How to Wheelie on A Fixie

How to Wheelie on A Fixie? Step by Step Guide

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Fixie bikes are loved by everyone because of the freedom of control and smooth ride they help achieve. But did you know they are also great for doing a wheelie? 
Doing a wheelie on a fixie bike can be a super fun activity that will keep you engaged in a healthy form of entertainment.
Keep reading this article to find out how to wheelie on a fixie bike in a fun, safe, and responsible way.
After you are finished, hopefully, you will have learned a lot about the process. 

Let’s Learn How to Wheelie on A Fixie?

While learning any sort of activity, a detailed guide explaining all the necessary factors is surely helpful. Check out our comprehensive guide on learning how to do a wheelie that we have created just for you.  

01. What You Will Need?

First and foremost, let us take a look at the things you will need to successfully learn and carry out a wheelie with a fixie bike.

  1.  Your fixed-gear bike
  2.  A proper gear ratio
  3.  Pedal straps 
  4.  Heightened seat 
  5.  Helmet for protection

The proper gear ratio will depend on the bike you are using to carry out your wheelie. Pedal straps depend on individual preferences but are generally recommended by most people.

How to reduce the chances of an accident? 

The straps offer better control for your feet and are said to reduce the chances of an accident.
Apart from these, you will also need to raise the seat of your bike. How much you will need to raise the seat depends on some factors such as your bike, your preferences, and your height. 

Last but not least, 

Do not forget to wear a helmet as it will protect you.

02. Doing The Wheelie 

When you are just starting, make sure that you are going neither too fast nor too slow. While you are doing a wheelie, the goal is to lean on your back while pedaling forward with your dominant foot.

Do not worry for the laws of physics

This may sound confusing, but do not worry; the laws of physics will not disappoint you. The trick is to lean backward while using your arms to pull the bike upwards and push down with your dominant foot. 

Remember to do this slowly and not pull the bike with too much force. 

Just with any other practices, 

it is normal to stumble and even fall the first few times. As you are learning to find the highest point which you can reach, your bike and you both will fall a couple of times.

With consistent practice, you will surely become a pro in some time. 

For practice purposes, 

some people like to use a rod, a handle, or a wall they can hold on to while they are just learning to lift the front wheels and maintain balance.

03. Holding the Wheelie

After learning to lift the front part while maintaining balance, it is time to learn how to hold the wheelie for a long time. This part depends on practice and maintaining the correct speed.

Learn to hold a wheelie

After you have done your wheelie, continue pedaling your bike at a medium speed. You will very likely tremble and falter, but with practice, you will learn to hold a wheelie just as you learned to achieve one.
While you are just starting out, focus more on maintaining the wheelie rather than increasing speed or raising the front part too high.

How to maintain balance?

A commonly used trick to maintain balance while holding a wheelie is to take off your non-dominant hand from the handle
With practice and focus, you will eventually learn how to do and hold your wheelie at an increased pace.

04. Stay Safe Always

Last but not least, know your limits and take it slow. Remember to take precautionary measures and stay safe always. No matter which sports you are practicing or learning, staying safe is important.

No excuse to wear a helmet

Wear a helmet, make sure foot pedals are in place, and if needed, you can even get some knee and elbow pads to prevent being wounded.

Final Words

After reading our comprehensive guide on doing a wheelie, I hope you have learned the basics of how to wheelie on a fixie.
Always make sure to stay safe and have fun in all your sessions.    

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