Schwinn Fixie Bike Review

Schwinn Fixie Bike Review; What to Consider Before Purchase?

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From their star products, the single 700C fixie bike stands out. A lot of you might be considering purchasing this fixed gear bike but have not decided to act on it yet. 
To help you with that decision, we have brought you this Schwinn fixie bike review.

We will be covering all the basics of the fixie along with the special features it comes with, weighing both the pros and cons. 

You can expect to not remain undecided after finishing this article.

Let’s Dive into This In-Depth Review, Shall We?

01. Design, Color, and Sizing

The design of the fixie bikes by Schwinn is pretty sporty yet minimalistic. It is available in mainly three colorways; you get a white one, a black one, and an orange one. 

All have the brand name tattooed to the frame, which looks pretty good.

As for sizing, Schwinn bikes are available in 5 different sizes: 45 cm, 48 cm, 51 cm, 54 cm, and 57 cm.
The 48 cm or 51 cm models should be the best for an average-sized person.

02. Build Quality and Bike Parts

Unlike most fixies you will come across, this one is not made entirely from aluminum alloy. This amazing fixed gear bike’s fork is manufactured from steel, making it far more durable than most bikes.
The frame, however, is made from high-quality aluminum, which does not disappoint in any way.

It also features dual-caliper brakes made of an alloy that provides smooth and safe braking. This fixie features high profile durable brakes and drops handlebars. 

It also uses 700c tires, just like most other similar bikes.

03. Special Features 

As a fixed gear bike, this product does not feature any gear shifters. However, there is a flip-flop switch that can be flipped to change between fixed gear mode and freewheel mode. 
Freewheel mode is convenient for those steep inclines, making your ride smoother.

Some fixies by Schwinn feature water bottle cages and also a plastic chain guard to prevent your clothes from contact with grease.

04. Riding Experience

The overall riding experience that you get from this fixie is phenomenal. You will find the seat pretty comfortable and the handlebars convenient to grab onto while riding the bike.

As their bikes feature aluminum frames, they are mostly lightweight and provide some aerodynamics while riding.

Before you take the bike for a ride, you will have to assemble it first.
However, that shouldn’t take long at all, as the process is easier than you think!
After assembling, you can knock yourself out riding this amazing fixie bike, especially on inclines, thanks to the freewheel option.


  • Looks very sporty and stylish
  • Comes in 5 different sizes to choose from, so you can get one you can ride without compromising posture
  • The fork is made of durable steel
  • Flip-flop switch available for switching between fixed gear and freewheel
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable to ride


  • Some customers complained that the bike feels a little heavy
  • The brakes are not too powerful, rather make unnecessary noise
  • Wheels might be poorly tensioned

Highlight Features

  1. This bike is available in simple and elegant colors and designs
  2. Offers 5 different sizes depending upon your height and preference
  3. Features a fixed rear cog
  4. Comes with a steel fork, aluminum frame, and brakes
  5. Equips flip-flop hubs on the front and rear
  6. Some fixies have water bottle cages
  7. Uses a 700c size wheel

FAQs about Schwinn Fixie Bike

Q. What is the flip-flop hub for?

The flip-flop hub allows you to switch from fixed gear to freewheel. Use the fixed gear mode to ride the bike on a regular road, and use the freewheel feature for inclines.

Q. What size fixie should I get?

This one completely depends on what your height is. Technically, there isn’t one-size-fits-all for these bikes,
But you could get a middle size that would fit a person with an average height.

Q. Is Schwinn the best brand to buy fixies from?

We can’t exactly say whether it is the best brand, but it is one of the most popular brands that produce top-of-the-line fixie bikes. 
So, you might want to consider getting one.

Final Verdict

In our opinion, Schwinn is a brand that never disappoints with its cycling gear. Their fixies are high quality and offer a very comfortable riding experience.
We’re assuming you agree with us after reading this Schwinn fixie bike review.
Be sure to check out the bikes and see for yourself if you like them or not.

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