State Cycle Co. Deep V Wheelset Review

State Cycle Co. Deep V Wheelset Review

When Deep V Wheels first rose to popularity two decades ago, it matched perfectly with the boom of fixie bikes. Ever since that moment, cyclists had a new favorite wheel that not only improved their performance on the bike but also made the whole experience of riding a bike much more satisfying. 

Though modern Deep V Wheels have evolved significantly from the first model that ever came out, they’ve managed to retain all the features that made them popular and improve on the previous flaws.

During this State Cycle Co. Deep V Wheelset review, we’ll be going over everything this wheelset has to offer for us — Including all the improvements that made us love it.

There’s a lot to unpack, so let’s begin!

State Cycle Co. Deep V Wheelset Review

Riding a fixed bike allows us to engage more with our equipment and surroundings. Besides being healthy, experts use fixies as an efficient method to practice.

Of course, not every fixed gear works well, which is why the State Cycle Co. Deep V wheelset comes as the perfect solution for cyclists like us that enjoy this type of riding.

This wheelset combines the best of high-quality components and technology, creating compelling wheels that effectively enhance the experience of riding a bike.

Here’s what you can expect from these wheels.

01. Puncture Resistance

The Deep V wheelset features a high-quality nylon rim strap inside the rims, an excellent addition that offers protection against punctures and other risks along the roads.

This particular feature is perfect for cyclists that enjoy a more aggressive style of riding their bikes.

Additionally, the nylon material guarantees protection for the tube, which could receive damage from bumps otherwise.

02. Sealed Bearing Hubs

The wheelset also has sealed bearing hubs, which are convenient for a lot of reasons. Most prominently, these allow cyclists to switch from fixed to single speeds quickly, which provides a certain level of flexibility while on the roads.

Sealed bearings do need replacement over time, but they’re still inexpensive. Also, the Deep V wheelset has long-lasting hubs that require less maintenance — And even after many miles, they’re yet to receive any damage.

Because of those reasons, the sealed bearing hubs offered by this wheelset are reliable than most others in its category.

03. Esthetics

Besides the classic black and white, this wheelset is also available in a bright, eye-catching red color.

This choice of colors truly makes these wheels stand out above the rest, giving cyclists the option to customize their bikes and bring some personality to their equipment.

Nonetheless, I do join the chorus of many people who wanted more variety in color.

04. Weight

While these are undoubtedly outstanding wheels, truthfully, they’re not for everyone.

Weighing 2.4kg without tubes — with only the 16T fixed cog and the axle bolts — the Deep V wheelset may come off as slightly heavier than most. It’s considerably more noticeable when compared to modern wheelsets.

However, there are two things we must keep in mind: the price and all of the benefits provided by the added weight.

See, for the price, it would be unfair to expect this wheelset to work just like a lightweight race wheelset would.

That’d be setting up wrong expectations that the Deep V can’t deliver.

My approach was the exact opposite.

As I focused more on how to turn the extra weight into a good thing, I noticed that balance and stability felt better.

05. Ideal for Fixies

Looking for the ideal wheels for fixies is trickier than it may seem at first. While you could find many options advertised as fixie wheelsets online, they often lack the durability that fixed gear riding demands.

That’s why the Deep V comes as a breath of fresh air. This wheel is super durable, meaning that no matter the type of ground or how demanding the riding is, the wheelset can withstand the abuse.

So, next time you’re looking for a fixie wheelset, don’t let false advertisements fool you.

Go for a real fixie wheel like this one to make the most out of your outdoor activities.

Pros and Cons

  • Effective Deep V design that looks and feels fantastic on the road
  • The Flip-Flop hub included is efficient, switching from single speed to fixed gear quickly
  • Good-looking colors available with a modern design
  • High-quality nylon strap is durable and protects the rims
  • Convenient sealed bearing hubs require less maintenance
  • More color variety would’ve been nice
  • A bit heavy

The State Cycle Co. Deep V wheelset has a solid reputation behind it, and after testing it, you can only confirm that every good thing said about it is only true.

It’s one of the few wheels that actually live up to expectation, as it delivers balance, stability, and total control over the bike.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic wheelset.

I can assure you that once you make the purchase, you won’t look at wheels the same way!

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