Top 7 Best Fixie Frames (Reviews And Buying Guide)

Top 7 Best Fixie Frames In 2022 (Reviews And Buying Guide)

A bike frame quite literally makes or breaks the whole configuration of the vehicle. If it’s not lightweight enough, it will directly affect the overall performance of the bike. If it’s too stiff, you won’t be able to take turns as easily or move around the corners at all. It can be overwhelming to grasp the concept of fixie bike frames overnight. That’s why today, we have decided to review the seven best fixie frame units so that you guys can have a better idea about these products.

Top 7 Best Fixie Frames (Reviews And Buying Guide)

Bike frames come in so many different types and styles that it can get confusing why one is different from the other.

Again, what frame should someone get for their bike for it to function properly?

You can pretty much get by the normal stuff for normal bikes, but what about the fixies? They need proper attention and nice frames as well, don’t they? And that’s what today’s article is all about. 

Read on to find more about the best frames available today and their usability in different categories.

Have fun!

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State Bicycle Co. Aluminum Frameset

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Tideace Fixed Gear Bike Frameset

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Undefeated II Fixie Aluminum Frameset

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Top 7 Best Fixie Frames Review

Now that you are aware of the important buying factors, it’s time to introduce you to the seven best fixie frames in the market as of now. Read thoroughly to know all about them!

01. State Bicycle The Undefeated II Aluminum Fixed Gear Frame

At the very top of our list for the best fixie frame, we are keeping the Undefeated II Aluminium Fixed Gear Frame from State Bicycle Co.

If you have ever bought a fixie bike, you should know how reliable of a brand the State Bicycle Co. is when it comes to frames for the cheap fixed gear bikes.

The Undefeated II, like the name itself suggests, is truly undefeated in terms of both functionality and customization.

Available in six different sizes

It’s currently available in the market in six different sizes that are suitable for bikes of corresponding sizes. And as for color, it’s bright turquoise around the rim, while the frame itself is dark silver with black accents.

The entire framework is made from premium quality aluminum, which in this case is the 7005-Grade Double Butted Aluminium Track.

An advanced version frame

This frame is an advanced version of a previous model, and in this one, new and rounded aluminum tubing has been utilized.

The aerodynamic configuration of the aluminum and the rounded frame makes it more lightweight than usual at just 3.3 pounds.

In addition to the rounded double-butted tubing, the front end is now stiffened to feature a tapered head tubing system instead.

The oversized and tapered head tube makes it hollowed to increase the lightweight feel of the frame.

An Essor USA carbon fork feature

Furthermore, this frame features an Essor USA carbon fork to ensure comfortable handling and maximum responsiveness.

We loved that this frame was equally suitable for both experienced bikers and beginners. So, if you are someone looking to master fixed-gear crits, do go for this fixie frame to get the best support.

  • The premium-grade aluminum frame is very strong and sturdy
  • Quite lightweight, which makes it portable
  • Hollow but sturdy inner prevents breakage
  • Reliable brand and provides good customer service
  • Great for both masters and beginners
  • Needs better protection against rough terrains

02. State Bicycle The Undefeated 2.0 Bike Frame

We told you that the State Bicycle was severely influential in this part of the fixie world. So, it’s not surprising when for number two on today’s list for best bike frame for fixie, we have another one of their products.

And this time, State Bicycle is returning with The Undefeated 2.0 – a sequel to the previous model we placed at the top.

Undefeated 2.0

The Undefeated 2.0 is quite similar to the Undefeated II in terms of materials and design. However, when it comes to functionality and maneuverability, it’s safe to say that they are almost opposites in specific areas.

Let’s start with the similarities first. Just like the Undefeated II, the Undefeated 2.0 frame is made from a 7005-grade aluminum track too.

As a result, material-wise, they hold similar properties.

7005-grade raw aluminum metal

Currently, the 7005-grade raw aluminum metal is of the highest grade and quality in the market. Aluminum frames are known for their lightweight properties and durability.

That, combined with the added strength of the 7005-grade frame, makes for quite an interesting and powerful combination.

Since the primary material is aluminum, this frame is also pretty lightweight and durable like the last one.

Isn’t It a deal-breaker?

However, since the Undefeated 2.0 doesn’t have hollowed-out spaces in-between, the overall weight ends up becoming three times that of the Undefeated II.

