Golden Cycles Fixie Bike Review

Golden Cycles Fixie Review (An Ultimate Buyers Guide)

Finding a good durable fixie bike can be tough. Unfortunately, most of the bikes in the market are usually made from cheap quality materials that do not offer any kind of durability.
The ones that are offering good quality materials are usually on the more expensive side. If you are looking for a considerably affordable bike that is made of strong and durable steel, check out this Golden Cycles fixie review.
Featuring almost everything else you would find in a typical fixed gear bike, this bike will meet your needs for the material of construction while also remaining lightweight.
So, if you want to know more about this bike and see if it is the one for you, check out our take on it!

Let’s Get Down to Golden Cycles Fixie Review

01. Colorways and Designs

Having a very simple design, this bike by Golden Cycles features 3 different color schemes. The interesting part is that they have their own way of naming the colorways.
You have the Vader, the Asphalt, and the Saint. All three of these colorways feature a black frame, with the Vader being all black, the Asphalt having a greyish tone, and the Saint having yellowish rims.
Overall, the design is pretty neat, and anyone with good taste would like it.

02. Material of Construction and Weight

If you have been scouring through the internet and numerous bike shops, you know that most fixies are made of aluminum alloy. While that is good and all, it isn’t as durable as steel.
Lucky for you, this bike has a frame made of high tensile steel that offers the kind of durability you need. This material is not only used for the frame but also for the fork.
The handlebars, however, are made of alloy, which is still pretty decent if you ask us.

03. Bike Parts and Anatomy 

This is a pretty impressive bike if you think about it. It features a high-quality frame and fork, as we mentioned. The wheels are 700C with 45 mm alloy rims.
For the crankset, you get a 46t chainring and a sealed bearing measuring 68 mm for the bottom bracket.
The bike features both front and rear brakes and also a flip-flop hub for switching between fixed gear and freewheel.
Plus, the handlebar of this bad boy is raised and is comfortable to grip onto. And in terms of weight, the bike measures 25 lbs.

04. Our Impression

Offering nearly everything a person would want in a good quality fixie, this Golden Cycles bike is near-perfection! It is durable, comfortable to ride, offers smooth pedaling with the chainring, and even features a flip-flop hub.
Unlike a lot of bikes you will encounter, this one comes with both front and rear brakes, making it even better than most competitions. And on top of that, it is lightweight regardless of being made of high tensile steel.
Your riding experience would be phenomenal on this bike.


  • Made of highly durable materials
  • Lightweight, even though it is made of steel
  • Features both front and rear brakes
  • Comes with a flip flop hub for switching between freewheel and fixed gear
  • Available in three stylish colorways
  • Comfortable to ride


  • If you prefer drop handlebars, this is not the one for you
  • The brakes are a little flimsy and require tightening and servicing every now and then

Highlight Features

  • Frame and fork are made out of high tensile steel
  • Features 700c tires with 45 mm rims
  • Comes with a 46t chainring with the crankset
  • Packs both front and rear brakes
  • Weighs 25 lbs.
  • Available in 3 color schemes
  • Equipped with the flip-flop hub
  • Uses raised handlebar
  • Sports a sealed bearing that measures 68 mm for the bottom bracket

FAQs of Golden Cycles Fixie Bike 

Q. Is high tensile steel better than aluminum alloy?

Answer: Yes, it is better than aluminum. High tensile steel is more durable and stronger than aluminum alloy. This material will last far longer, even if the bike gets into accidents.
It is harder to break compared to aluminum.

Q. Can I ride this fixie on gravel or grass?

Answer: No, you can’t, actually. This fixie is meant for streets, which makes it a good vehicle for your daily commute.
But it is not meant for riding on gravel or grass.

Q. Does this bike offer freewheel?

Answer: Yes, it does. The bike features a flip-flop hub which allows you to switch from fixed gear to a single speed or freewheel easily.

Final Verdict

Besides the flimsy brakes, we don’t see why this fixie would not be a good choice. We’re assuming that after reading this Golden Cycle fixie review, you agree with our opinion too.
Now, we don’t mind if you ride it rough, but we don’t recommend it to take this fixie to places with uneven tracks.
That way, you won’t have problems with the brakes.

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