Motobecane Fixie Cafe Bike Review

Motobecane Fixie Cafe Bike Review (Pros, Cons, and Guide)

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Finding a good fixie is not rocket science. But you do need to have your priorities straight on what you want in a bicycle. Some people prefer minimalistic-looking bikes with the average overall quality, while some will opt for amazing bikes that look rather tacky.
If you are someone who likes a combination of both, that is average tacky bikes… we mean, minimalistic high-quality bikes, Motobecane is the brand for you. This time, the giant has come up with the new Fixie Café.
And to explain why it stands out, we’ve brought you this Motobecane Fixie Cafe bike review. Considering all its mechanical features and its looks, we think it would be a good purchase.
Let’s see if you agree with us at the end of this article. Without further ado, 

Let’s Get On with This Review.

01. Appearance

As we mentioned earlier, this bike sports a very minimalistic look with a black and white color pallet. You get two variations in color and design, and both have a touch of black and white.
One is all black with hints of white, while the other has a white frame with black handlebars, seats, and tires. Honestly, we like the white one better because it looks more stylish, but you can go for the black one if you want.
Both look pretty cool and better than most bikes in the market.

02. Craftsmanship 

This bike is not only stylish looking but is also made of high-quality materials. Like most fixies in the market, the Motobecane also uses an aluminum frame which is pretty strong yet lightweight.
The spokes are made of stainless steel, and the fork is a straight blade one. Also, the saddle is a Motobecane super-light one with a custom cover for it. This means the seat is very comfortable.
One of the most notable things about all this is that the bike is completely handbuilt. So, in conclusion, we can say that this fixie was made with amazing craftsmanship.

03. Body Parts 

As we have already mentioned, this fixie has a frame and fork made of aluminum alloy. It also features a crankset of the same material with a single-speed chainring. The rims of the wheel are also aluminum, and so is the handlebar.
This bike features a brake set for the front and back, and the brake levers are also made of alloy. There is a seat clamp for adjusting the seat, so you can keep it at a comfortable height.
You also get the freewheel feature with this bike, which makes this bike better than most.

04. Overall Experience

Riding this bike feels like you are flying in mid-air. The chainring provides smooth riding and allows you to comfortably go about your regular commute. You can adjust the handlebars and seat to a position that is upright and comfortable, so you never have to compromise on bad posture while riding.
The parts are high quality and durable, so you don’t have to fret over the bike breaking down any time soon. Overall, we’d say this is an excellent fixie bike.


  • This fixie bike has a sleek and minimalistic design
  • Available in two good looking colorways (less hassle on deciding which one to get)
  • Bike parts are of high-quality and durable
  • Features front and rear brakes, as well as a freewheel
  • Doesn’t have you compromise on posture
  • Lightweight and aerodynamic


  • All lock rings, pedals, cranks, and other parts require tightening after every single ride
  • The bike does not come fully assembled

Highlight Features

  • This fixie bike is available in 2 different colorways
  • Comes in various sizes for people of different heights
  • Frame and fork are made of aluminum alloy
  • Features dual brakes (front and rear)
  • Equipped with a 16T freewheel
  • Offers an adjustable saddle and handlebars

FAQs of Motobecane Fixie Cafe Bike

Q. How much does this bike weigh?

Answer: This Motobecane fixie bike weighs only 21 pounds, making it very lightweight and aerodynamic. 
You can gain high speed with this bike easily, compared to most of its heavier alternatives.

Q. Can I adjust my seat? 

Answer: Yes, you can. The saddle comes with an adjustable clamp that lets you bring your seat higher or lower, depending on what you need.

Q. Is the Motobecane fixie bike affordable?

Answer: Yes, it is pretty reasonably priced. It is not cheap per se, but it is quite affordable and definitely worth its price.

Final Verdict 

So what are your thoughts on this amazing fixie bike? Would you say you want to buy it for yourself? The thing that’s certain from this Motobecane Fixie Cafe bike review is that this bike is surely a force to be reckoned with.
Minus the fact that you have to tighten the parts after every ride, this bike has no serious cons.
But then again, what good quality thing is not high maintenance?

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