This is not a deal-breaker at all, by the way, since both these frames are suitable for different types of fixed-gear bikes.

Furthermore, features like the track drop-outs to secure the rear triangle, and high-quality carbon fork, etc., makes this frame a worthwhile investment.

  • Premium-quality aluminum framework ensures heavy-duty usage
  • The upgraded gears ensure smooth performance and maneuverability
  • Good quality carbon forks won’t rust or corrode prematurely
  • Secured rear triangle balances the frame out properly
  • The super strong and sturdy build is ideal for long-term usage
  • The absence of hollow spaces makes this frame quite heavy

03. State Bicycle Co. Black Label v2 Frame

State Bicycle makes yet another appearance with a specialized best fixed-gear frame for the third time consecutively. And for the third product of the day, we will be reviewing their Black Label 6061 v2 fixed-gear frame.

Why we decided to put this one in the top three?

The main reason why we decided to put this one in the top three was that we loved the geometric design of this frame. Here, the manufacturers did a great job in using the concepts of geometry so brilliantly that it’s both ergonomically gorgeous and functional.

As a result, not only does it look good on the bike, but you also get overdrive features like crazy acceleration right off the bat.

Great for normal roads and racing tracks

The Black Label v2 is equally great for both normal roads and racing tracks. All the specifications have been specifically designed to gain maximum agility and strength.

For example – instead of the heavy 7005-grade aluminum on the market, this frame utilizes the 6061-grade instead.

Now, the 6061 is famous for its ultra-light and agile properties. And a full frame made of this aluminum paired with industrial-grade carbon fiber forks and steer tubes makes for the fastest and the wicked combo in the west.

Another noticeable features

Among other noticeable features, the Black Label V2 includes a tapered head tube that ensures more responsiveness and stiffness for better maneuverability.

It also includes a little water bottle cage in the back so that you can stay hydrated during all your outdoor trips.

All in all, if you are an active drifter who loves to go on adventures on their bikes every day, this frame is perfect for you in more ways than one.

It will provide you with the ultimate support that you need to fulfill all your desired biking goals.

  • The fantastic geometric design is unique and chic
  • Ultra-light and ultra-fast construction makes the product portable
  • Ergonomic functionality allows you to use the frame on commuter cycles
  • Suitable for tracks, thus making the product versatile
  • Enhanced maneuverability allows your fixie bike to move as it wants
  • Few customers experienced problems with the cogs

04. Tideace Full Carbon Frame

At number 4, we have the Tideace Carbon Frame in glossy black shade. This baby can accommodate a wheel size of 700C x 25C at most.

The bracket system on this bad boy is a BSA one of 68mm, which we think is pretty awesome for such an affordable best fixie frame.

On top of that, the product is lightweight as well, weighing in at only 1679g.

Awesomeness in one frame

If you want awesomeness in one frame, then this product will not disappoint you. The fork spacer on this item is 100 x 9mm at most, while the spacer at the rear end falls at only 120 x 9mm.

Honestly, a product as versatile and flexible as this fixie frame is quite hard to come by in a budget-friendly line.

You can even contact the manufacturers if you want to indulge yourself in some DIY painting and customization on the frame.

Ultralight and very compact

Being ultralight and very compact, this carbon fiber frame is ideal for long-distance commutes to and from work. The frame can also handle some outdoor cruising; however, we recommend you not push it too much.

You also have a range of different sizes to choose from when it comes to this bike. Starting from a minimum of 49cm to a size of 57cm at most, there is a little something for everyone here.

Maximum headset size

The product can accommodate a maximum headset size of 1 1/8 – 1 ½ inch. However, note that the headset has to be tapered to be compatible with this carbon fixie frame.

  • Extremely lightweight, which makes it quite portable
  • The ergonomic design makes this model ideal for commuting
  • Carbon fiber is anti-rusting, hence increasing the longevity of the product
  • Moderate wheel size is compatible with most fixie bikes
  • There is no brake system equipped in this fixie frame

05. Tuuertge Frameset in Aluminum Alloy

If the previous product was not up to your expectations, we suggest you take a look at this white and orange colored baby.

Versatile with almost all kinds of fixie bikes

The product is a one size fits all model, therefore being versatile with almost all kinds of fixie bikes. It is also pretty lightweight since you can carry this 22000 grams baby anywhere you go.

Now, the responsive frame design is ideal for long-distance riding and adventurous cruising.

