RaceFace Atlas Wide Riser Bars Review

RaceFace Atlas Wide Riser Bars Review

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When you’re on the hunt for riser bars that go with your loved bike, you surely want the best. The RaceFace Atlas wide bars are one of the best handlebars out there for your bike, which will provide you with maximum quality in terms of your paying price.
Especially if you’re a mountain biker and prefer intense riding, these handlebars will be perfect for you. These bars are designed, keeping the demand for downhill and free riding in mind.
So, if you’re planning to purchase this for your bike, then this RaceFace Atlas wide riser bars review will definitely help you out!

Things for The RaceFace Atlas Wide Riser Bars

It is always ideal for checking out the features and attributes of the product that you’re planning to buy. Since handlebars have a lot of influence on your biking adventures, you can’t go easy on them.
So, if you’re thinking about getting the RaceFace Atlas handlebars, you need to go through all of its features before making the final decision.
Here are some of its most noteworthy features;

01. Material

The handlebars are exceptional when it comes to quality due to the material incorporated into them. Cold-drawn seamless air alloy aluminum material is used to construct these handlebars. 

High quality alloy material

Alloy material of such kind is responsible for the high quality and outstanding finish of the bars. It provides a slim and stylish look to the bars so that your bike looks more impressive. 
You can also find it firm and comfortable to hold due to the sturdy construction. An internal taper is also introduced to the construction to provide maximum strength to the handlebars.

Perfect internal taper

So, there will be no added weight pulling you back when you’re biking on mountains or going downhill. The internal taper works perfectly well to make your handlebars last a long time as well.
Overall, such high-quality material makes this handlebar durable and long-lasting. 

02. Strength

The material of the handlebars has a role in imparting strength during biking. Aluminum alloy offers a strong core, while the tapered bar adds to flexibility and strength.
High steering accuracy does not provide a lot of stiffness but maintains the flex perfectly well. The vibration absorption is considered good enough for such a stable handlebar.

Terms of strength

Overall in terms of strength, the product is a strong one for any beginner or professional biker.

03. Durability

You know your handlebar is durable if it can survive the extreme riding conditions. The tough build and solid construction contribute a lot in providing durability and longevity to the bar.
Apart from the build, the specially engineered flex zones make the bar more durable.

04. Weight

Weight can play a vital role, mostly if you prefer free riding or even downhill riding. When you’re performing stunts and tricks with your bike, the lighter the handlebars are, the better they are for your bikes. 
In that case, this one is your best friend because it is very lightweight. It weighs around 340 grams, which feels very light when you’re mounting it on your bike.

Not be heavy for bike 

So, if you’re looking for a handlebar that will not be heavy for your bike, you can go for the RaceFace Atlas handlebar.

05. Ultra-design

When you’re choosing fixie risers, this one is an excellent catch for its ultra-design and great style. It has a sleek finish to it and comes in six different colors to choose from.
So, you can get the color that goes with your bike, and your bike will stand out looking modern and sophisticated.

Metallic flake finish

A metallic flake finish on the best fixie handlebars provides a soft luster on the surface, keeping it elegant in design. Such style will turn heads and look smart in the crowd of traditional handlebars. 
Another trait contributing to their ultra-design is the wide and low structure that allows them to look stylish.

Comfortable and manageable

Besides, the cockpit’s lower height also makes the design of the bars more comfortable and more manageable.
It simplifies the leverage on the pedals and facilitates skids for intense riding. 

06. Size

If you’re looking for wide handlebars for your bike, you can’t go wrong with this one. With a width of 785mm, this bar transcends across all the models of this brand.

Enough control for tricks

Such a wide area gives the rider enough control when going for tricks. It provides maximum stability and security during biking.
Besides, with an angle of 8° rearward and 4° upward, the bar is a unique design itself.

Compact, portable, and travel-friendly

The bar’s length stands at 220mm approximately and bears a rise of 15-20 mm. It is compact and portable, designed for those who want to settle for something travel-friendly.
So, if you want a handlebar that is wide in size, this one is the best option you’ll find.

07. Performance

The performance of these handlebars is great, especially when it comes to mountain biking, free riding, or downhill riding. No matter how intense or hard-core your biking adventures are, the performance will never be an issue. 
The combination of ultra-low and ultra-wide riser geometry of the handlebars paves the way for a more lively ride.

Cockpit height and bar core 

Besides, the low cockpit height and hollow bar core increase the responsiveness that aids in a strong performance.

Pros and Cons

Like any other product, this Atlas handlebar comes with its respective pros and cons. You can check them to identify if it’s right down your alley or not;

  • Lightweight, compact and user-friendly
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Available in different color options
  • Firm and sturdy grip
  • Suitable for mountain riding, stunts, and tricks
  • Wide size for maximum control and stability
  • Can work with 31.8 mm stem only
  • More on the pricier side

Summing it up, it can be said that Atlas riser bars are an excellent option for bikers who value quality over anything else. With a tough build and cool features, this one will not disappoint you. 
Our RaceFace Atlas wide riser bars review containing the product’s important characteristics can assist you in your selection and final purchase.

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