Micargi Fixie Bike Review

Micargi Fixie Bike Review (Pros, Cons, and Buyer’s Guide)

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The Micargi 700c should be your automatic choice, especially if you live in an urban area. First off, it fits almost all bike riders around the globe when it comes to comfort.
Let’s not forget about the combination of steel and aluminum that makes it sturdy and robust. With a mindboggling aesthetic and shiny colors, the bike has touched millions of hearts. 

However, you’re still not sure if this is the bike for you, eh? Well, that’s what I’m going to help you decide.

In this Micargi fixie bike review, I’m going to break down all the benefits and the disadvantages of the bike to keep it as honest as possible. 
So, without more chit-chat,

Let’s Get Down to Micargi Fixie Bike Review.

01. Fits Riders of All Shapes and Sizes  

From all the customer feedback that is available on the market, it is evident that the Micargi fixies do a great job when it comes to giving any rider a smooth experience.
There are different sizes of the bike available, e.g., 48, 53, 57 cm. No matter what your size is, Micargi will not disappoint you. The dimension of the rim is 700C x 14G x 32H.

With this piece of information, you can get a rough idea of what would the rims of the bike be like.  

As they make different variables of the same cycle for more customization options, you can choose your best fit.

02. Steel and Aluminum Combination

As much as this combination is rare, it’s also very spectacular. The frame of the bike is made out of Hi-Ten steel. This is what makes the body of the bike sturdy and provides longevity. 
Steel is known for being lightweight while being brawny at the same time. While the body is well built with steel, most of the other components are made of aluminum.
That is a great combination to make a Micargi bike your long-lasting ride.

03. Comfortable 

These bikes have a plush, sprung saddle which makes them very much comfortable. Also, the stock grips give the rider complete control over their movement, making the journey much safer.

There are some bikes on the market that only claim to provide maximum comfort, but Micargi makes that a reality.

For any biker to have a pleasant ride on a bike, it has to be of perfect size, and the bike must be strong. Plus, the movement should be easy and controllable.
All of these features are present in a Micargi fixie bike.

04. Different Looks

Technically good features for a bike to excel at its job is crucial, but what makes a bike steal your heart at first glance?
It’s the looks, and trust me, Micargi did not fail to impress in this category as well.

They have a clean and sharp look to their fixie bikes, which can overpower any other brand only by this.

Also, the fantastic paintwork is what many bikers love and enjoy on their fixie.
You can choose from an array of options because they have a lot of different colors and sizes to choose from.


  • Steel frame with aluminum components
  • Comfortable riding experience
  • Excellent paintwork with clean looks
  • Amazing tires to pair up with
  • Exceptionally comfortable stock grips for a safe riding experience
  • A lot of different sizes to choose from
  • User friendly and inexpensive


  • No specific instructions provided
  • Fork and cranks are made of low-quality material

Highlight Features 

  • Built with Hi-Ten steel
  • Shows off stock grips
  • The package includes Aluminum components
  • Rim dimension: 700C x 14G x 32H
  • Tire dimension: 700 x 32C, Black

FAQs about Micargi Fixie Bike

Q. Are the brakes any good? 

It has pivot high caliper brakes. There are alloy levers to top it all off. This is single speed bike with no gear;
thus, the brakes are optimum for this scenario.

Q. Riding length of the bike?

The riding length is 28 to 34 inches. The bike weighs around 11.2kgs. Most adults can ride this bike with comfort.

Q. Can I add a gear mechanism to it?

With many fixie bikes, this is possible. It depends on the model you have, and the specifics of this can only be told by knowing more details.
I would suggest you get in touch with your local consultant.

Final Verdict

I hope this Micargi fixie bike review has been of your help. All the good and not-so-good aspects of this fixie have been covered here.
So, I believe you can weigh out the pros and cons and make a sound decision for yourself. If you ask me, obviously, I’ll give a thumbs up to it.
It’s something that has got Hi-Ten steel, stock grips, and satisfying rim quality, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.
So, at this price, if you buy it, I’d call it a win. 

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