Heavy-duty material of construction

Aluminum itself is known to be a heavy-duty material of construction for the best fixie frames, and this baby does not disappoint at all.

On top of that, the fork at the rear end comes with an open space of 134mm. It can easily support speed ranges from 8 to 11 without showing signs of giving up.

The frame size is approximately 26 x 17mm.

The 5-way width measurement

On the other hand, the 5-way width measurement of this fixie frame is around 68mm at most.

At the same time, the head tube attached to this fixie frame is also compatible with bowl sizes of 44mm, so you can equip it on any moderately sized bikes.

If the white color is not your cup of tea, you can even find this bad boy in a glossy black shade with orange graphics on the body.

  • Lightweight build makes the frame easy to carry
  • The frame is very versatile and compatible with most fixie bikes
  • A high-quality aluminum-alloy body, thus it’s built to last
  • Pipe rack is known to be compatible with 35mm designs
  • Some customers have reported having received faulty products

06. State Bicycle Label Frame

Our penultimate pick for the day is yet another State Bicycle Co. fixie frame, in matte black shade.

At just 49cm, this one’s one of the most compact frames on this list. However, the aluminum design of this fixie frame is strong and very sturdy so the size isn’t an issue at all.

Bikes with this fixie frame can even be taken on riding on mountains and hilly regions.

Moderate wheel size for a bike

At the same time, the wheel size is 700cm, which is moderate enough for a bike this well-renowned and exceptionally sought after.

Although weighing only 3 pounds, this bad boy is not to be taken lightly. The frame can even fit any 700 x 28C tires with complete ease. 

You can tell just how versatile and compatible this product is once you get your hands on it!

Convenient and durable headset

We loved this matte black fixie frame from State Bicycle Co., as it also comes with a really convenient and durable headset. The headset is compatible with most other fixie frames.

However, you might face a bit of a problem with the assembly if you’re not accustomed to the instructions already.

If things start to go awry, it would be best to call a professional and get it fixed properly.

No other downsides

But other than that, there are no other downsides to this baby, and we think you should definitely go for such a fixie frame.

  • The lightweight body is convenient for DIY enthusiasts
  • Made from high-quality aluminum alloy, making it ideal for long-distance commute
  • The matte black shade is modern and neutral
  • Extremely strong and sturdy
  • Allows only 1-speed range to be reached

07. Vilano Chromoly Track Road Frame

The last product on this list is the Vilano fixie frame in a neon green look. Although boasting really good features, the frame has a rather bright color for the body.

This might limit its compatibility with other bikes from an appearance perspective.

Note that the size of this Vilano frame is around 58cm, which is a pretty decent size for the price that it boasts. The frame itself is also pretty strong and flexible with a range of different bikes.

High-quality fixie frame

However, the Chromoly steel construction of this high-quality best fixie frame is what caught our eye first. The mechanical rim design makes it very convenient with smaller bikes as well.

Chromoly steel is known to be very lightweight but also super sturdy and durable at the same time. The best part is that the material is not prone to rusting or premature corroding either.

Fork and headset

Other than that, the frame comes with a fork and headset as well; however, you need to get the extra parts installed first.

We also really like how this fixie frame comes with two bottle mounts as well, so you can now go on long rides without getting thirsty.

At the same time, this baby is also compatible with 700C wheels, which is pretty convenient for people with cruiser bikes.

Pretty easy to install

The rear spacing design on this fixie frame has measurements of 120mm at most. On top of that, the entire frame is also pretty easy to install, so you will not need to call for professional help during assembly either.

However, we would like to notify you that this product is not compatible with large wheels of 38mm. 

In fact, we found that the frame has some difficulty even working with 28mm tires!

  • Pretty lightweight, so you can install it without professional help
  • Chromoly steel is known to be rust and corrosion resistant
  • The fork design on this baby has a wedge stem
  • Comes with a mount for bottles
  • A bit small for tires that range around 38mm or more
  • The product only allows you to reach only one-speed range at most

How to Choose A Quality Full Fixie Frame?

There are several things that you should have a basic knowledge of before choosing and purchasing a new frame for your fixie bikes.

Remember that not all bikes are the same, and frames come in different customized versions as well and so it’s up to you to find the right frame on your own.

How to Choose A Quality Full Fixie Frame?

Don’t worry, though! Just follow the points in the following buying guide, and you should be fine.

