Arm Length

This has a crank arm length of 170mm and BCD:130mm. The lack of variations in the length can’t be complained about as it’s very cheap.

  • Aluminum 7075-T6
  • Light and durable
  • High tooth count
  • Best fixie crank arm length
  • Cheap
  • Modern design
  • The modern theme isn’t for all
  • Single options for crank arm length and tooth count
  • Not built for racing

06. Retrospec Fixed-Gear Crank

This fixed-gear Retrospec is maybe the best crankset for fixie bikes, considering the price, quality, and brand value. We don’t like to put brand as a face, but Retrospec just takes the limelight.

Build Quality and Design

It’s light, durable, and tough with high yield strength. This crankset has crank arms made of aluminum alloy and a steel chainring.

There’s no competitor against aluminum alloy except carbon fiber.

The use of steel in the chainring was a nice thought as aluminum doesn’t allow a steel paddle to be used. The design of this crankset is very soothing to the eyes.

With an integrated design and matte black theme, it should fit well with most bikes.


This Retrospec crankset comes with 3 tooth count options for you: 44T, 46T, 48T. All three are in the higher tooth count range. If you like speed on paved roads or hilly areas, these options could be the answer.

But it isn’t a racing crankset; keep that in mind.

Crank Arm Length

The crank arm on this crankset is an aggressive one, both in terms of look and construction. It’s strong and has a length of 170mm, which is suitable for all types of fixie bikes.

  • Aluminum crank arms
  • Steel chainring
  • 3 tooth count options
  • Affordable
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Single crank arm length option
  • Not for racing

07. SUNLITE Single Speed Crankset

Looking for an inexpensive but quality crankset for your next upgrade? This SUNLITE crankset has a good balance between affordability and quality with an average design.

Build Quality and Design

This crankset has two different materials in it, with the crankarms being made of aluminum alloy and the chainring from solid steel. The combination is good because the chainring needs to be sturdier for the paddle, whereas the aluminum arms make it lighter.

In terms of design, it’s very simple, with two color options available for you. 

The square taper interface may seem very bland to some but very attractive to people with a minimalist perspective, and we loved it due to the easy installation.


The best fixie crankset has a configuration with a 44T tooth count, which is not a lot but still enough to give you enough speed with pedaling. 

The pedaling becomes easier with a long crank arm.

Crank Arm Length

This one has a crank arm length of 170mm, which has been the standard for most fixie bikes. It gives good leverage and makes the bike go faster.

We say it’s a perfect length for paved roads.

  • Tough solid steel chainring
  • Light aluminum alloy in crank arms
  • 44T tooth count
  • Long 170mm crank arm
  • Affordable
  • No bottom bracket
  • Square taper interface

08. Vuelta Pista Track Crankset

At number 8, we have the Pista Track crankset from Vuelta, and it’s one of the cheapest among 144BCD cranksets. If you’re looking for a good crankset for day to day bike rides, this is for you.

Build Quality and Design

The material used on this crankset is forged steel. Both the chainring and crank arms are of the same material. It does make it one of the most durable constructions, but it also makes it a heavy one.

In terms of design, it doesn’t bring anything new or interesting to the scene. Sporting a shiny black theme with a white logo, it’s a generic design that will fit most bikes.


The number of teeth on this set is 46T, and this is the only option. So, it will deliver high speeds with fewer pedals, but it’s hard to pedal as well. 

If you want to ride faster on pavements, this is a good one. But it’s not a good fit for the uneven roads.

Crank Arm Length

There are two lengths for you to choose from: 165mm and 170mm. Both of them are long enough to provide good leverage and speed. Choose the one that will fit nicely with your knees.

  • Steel alloy is tough and durable
  • 46T delivers speed
  • Affordable
  • Good crank arm length and options
  • Easy installation
  • Square taper design may not look attractive
  • Heavy
  • Single tooth count option

09. Origin8 Track/SS Crankset

This Track SS is a best fixie crankset from Origin8. There has been some talk about it being a re-labeled Lasco crankset instead of an original Origin8 product. 

Build Quality and Design

And that’s why it has a premium price tag. Is it justified? Both components of this crankset are made of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. This material makes it lighter than steel while keeping the durability level high. 

The only material that can edge past this combination is carbon fiber. The design on this Track SS is very bland with shiny silver color.

Sad to say, but it won’t compliment all bikes’ design.


It has 46 teeth on its design, and that makes it fall in the higher tooth count range. Is that better? Depends on what you want to use it for. As far as higher tooth count is concerned, it’s only good for high-speed rides on smooth roads.

For uneven mountainous roads, this isn’t a good fit.

Crank Arm Length

It has the same options of crank arm lengths as the other Origin8 crankset on this list. The options are 160mm, 170mm, and 175mm. With a long crank arm, rides become easier but faster as well.

It’s a much better option for racing than all other cranksets on this list.

  • Aluminum alloy makes it light and durable
  • 46T tooth count
  • 3 crank arm lengths
  • Easy to install
  • Built for tracks
  • Doesn’t include the bottom bracket
  • Bland design

What is Fixie Crankset?

Different cranksets are good for different purposes. So, it wouldn’t be justified to weigh them in one criterion. So, this is our recommendation for the best crankset for fixie bike position.

  • Overall Best: Retrospec Fixed-Gear Crank Single-Speed Road Bicycle
  • Best for Tracks: Origin8 Track/SS Crankset
  • Best for Speed: SRAM S300 Courier Crankset

How to Choose A Perfect Fixed-gear Crankset?

Choosing a good crankset for fixie bikes is simpler than the multiple gear drivetrains. Simply because there is far less complexity in a single gear crankset.

How to Choose A Perfect Fixed-gear Crankset?

Still, you need to check for a few basic properties in a crankset to know what you’re getting.


What is your crankset made of? This question is vital if you want to ensure durability and longevity. There are only a few options; Carbon fiber, Steel, and Aluminum.

Most of the cranksets use steel as the core material. And considering budget and quality, it’s your best bet!

Tooth Count and Gear Ratio

Although the gear ratio on a fixie bike crankset is very simple and straightforward, the tooth count varies in different cranksets. Yes, the gear ratio is indeed related to the tooth count.

However, different tooth count will affect how you drive and the speed of your bike.

For example, when you see 32T, 38T, or 44T count on a crankset, it means the higher the tooth count you go, the harder it will be to push the bike forward.

However, it also means your bike will go faster each time you press the paddle. A smaller tooth count is a good fit for daily commuter bikes.

People sometimes choose the higher tooth count to push their legs and work the muscle more. Racers love it as well.

Simple rule: if you want to go slow and easy, then get the crankset with a fewer tooth count. And do the opposite if you want to go fast and hard.

Crank Arm Length

The length of the crank arm also varies, and it’s more important than you might think. We can state two reasons for it.

Firstly, it affects your bike’s speed. A longer crank arm makes it easier to paddle and go faster, whereas shorter crank arms make it harder to paddle.

Secondly, a proper crank arm length is necessary to ensure you don’t suffer a knee injury.

There is another point we want to bring your notice to; it’s the type of crankset. Square taper and integrated are the two types, and they vary mainly in the design aspect.

The integrated ones are lighter and more durable, as it seems. And the square taper ones are easier to install.

Where to Buy the Fixie Crankset?

Online and offline – both are your options but in this age of convenience, opting for online stores is the optimum choice.

You can access the best products in the market through stores like Amazon, E-bay, and others.

Final Words

Did you read the whole thing through and through? A lot is riding on your decision. One extra piece of advice for you is that to never buy the parts separately if you aren’t a professional.

Finding compatible parts is another hassle. Buy them as a set to remove the hassle of compatibility. You have our recommendations and tips to get the best out of your money.

Now, it’s up to you to choose. We vouch for each product in this article, but only one can be your personal best fixie crankset.

Invest in it, and Happy Riding!

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