01. Size Chart

Depending on the height and weight of the passenger, we need to determine what bike size will be the most comfortable and suitable for that passenger. Bike frames follow the same laws.

They come in several different sizes that are suitable for their respective bike sizes.

Ways to get a “bike measurement” of your body

Now, there are several ways to get a “bike measurement” of your body that you can easily find on the internet. A little research and little practical trials and errors will help you to find the ideal bike and bike frame size for your body.

And once you do figure it out, that’s the one that you should go for while buying a new fixie frame.

What does the wrong size harm you physically?

If you are using the wrong size, it could potentially harm you physically, including stunting your backbone over the years.

Furthermore, our measurements aren’t constant all year round. Remember to update the measurements once in a while so that mishaps like these don’t take place.

02. Forks

The fork is the part of your bike frame that attaches the front end of the bike frame to the front wheel. It’s an integral part of the frame as it not only glues and connects both parts but also allows them to move coherently.

Now, the reason why you can move independently by steering the bike is that the fork is controlling the front wheel, and the fork is being controlled by you.

Check out the material and fork size

So, while buying a bike frame, always check out the material and fork size for your respective bike and bike frames so that they match together.

Try to get a carbon fiber fork as they are comparatively better than the other.

03. Types

Bike frames come in more types and varieties than you could possibly know or care for. However, there are still a few basic types that you should watch out for so that you don’t use them inappropriately.

For example – road bike frames, mountain bike frames, hybrid bike frames, etc.

Get the road bike frame

If your primary goal is to commute in the city, it’s best to get the road bike frame and if you live in a hilly area, get the mountain bike frame.

And if you want something in between to keep your options open, you can always go for the hybrid one.

04. Material

This is one of the key features that everyone forgets to include or watch out for while buying the best frame type for a fixie.

The material in your bike frame will determine its functionality and maneuverability. If you fail to get nice enough materials, it will slowly get bent or develop rust and become useless after a while.

Aluminum bike frames provide the best performance

Currently, aluminum bike frames provide the best performance within an affordable price range. They have extremely lightweight properties that help them to carry the weight of the bike easily.

However, if your budget is a little lower, it’s fine to go for a steel bike frame as well.

05. Durability

Another key feature while selecting a bike frame for your bike. You want something that will be long-lasting and can provide a great service for several years. For these, aluminum frames are once again recommended as they are a premium-grade material.

So, it’s best to buy an aluminum frame, but on the off chance that you cannot, do your due research on the durability and longevity of a certain frame before buying that one.

FAQs Regarding Fixed-gear Frame

Q. What are Fixie Frame Brands?

Answer: A lot of the brands are in the market providing a range of nice fixie frames one after another. Some mentionable brands among them are the

  • State Bicycle Co., 
  • Schwinn,
  • Sixthreezero,
  • Retrospec Harper,
  • Track-Zero,
  • etc.

Q. Can Fixed Gear Bikes Be Converted to Normal Bikes?

Answer: You don’t have to change the entire configuration of the bike if you want to change the gear system in a fixie bike.

Several bike frames come with customized flop rear hubs that can easily help you to switch back from single-speed to freewheel mode.

Q. Are Fixie Bikes Dangerous?

A common misconception, but no, fixie bikes aren’t any more dangerous than normal bikes if you have a proper braking system in your bike.

It’s only a matter of the accustomed feeling that causes the difference between fixies and normal bikes.

Q. Can I Use a Fixie Bike without Brakes?

Answer: Yes, several high-level fixie bikes don’t have any additional braking system as you can just resist the acceleration by resisting the pedaling or skidding backward.

However, if you are just a beginner, riding bikes like this are extremely frowned upon.

Q. Should I Get a Hybrid Fixie?

Answer: It depends on what type of terrain you mostly travel on. If you are solely a city commuter, get a road bike instead to get the most performance.

However, if your path includes both hilly areas and smooth roads, a hybrid might just be the best option for you to tackle those obstacles.

Final Words

In this article, we attempted to review the highest quality fixie frames in the market right now.

The State Bicycle Label Frame, in our opinion, is ideal for those who opt for longer commutes, while the Tideace Full Carbon Frame is more appropriate if your bike does not come with widely available fixie wheels.

All in all, the best fixie frame should last you for years, and we can bet that our list of products will remain superior in the market.

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